Timeline fusion

A magical being asked me what the timelines mean, how they can be understood, and what happens when several of them meet.

Although it is difficult to explain in words what a timeline means, these expressions are useful to have a starting point and to connect our minds to other possibilities of understanding and experience.

This concept of timelines can be viewed from countless points of view, which complement and support each other, and they expand as we agree to open up to more understanding.

Some things can be upsetting, reaching those places where we have hidden traumas. Be gentle and allow yourself to be careful about how you interpret and feel in your body when you come across these sensitive places.

Temporal Lines

A Timeline is a way of perceiving a sequence of events, a line that unites certain events in our lives, and this can be personal, collective, planetary, stellar, cosmic, and so on. In the collective timeline, there are many personal timelines, and they support and transform, create, and modify the collective timeline. One timeline can influence another, depending on proximity.

Our perception is the one that connects events in successive ways and creates the timelines that are available to us.

As we expand to embrace more of who we are, the perceived timeline expands until it becomes infinite and eventually disappears as a concept but not as a reality.

You can view timelines as streams of water or liquid, plasma, but which do not have a beginning or an end, but flow to infinity. When I speak of infinity, I do not mean a circle, or an 8, or a river flowing back into it, like ouroboros, but a river that is always new in the water flowing through it and paradoxically old without origin. You'll understand more about this when you get to the Artificial Timeline section.

In these rivers there are perceptions of Timelines, a succession of events perceived by a divine eye, a divine being. Each person's perception determines how many possibilities are seen, how many great changes are possible and how much a being can accept from the unknown ocean of consciousness that is.

As we expand our perception, we will embrace more possibilities and thus become aware of more possible timelines. When a being is in a state of helplessness, guilt, maximum contraction in itself, it will perceive very little of its potential for experience, and… will have access to very few timelines. This is seen in people who have at some point become static in their thinking, and cannot accept anything else. Life lived in this way is in the hands of "destiny" which actually means a life closed in a manipulated timeline, full of inertia and unresolved challenges, a finite life put on automatic, a closed routine.

It takes a great deal of force to oppose the expansion of your consciousness, that's why I call it a manipulated timeline, forced to be in a certain way, imprisoned in few possibilities, an endless routine, an infinite torture. This endless torture, the daily routine, is called normal life on this planet!

Even if these type of timelines are constrained, the details and how you experience the events can be very different, depending on everyone's perception. When I read certain events in the future, these are the possibilities that extend from that person's current intention, and explain how someone draws the future from the present. Once the person sees how their intention creates, they can change the perception and thus experience those events in a completely different way. Perception changes the details and the experience of an event so much that it can be considered another.

Nodes and Timeline Interactions

All our lives are parallel and perpendicular timelines. Parallels, existing as possibilities at the same time, and perpendicular as being perceived in several areas of perception or densities. We as human beings, with a certain history, are a timeline or a sequence of events, from birth to death.

Because we are all part of the same great and all-encompassing ONE, when we interact with another human being, we interact with another self, with a different timeline. It extends to every being and object. No matter how much we want to have the same timeline as our girlfriend / boyfriend, they are in a parallel vibration to ours, and we interact with them through love and feelings, perceptions.

It takes a lot of energy to oppose the collective timeline you are in, or you have chosen to have an experience, because you are basically trying to disconnect from that flow of time that sustains you, to cut the tree branch from under your feet. To support a course of events that you desire, you need to first accept where you are, and then see how you can help or support a change of direction or perception.

Nodes are points of convergence or meeting of two or more timelines.

These nodes can be perceived in the simplest way as encounters with people who bring a change of perception in our life. Every time we reach a knot, we have a great choice to make, which changes our direction in life, our timeline and our perception of ourselves.

In another way, these nodes are encounters with other possibilities that existed in us, other selves, but we still could not perceive or accept them. These nodes are spaces of transformation in which we can quickly create other possibilities or we can become aware of much more of who we are.

If we are still in that state of contraction in us, in ouroboros, we retreat into the fetal position and protect ourselves, then these knots will be painful and can be used as a cause of suffering in order to find motives to stay in our old warm bed, to stay in the same circle of finite experience.

When these nodes are experienced collectively and globally, they can trigger severe crises and experiences of suffering, raising to the surface the already existing opposition and suffering. This is because two lines of events collapse or combine which, from the point of view of fear, are opposite and can feel like an annihilation.

Recovery of soul fragments

Every time we interact with another timeline, we have the opportunity to bring back a part of the soul that remained there, experiencing those events and thus integrating ourselves as consciousness and expanding our perception. Thus, many events and memories can appear which have not been there before, and thus there can be strong internal contradictions, because it creates a space of internal alchemy in which two parts merge.

These timeline mergers can cause great mental confusion and may even seem to drive us crazy or have two or three different personalities. If those two different personalities are rejected and the being does not understand what is happening to them, problems can occur with multiple personalities and moments of unconsciousness, panic.

For example, if one part of you remembers that Guatemala was in South America, and the other part of you remembers that this country was elsewhere - a conflict arises. This conflict arises from the interaction of the two perceived timelines, which are now trying to merge into you.

We can also fragment our current timeline, creating different sub-personalities and small experiences that we isolate from who we are. These happen when we suffer traumas or have experiences that we cannot integrate, and some of us are isolated and may be stuck in a certain circuit of existence, in a suffering that repeats itself and from which we fail to get out... When we deny a part of ourselves and refuse to accept it, when we do not listen to the voice of the soul, we hurt ourselves. Over time and with the perpetuation of this behavior, the wound grows and can form a closed circuit, a blockage, a trauma. By working with shadows and accepting suffering, the energy of the soul is released from these separate pockets of existence, from these time loops.

These time loops are like little black holes that attract energy and consume it to sustain the suffering in that time loop. (Black holes are something else, but it depends on how we perceive them and how we use them. Nothing is just one aspect or point of view) They are stopped in time, but they consume time at a high speed, they are a closed system which needs to be constantly maintained, carefully and reminiscent of that event. These loops become points of pain and suffering in all levels of our bodies and make us feel timeless. They are difficult to reach because they can contain a lot of pain and illusion, fear and non-acceptance, but going there all the absorbed energy has the chance to be re-integrated and recovered, recognized.

Every time we go to the past with the intention of healing a situation, in the current line of personality or another, and recover a part of the soul or change perception, these two lines or events change completely and that changes and transforms the perception of our current personality. Each of us can reach a certain time in our minds, it is a natural ability and we do it every time we re-member something. These experiences can trigger rather painful integration processes or not, depending on the case and the degree of acceptance of the experience.

Rhythm and Time, Temperament and Tempo

Everyone's rhythm is different, although in resonance with the others. Time is perceived differently for everyone because it is felt, not counted or quantified, it is part of the vibration of every being. The current way of understanding time, which measures nothing, takes our attention from feeling, to reading a global rhythm imposed for all.

How difficult is it for you to tune into the clock? Do you easily reconcile with what it shows you or do you often feel that it does not match what you feel? By imposing such a clock rhythm, our natural rhythm remains hidden and an inner struggle is created between your rhythm and what you see as the truth of the technological clock.

This inner conflict, between the internal clock of your perception and the technological clock, makes us feel wrong in what we feel to be true, and thus we learn to deny our inner senses and our perception becomes monopolized by what what is shown to us in society. By the simple fact of this reductionist way of perceiving time, as if it could be dictated by something and as if it were flat, crushed to the ground, merged, we deny our possibilities and deny our creation and our creative force. It is also linked to the incarceration of feminine energy and its reduction to nothing in our perception.

Time is seen as something that flows, finite and that somehow attacks us and takes our life force, reduces us to nothing, but it is infinite and always creating new experiences. Time is an energy of support and regeneration, it is love and understanding, it is the feminine energy from which we have disconnected so much that many say it does not exist.

Our temperament is related to our way of perceiving time and timelines. The more fragmented we are and with the energy tight and blocked, the more time possibilities and possible events are restricted. In a moment of panic and mental freezing, no possibility or solution can be seen. In these situations the personality can accept any solution, compromise, contract, to get out of that event safely.

Each of us has great potential, but it can go unnoticed in other timelines. The better we understand ourselves, and open ourselves to our divine potential, the more we discover multiple possibilities of experiencing our lives.

When a person does not trust their own ability to express their needs in front of others, they transform so as to release this perception and merge certain timelines into the current personality. Thus, when the person has succeeded to trust themselves, they can no longer conceive as though they did not have, because this new self no longer has that problem. This new self feels like it wasn't him in those moments, and that's because it wasn't, being the previous self.

Artificial timelines

You can see these artificial lines, like a circle, like a spiral going back and forth. We have been taught that time is like a circle, or a spiral that eventually returns to its origin. A circle, in this case, is a closed and finite system, a repetition of the same events, from other perspectives, an endless routine, a deadlock. A spiral that goes back to the origin, except that it goes through different densities and successive experiences of personalities / lives, is also a routine.

To better understand the idea, remember a movie, such as The Groundhog Day, where the character relives a single day several times in different ways, but is aware of it, while we… are not.

This circle is the karmic wheel in which we keep spinning, stuck in repeating what we once lived, hardly accepting to learn. This wheel of Destiny or Luck is supported by the forgetfulness of who we are, by the existence in dense and full of suffering spaces. We came here to recognize these spaces, to understand them, to experience them in order to know ourselves, but we got lost.

This maintenance in the karmic wheel is achieved through our power to create and can be influenced by the obsession with the outside and the illusion of infinity given by repetition. Keeping the human conscience in fear, terror, illusion and extreme manipulation, makes it remain in a wheel of perpetual torture.

Artificial timelines are inorganic, meaning they do not support themselves but need to be sustained with energy. As I explained above to the fragmentation of the soul, that black hole needs energy, attention and time to remain functional. Whenever an artificial timeline is created, the energy of time, of regeneration, becomes absorbed in those black holes and thus becomes unusable. It remains at this stage because our conscience is manipulated into believing that it cannot heal, or that it, as a divine being, has done something wrong, sinned, and needs to pay with its energy and conscience, with its blood - through physical pain and illness.

If an entire collective is in these states, an inorganic timeline can be produced, and so all the energy that is drawn into it can be used for other purposes. I invite you to take these words with detachment, and if you feel intense emotions, to observe them and have the courage to allow them to be. Every experience has its value, and we are here to heal the great traumas of our universe and discover who we are in a different way, reconnecting our fragments and the universe in a different design. You have much more creative and healing power than you can imagine!

Whatever attention you pay to a particular event, it draws you to that timeline, so choose what you want to experience. Your thoughts support a certain reality, and if this is not what your soul wants, remember that you can choose! You can choose something else at any time. The collective timeline can limit you but you can find ways to adapt and also to create a group that resonates with you.

What happens when multiple timelines meet?

When I say in Tarot readings or in my articles about multiple timelines meeting or timeline fusion, it means that you have an opportunity to create something new in your life and to heal artificial timelines and traumas, reuniting what you are, bringing more awareness in your life.

In these nodes there is the possibility to create new timelines, through the fusion of those who meet, but also through pure creation, with the help of the intention to attract and fulfill the dream of your soul. In those moments, there are many opportunities for growth, and life can surprise you with miracles. You can also create and attract miracles at any time, not necessarily in these knots, but usually when you create these miraculous moments they bring healing to your temporal path and recovery of orphaned soul fragments.

In these nodes, fusion healing brings the energy that exists in those timelines to a common point and thus the energy that is available to you is amplified. Healing does not always happen, but it depends on how you can accept what is happening to you. Basically, there are people who do not accept these parts of them back, or even hate them, thus creating another separation and breaking of timelines, which creates other traumas and continuous circles of energy expenditure to maintain them.

The usual effects in these cases of timeline fusion are:

  • release of emotions that have no conscious reason, we simply cry or feel pain and suffering without being able to explain why
  • confused memories of events that didn't seem to happen or seem to be from another time
  • irritation and annoyance, sudden outbursts of anger, violence… for no particular reason
  • confusion about our personality and identification with it
  • insecurity about who we are, because our landmarks and personality change
  • deja-vu experiences
  • interactions with a lot of thoughts, memories, emotions
  • small electric shivers in different places of the body and involuntary movements of the body. This happens when the nervous and electromagnetic system is updated to allow it to express more energy of the soul that is recovered
  • situations that change suddenly and seem strange
  • people who no longer contact you or suddenly reject you
  • dating people who seem familiar to you but don't know from where
  • ideas and understandings that change the way you perceive the world in an immediate and irreversible way
  • ringing in the ears and tension in the head due to vibration adjustments
  • the mind that goes crazy with thoughts because it receives too much energy and information

If you vehemently reject this new information and facts, your immune system may begin to believe that you have enemies inside and will start acting against them and you.

All of this happens on a very widespread and frequent level these days, and this can lead to intensities of experience that can be easily misunderstood. Those who do not understand what is happening to them may fall into depression, despair, very strong conflict, fear and panic. I invite you not to be influenced by what is seen coming to the surface in the world, your attention is extremely precious. Help where you can, but don't get caught up in the story.

The meeting of two timelines brings the possibility of changing the vibration on a personal, collective, planetary, cosmic, etc. level. The more different the two main vibrations, the stronger the effects felt. Those who do not want to go in another timeline or another vibration, will remain in their line. To them, the others will either disappear or appear to have died in certain ways. The same happens with those who change the vibration, those who remain in the old line, which will also be changed, but in another way, they will seem to disappear or die.

New directions

I invite you to take a new direction and recover your soul from those endless loops of suffering.
I invite you to create what you really desire, to access your soul dream and to have the crazy courage to believe that all this is possible!
Wake up from this dream of helplessness and accept the infinity that you are!

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