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For me, Tarot is an incredible system of existential wisdom, it is a consciousness archive where all human experiences are kept. It is a way of knowing ourselves deeper and deeper and see in those dark places in which we are afraid to look.

Tarot is a journey through the riches of our inner & outer worlds, an archive of personal & collective consciousness experiences. Through readings, messages from our vast unconscious come to life and its voice is brought to the surface, and thus a precious gift is obtained and its name is CONNECTION with our truth, authenticity.

The precious gift appears with the integration of the unique experience of interacting with the messages. This process does not have a definite time, it lasts for as long as it takes. It is advised not to rush this process as it is one of inner growth, a journey that on its path reveals what things do not serve you anymore and new things that become your good servants.

Every Tarot & Vision reading is a drop of light that brings awareness into the dark ocean of creation, a guide that directs us through our inner dimensions. A magical inner connection happens when we realize how many inner gates have opened through the words spoken or written in a reading.

I use Tarot cards to ground, clarify and focus my visions and feelings. When I read, I communicate and connect with your soul aspect and ask it for guidance. I invite your soul and your guides to take part in the reading so I may convey the messages they are willing to send you. My readings are experiences for inner growth in order to remind yourself of your own worth and strength.

Tarot is not so well known to people, apart from the common ideas associated with Tarot readings, mainly offered as entertainment or tricks. In my view, it is a real help for our personal development by bringing to the surface divine messages and vast perspectives, if and only we are able to develop the abilities for it. Through an incursion into the unknown, we come to connect more deeply with the wholeness of our being, our soul & spirit, body and mind.

What you will find on Youtube and in the online free medium, as a main popular expression, is not a good representation of what Tarot and divination is. Tarot can be used in many ways with very different outcomes. I use Tarot as a language and medium in order to ground and stabilize divine messages & visions received through direct communion with my divine aspects and the source. This is not based on reflection, projection, imagination, interpretation or inspirational messages. When I do this, I create a neutral space and I set myself aside.

The Wisdom of Tarot is connected with ancient esoteric systems, like Sacred Geometry, The Knowledge of The Tree of Life, Kaballah, Numerology and ancient writings, and also with Astrology, Angels Archetypes, archetypes of collective memory and the energy of Galaxies. It is not clear where they come from and how they got here, but what I do know is that some of us bring this wisdom back to the surface in certain moments in history.

The pictures on cards are keys to gates of knowledge & wisdom that you enter into. Think of them like the tip of an iceberg, a lot of its mass and body is under the surface. As with any ancient knowledge, you go through trials to get access and you only enter if you are devoted and express reverence and respect.

Studying Tarot has been a journey of inner growth, an amazing experience that has revealed answers I didn’t even knew I could have access to. Every card has offered me precious insights into the dynamics of the universe and how life is created and lived. This journey never ends as this wisdom never stops giving.

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