What Direction to take in your Spiritual Development ? 💎 Tarot & Oracle Pick a Card Reading

Sometimes we get lost in the busyness of the world and we forget about our inner dreams and deep desires, only to find ourselves at a crossroad, where we need to acknowledge our spiritual goals or we become a shadow of ourselves. The spiritual worlds are invisible but always there, waiting for us to access and enjoy, waiting for us to remember and connect to a deeper part of who we are.

With the help of this reading we are going to explore the direction to take in your Spiritual Development, the first step, what is important on your way and what results will you obtain. This is a timeless reading and can be used at any time.


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I am passionate and dedicated to the work of understanding self and life. My favourite tools are contemplation, Tarot, sound meditations and talking to the divine. May we meet in the space between words.

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