a journey of discovery

For me, Tarot is a creative art form, it is a way of knowing ourselves deeper and deeper and see in those dark places in which we are afraid to look.

The art of the Tarot is a journey through the riches of our inner worlds, through the masks and the constituent parts of our being. Through readings, messages from our vast unconscious come to life and its voice is brought to the surface, and thus a precious gift is obtained and its name is CONNECTION with our truth, authenticity.

The precious gift appears with the integration of the unique experience of interacting with the messages. This process does not have a definite time, it lasts for as long as it takes. It is advised not to rush this process as it is one of inner growth, a journey that on its path reveals what things do not serve you anymore and new things that become your good servants.

Every Tarot reading is a drop of light that brings awareness into the dark ocean of creation, a guide that directs us through our inner dimensions. A magical inner connection happens when we realize how many inner gates have opened through the words spoken or written in a reading.

I use Tarot cards to communicate with my divine self and the cards give grounding and focus to my visions and feelings. When I read, I communicate and connect with your soul aspect and ask it for guidance. I invite your soul and your guides to take part in the reading so I may convey the messages they are willing to send you. My readings are experiences for inner growth and they wish you to remind yourself of your own worth and strength.

The art of the Tarot is not so well known to people, apart from the common ideas associated with Tarot readings, mainly offered as entertainment or tricks. From my opinion, it is a real help for our personal development by bringing to the surface the messages that exist within ourselves. Through an incursion into the unknown, we come to connect more deeply with the wholeness of our being, our soul, body and mind.

Studying Tarot has been a journey of inner growth for me too, an amazing experience that has revealed answers I didn’t even knew I had. Every card has offered me precious insights into the dynamics of the universe and how life is created and lived.

The Art of Tarot is connected with ancient esoteric systems, like Sacred Geometry, The Knowledge of The Tree of Life, Kaballah, Numerology and ancient writings, and also with Astrology, Angels Archetypes, archetypes of collective memory and the energy of Galaxies. It is not clear where they come from and how they got here, but what I do know is that some of us bring this wisdom back to the surface at certain moments in history.

The pictures on a card are like gates of knowledge that you enter into. Think of them like the tip of an iceberg, a lot of its mass and body is under the surface. By deciding to see only the tip of the iceberg, you will not be able to see the bigger picture and its depths.

I use a lot of skills to express myself in what I do, such as visions, what I hear and feel through empathy, critical and scientific analysis, intuition, understanding symbolic language and pattern recognition, attention and concentration. Tarot cards are like a vessel through which I can express my soul and everything in this world, it helps me manifest who I am and it offers me practicality, solidity.

Giving straight yes/no answers, direct and fixed, takes away your freedom to decide and makes you feel you have no choice, that you are a victim of your destiny. From my point of view, this is not at all the scope of a reading.


seeing infinite possibilities

The future is not fixed, but we have behavioral patterns and thinking programs, so we can be predictable in a certain percent. The future fluctuates and changes, so there will always be other opportunities and things in your life may always change, depending on how you change yourself and your environment. For me, a Tarot reading sees the possibilities of the moment, and those possibilities may change.

Any future prediction will always be like a weather prediction, it will show the probabilities we see happening from this moment, looking at the conditions of today. Taken into account our current behavioral patterns, our programming and way of life, we can see where a situation may lead to, looking from the current moment in time. Many of us do that already, knowing how things may go in a certain situation.

If you think a little bit, prediction is widely used today, for example in stock patterns, weather patterns, financial patterns, the course of an asteroid, mathematics and engineering. Prediction is a tool for seeing probabilities and possibilities.

For me, timing questions are not about a precise time, but about how quickly is that particular manifestation available in your array of possibilities.

It has to do more with the present moment than the future.

I see time as currents that flow and there are infinite possibilities. There are events which are settled in time, and there are events which are unsettled, at the moment of the reading. By settled I mean the person or persons involved, or energies, have decided on an outcome with a great percentage of determination. If the event is settled it is easier to predict since it will have minor changes in time. If it is not, then it is harder to predict, since it changes a lot.

In both cases a reading is welcomed, but it should be understood not as a fixed outcome, but as the best probable timeline possibility available at the time the reading is done ! It gives a response to how probable is that event to happen and when is the most auspicious moment for it to happen. It is also a tool to assess how much we are resisting to this outcome, how much fear and indecision is involved.

The slightest change in action, attitude, thought and feeling will change the prediction or it may not, that depends on how well that event is already hardened, stabilized in your timeline.

We use prediction of possibilities and outcomes very often when reading, and most of the time it does not involve a precise time question, but a question about where things lead from here. A predictive reading is very helpful when trying to make a decision now and when desiring to better understand what could be the effects you can expect in your life.

Any prediction is about possibilities not certainties, they are not fixed, they change or not as your life flows. All times that come as a result of a reading are relative.

A prediction about timing will suggest a certain period of time that is favorable to bring you what you are looking for, according to your current beliefs and limitations. Think of them as auspicious times when the odds are in your favor and what you want may happen. There are several auspicious moments for an event to happen, so be at ease when reading a prediction because life will always bring you other opportunities if you really desire something. This auspicious moments flow and wobble, depending on your life.

Nowadays, I see more and more wobbling in the timeline so a precise prediction about time, a "when" question, is not that useful and is not to be expected as accurate. I only use it to see how much resistance is involved, how much do we actually believe in this or not, and what stops us from manifesting it.

Divine guides are more and more suggesting to step away from asking these types of "When" questions, and to learn to co-create our lives, to step into the field of trust.

Predictions of outcomes are very helpful to see the possibilities that are likely to happen from this moment. We can see where the current way of doing, thinking and feeling may lead us, looking from the current moment. In this way we have an incredible opportunity to change, if we desire something else.

When something does not happen the way you expected, then you have arrived to a turning point, a push in a new direction or into a new perspective and way of thinking. It is not advisable to get stuck desiring a fixed result, because your expectations will create resistance and often life will send you a test, a failure, in order for that stagnant energy to free itself.

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