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The time has come to look into the future and see what it can offer. With the help of this Tarot & Oracle reading we will dive into your experience 6 Months from now. This is a timeless reading, you can use it anytime.

Through this reading I will lay down cards for each main life domain like Love & Family Life, Career & Finances, Social Life & Private Life, Spiritual & Self-Care. All of these aspects will give us a clear picture about your life experience in 6 Months. To add to these aspects I will also take a look at your Blessings & Challenges.

To not let you wonder what to do now, I've added a focus that you can start employing immediately to get the best results in 6 Months. You have a choice between 4 readings. If you would like a similar personal reading, tailored specifically for you, then choose the inDepth or the Elaborate Personalized readings.

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I am passionate and dedicated to the work of understanding self and life. My favourite tools are contemplation, Tarot, sound meditations and talking to the divine. May we meet in the space between words.

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