Three Main Current Life Priorities Aligned With Your Soul 😇 In Depth Psychic Tarot & Oracle Reading

Priorities help us see forward and focus our energy in the direction that is most beneficial for us. Priorities aligned with our soul path are the ones guiding us to fulfill our desires and our mission.

My Experience

By doing this reading for me I was confronted with my current priorities laid out in front of me, so bluntly clear, that I had to admit I need to adjust a few things. The necessary modifications needed to be done so I could not pressure myself and also include the healing I am going through, as a priority and not as an annoyance.

Healing came up to me in this reading, emphasized in 3 different ways and this is what I need to really take care of right now, coupled with other things. Interesting enough, my healing has to do with me becoming more and more visible and sharing more of my work.

I have been living like a hermit for almost 10 years now, studying a lot of things about spirituality and self-understanding, that I feel that this push to be visible is pulling me in strange directions in which I am not as comfortable. But becoming visible is one of my priorities, so as uncomfortable that may be, I will be doing it more and more.

The abilities I need right now are named The Healer and The Seer. Nothing more fitting for me and what I do. I love to do healing readings and also the seer and the healer are so connected in my being that they feel very similar.

This has helped me get more clarity on what I am doing and on what is needed from me. It has brought me more enthusiasm to go on and to have compassion for my process. I consider clarity to be the most valuable thing for me, next to deep understanding and healing.

The Reading

This reading will push into the light 3 main priorities on your soul-path, so you get clear on how to direct your energies and your efforts. Besides these I am going to look at the hidden factors messing with your priorities, the resources to tap into and the needed abilities to develop.

If you would like a similar reading, tailored specifically for you, then go ahead and take the Personalized In Depth Vision Tarot Reading from my shop. Personal readings are intimately tied to your energy and feel different than a general one.

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Mystic Seer, passionate and ardent for deep understanding of self and the world. My favorite tools are contemplation, listening to the divine, Tarot, visions, sound meditations and art. May we meet in the space between words, where love expands into experience.

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