The Lovers - the guiding Archetype of year 2022

We start to move our collective from the Hierophant Archetype to the Lovers Archetype. The Lovers matches extraordinary with the year numbers, as it is the only Archetype in the plural and the year 2022 has only the number 2 in it. Three times 2 is 6 which is the number of The Lovers Archetype.

First I will take a look at the numbers of the year 2022 and then I will explore the main themes of the year.

We usually use the last 2 digits of the year to express the year while talking/writing, so these last 2 digits are very important and for the next year we have the number 22, which is a master number.

Number 22

The number 22 is the master number of PEACE, the power of the Buddha principle. The number 22 is also associated with The Fool Archetype which expresses FREEDOM and trust in our divine nature and the unknown.

With the number 22 and the Fool Archetype the year 2022 brings a huge opportunity to tap into spiritual wisdom and download a new template for life. This new template includes a new way of being human and an updated map of the human body and our potential.

Number 22 is also a master of manifestation with the help of focus and vigilance. In the year 2022 we are invited to ground and refine our vision and plan of life and how we dream a new way of living in a community. We are asked to connect our dreams with reality, to clarify them and to have the necessary trust to walk into the unknown and permit the universe to do its own job of manifesting them.

Like any master number it requires a lot from you, like honing your abilities and having discipline and order in what you are doing. It will ask us to leave behind our small talk and criticism and focus with determination on our dreams.

Spiritual mastery is reflected in how we take responsibility for ourselves and how we respond to life with acceptance and wonder. The year 2022 will test our spiritual mastery and will push us in using our abilities in order to learn peace.

An incredible profound understanding of peace is available to us and its door will open by accepting pain and not avoiding the difficult situations. An elevation to a multidimensional sight will be available for those ready for it and able to let themselves be lived by life.

The shadow of the 22 is conformity. Being independent and free to create your own internal order based on your truth, responsibility and acceptance of consequences is vital to create inner peace and well-being. When we fall into conformity we choose to have fake peace and entertain conflicts.

Through the number 22 we are asked to join into peace and find a way to understand what peace is and what it requests from us. Remember that conformity is not peace, it is an illusory state of fear which masks the path to real peace. This does not mean that you should rebel, this is the actual process through which you let go of either conformity or rebellion, as they are faces of the same coin.

Number 2022

As I peak into the energy of the number and the year itself I can see it is about communion and finding a way to communicate who we are in a community, using compassion and understanding. This energy stimulates us to reach to wisdom and higher knowledge in order to solve our problems and to remember that there is always another way, a way that can help us see past our problems into peaceful resolutions.

By being peaceful I do not mean passive, comfortable or ignorant, but ready to find the necessary actions and solutions which will bring everyone together to the same table, harmonizing.

Number 2022 instigates us to find a way forward together, creating new ways to interact and solve problems, accepting differences and showing love. It is a complex year which will be an important threshold for our collective consciousness, a portal.

The year 2021 has been full of turbulence and change, stirring our consciousness like in a witch’s pot, creating chaos and disorder, but the year 2022 invites us to find a new way through this by helping each other. The way I feel this year it, will be revealing in many ways, enticing, bringing new unexpected issues to the surface … all in order to harmonize the mix, to harmonize the different energies and desires in the human collective. In 2021 the ingredients in the pot have been added one by one, stirring as the mixture arrives to a boiling point. In 2022 we are mixing and mixing in order to harmonize all ingredients into a useful potion.



The Lovers Archetype puts each of us face to face with each-other, seeing our human nature, stimulating us to return home, to return to who we are in our core self. As we get more and more separated by exacerbating our differences, we star to suffer, rationalize and hide our pains from each-other, try to be brave and show resolve, but there is a moment when this is too much to bare. This moment comes when we open our heart and remember what is the root of our suffering.

We have been created different from each-other, different in shape and form, different in expression and choices, but we have a central core where we are indisputably united. In our core we are always connected and together and when we let our differences be bigger than our acceptance we start to hate each-other and suffer greatly.

As long as we concentrate on differences and we judge them as being unacceptable, undeserving, not having the permission to exist, aggressive, sinful and we perpetuate a lack of understanding for each-other we start digging a grave for all that is original, divine, unconventional, new, imaginative, creative, fun, enticing and beautiful. Doing this we forget our core self, we forget where we are united and together, thinking that our differences do not have any value to exist.

Our differences create diversity and originality and they are what makes us unique and what makes life fun and beautiful. When we desire to suppress them then we desire to shun life and bury our souls into a colorless existence. We cannot shut off the sun, but sometimes we think we can. We cannot make disappear a color from the rainbow although we may have the illusion we can.

The year 2022 will sustain a process of accepting differences and harmonization. This means all will participate and be in the potion mix, but each of us can choose to scream, fight, be violent or be peaceful and at ease, while doing this. Life is compassionate with us, always holding us in her arms with love, so we will be divinely guided to harmonize our inner aspects and outer expression.

By choosing to accept difference it does not mean you will forget your choices or desires, it means you are ready to accept both your path and the path of others as valid. We can walk together although we are on different paths. When we accept our path we do not need to fight with others as we are focused on ours. Our paths may cross but it does not mean we cannot walk further, yes we can, it is just a crosswalk.

We can live with the differences of others if we accept our differences and we can understand that other people may not have the same ideas and understanding of life. Even if it may seem strange, other people may live in totally different worlds than us, and while we are in the same place we may have a different view on things.

By imposing our view on others we desire to subdue their vision to ours, to cancel who they are and replace them with who we are. When we do this we are actually searching for ourselves, for who we are and we have the pretense that others act like us because this is the only way that we can feel safe or ok with ourselves.

Deep misunderstandings arise when we try to impose on someone who we are, trying to make them a copy of ourselves. We may think the world would be better and safer if we are all the same, but we would actually hate that world, as we usually hate our differences or what makes us unique.

People who have suppressed their differences or uniqueness, may feel threatened by those displaying another perspective as it will remind them of how hard they’ve surpassed themselves and they will react by showing what they’ve done to themselves which is suppression of thoughts/emotions/speech.

There is a general feeling of insecurity when someone sees a difference that they cannot understand. In many cases they may not accept that they do not understand and this will bring harsh and dishonest judgement, trying to defend themselves because a perceived threat. The threat is the unknown, the unknown represented by the energy expressed by the other being. The unknown can be unbearable and scary, so unsafe.

As we move into 2022 we are asked to return to our core self, the place where we are together, and accept the differences as something new to explore and not as something threatening. Many will be stimulated to be curious , tempted to explore and harmonize, as the higher strata or our consciousness emanates divine love.

We are here together and we can only live in peace if we can accept each-other as we are, and this will be a big point of discussion, conflict and resolution in the year 2022.


Love is such a big word and many of us get scared when we think about it. We somehow use it as an ideal we cannot reach, falling into complacency and choosing to believe it is either not reachable or we do not deserve it.

Love and freedom have long been our ideals, the two outmost desires we have and the light which we seek. On the way there we stumble and somehow forget our path, punishing ourselves in a loveless life, where freedom is not possible.

Love and Freedom go together because love is the one who can get us free. Why ? Because when we act and live from love, then we are no threat to each-other and we understand how to be free together. It is love who can grant us free will, because love is the base of free will. We say that you cannot love someone with force or imposition, and it is true. Love grants freedom of self.

But what is true love ? Most of us are seeking love and few find it. It seems to be the hardest of things in this particular place of expression. Many will choose to take the name of Love in the desert, which is to ignore it, to bash it, cancel it, diminish it, judge it as weak and so on. Most of these ideas come from the minds of people who forgot true love.

Love is the one who guides us, it is our inner compass and our home. Love is our signature but it is our choice to express it or not. It is our choice because love frees us and waits for us until we return home. When we know love we are home, we are free and we are safe.

Love is not the expression of weakness as love endures death and is the connection which will guide us from birth through death and back again. Love endures all pains and sufferings with intense strength and never backs down or gives up. Love is there to be kind and is there to be tough, as needed.

Love does not mean giving yourself away, losing yourself inside a group or another, being passive, being aggressive or irrational, having rosy glasses and all of the things we think it is. Love is not a concept, it is an experience and unless you experience it you will not know.

Love calls us home and this will be the underlying call we will feel in the year 2022.
Do we have the courage to stand in our core and emanate from there ?
Can we love ourselves enough not to harm ourselves and open our eyes to the truth ?
Can we love ourselves enough as not to shy away from our shadows and differences ?
Can we love ourselves enough to get over fears ?

Love call for freedom and this will be the impulse of the year 2022. Can we free ourselves by accepting to love each-other enough to get over our differences ?

When we hide from love we feel disconnected from our core self, from who we are and we find ourselves lost, unable to find our way, creating an illusion of self whom we hate. The year 2022 poses a big question : “Do we accept to come home to love or we continue to lose ourselves ?”

2022 can be an opportunity to heal or to open deep wounds and it is our choice. I invite you to step into this year with an intention to heal yourself, heal your relationships and emanate love.

In the coming year we may experience freedom conflicts, freedom campaigns and various expression of love, compassion and humanity, as some of us step into true love. Freedom is a consequence of true love, so you are invited to know the love you are and step into it. It will not make you weak if it is true love, it will give you the strength to do what’s needed and appropriate.


2022 invites us onto a higher path, a better timeline, a world based on true love, compassion and understanding. Are you going to choose this path ? As love brings freedom you are free to choose this path, you will never be forced.

This path requires you to step onto the door of healing, to accept leaving behind fears and illusions and to accept feeling integrity and solidarity. This path is where you call back all of the fragments of your soul and you bring yourself home, where all is working for you not against you.

This path asks you to let go of the enemy within or without and stop harming yourself out of fear and illusion. It asks you to choose to see the truth of who you are and accept the connection with your divine self, the higher path self.

Throughout this whole year the voice of the higher self will be calling you home, slowly but surely, guiding you into the arms of love, to rest, heal and complete yourself. You can hear and follow or ignore and reject, it’s your choice. This voice will never stop calling for you and this year it will be so loud.

The divine will never demand anything from you, it offers and offers until you open and receive. As you set into the year 2022 you are invited to open up to a higher path, to other options, to new possibility and new potential awaiting you.

We will be asked to choose many things in the year 2022, things that may lead us astray or lead us towards the higher path, it’s our choice. It may seem the cost of the higher choice is higher, but the truth is it only asks us to be ourselves and come home, that’s all, but if we are far far away it may seem so difficult to take those steps. I remind you, you do not need to take all steps today or in the next year, but it is suffice to turn your face and walk the path home.

In the next year I invite you to reconnect with your highest ideals, your highest values and ethics, your highest morals and walk home to your soul and spirit. They are there, waiting for you with all you need and will ever want.

Losing oneself is the biggest punishment we can ever give ourselves and the greatest pain. It is so great that we can barely let ourselves feel it or acknowledge and remember it. Whatever happens to you in this world, please remember that there’s nothing more painful than losing yourself and spending endless cycles of empty illusions and suffering in ignorance of self. The only thing that can give you real safety is knowing that whatever you do, no matter how much pain and separation you get yourself into, there’s always a way to get back home.


Distraction is different from fun. Fun is expressing joy and play in a useful way, enjoying life. Distraction is getting distracted, escaping from reality into an illusory world. As the voice of the higher self calls us home, so all the distractions distract our ears and senses from hearing this call.

In the next year we may see how people start getting attracted more and more to distractions of any kind, whether obvious ones or unconscious ones. These distractions may be driven by conflicts, illusory enemies, delusions, blind hope, hopelessness and all sorts of motivations to escape love.

As I said before, love can be scary, as you will open up to the pain of being disconnected from self and all the consequences that brought you. This means a need to deeply heal our wounds and not everyone is ready or willing to do this.

You are invited to search for ways to have real fun and enjoy life with your loved ones and find more people to love and admire. Make new friends and share who you are with them. Make new groups in order to support and find our way together. Find new ways of action in order to support freedom and free choice without violence. Find real ways to connect despite all obstacles. Find new ways to stand up and express yourselves peacefully. Choose love.

By each group we form, choosing the higher path, we get closer to home as a collective.


If you do not engage with love in what you do as work then the year 2022 will stimulate you to think how to do this. Look around you at home and in your work place and think how can you bring love there, how can you express love towards what you do and others around you.

If you cannot find a way to connect with your work by bringing in more love then you will be tested to change that and either change what you do or how you do it. You can choose pleasure which can be an empty temptation, an escape from love or you can choose to hear yourself and start taking care of your needs.

Doing what we love is fulfilling and brings energy and joy into our lives. The year 2022 will urge you to evaluate your work and your relationships and see if they still hold deep connection to you and bring you value or not. The nudge inside of you will tell you to look at these aspects and find a way to change if necessary.


Being human may be considered to be easy but how many really know how to be a human, a divine expression of life in manifestation ? I can confess I do not always know how to be human and how to express my divine self all of the time. The meeting between the divine and the material is done in a human. Will we be willing to be a bridge, a communion of both, a complete self ?

Being human comes with being humane which is showing divine expression, love and compassion. When we are not human then what are we ? Our humanity will be put to the test in 2022 and we will see who we think we are. I see many humanitarian actions being put in place and people starting to help each-other in some places and this will open new possibilities for some groups of people.

We are made separate in shape so we can experience connection. The contrast and the difference is paramount to experiencing knowing what love is. By suppressing difference we try to suppress the knowledge and the experience of real love.

Remember who we are as humans by watching this video called Humanity on my channel.This video has an amazing synchronicity by being 22:22 minutes long.


Throughout our lives we are interested in different things to enjoy, to love, to experience. Can you imagine what happens when we are all interested in the same thing ? We usually do not have enough or the resources get depleted fast. This is because it is not natural or healthy for all of us to want the same thing, this is why we are different, in order to balance.

Sometimes we may believe our interest may clash with that of another, but this is usually misunderstanding or lack of proper awareness of things. Our interests may coexist if we accept to coexist in harmony, just like the cells in our body. Our supposed interests may many times not even be based on reality, actually needed or truth. During this year conflicts of interests may be revealed so people recognize their temptations and the underlying motives.

Our body has trillions of cells, all working together in harmony. All have differences and particular interests, but they still get along. In our body we have big clans like for example organs and they can very well exist together even if they have different functions and desire different things.

By getting back to ourselves we will discover our true interests based on love and then we will be able to work together. We are called to work together, to heal and work things out.


2022 stimulates our interactions with the world with other people but also with our own aspects. We are invited to deeply heal our yin-yang disharmony and get both energies working in union and love. The whole year will emphasize the extreme ideas and unhealthy limits we have gotten into, all of this in order for us to balance them out. We will be exposed to extremist views and helped to understand that this is not a healthy way for us to continue and maybe a bit of kindness and compassion would be the way to go.

The extremist behaviors can be expressed in both ends of the spectrum, the exaggerated anti or pro, the minus or the plus, the yin or the yang. Both ways work in the way of absolutism, because they usually think their way is the better one and it is the only one that can save us. These views usually concentrate on either yin or either yang approaches, negating or invalidating the other one. For example in the yin absolutism, the denial of the yang, even if it is in a certain circumstance, is what they are militating for.

The year 2022 calls for the middle way, the hardest to walk and the one which keeps things in balance and appreciates the yin and the yang in equal manner. By going to extremes we create a rubber band effect and eventually is going to snap back into a more harmonious place but we might not like the way it will snap and what events will this produce.

By healing the way we use our own energy we start emanating a balanced approach and reduce the extremism and the damage it can produce. To understand where you are in an extreme, just think what beliefs you hold so tightly that you would not permit someone else to choose otherwise or you would judge them very harshly thinking you know better what they should choose.

This is pushing us to understand that what may be very beneficial for us might not be for another and although we may give advice we should not take responsibility to choose for someone else.


The biggest challenges will be divine connection, relationships, family, accepting differences and choosing what is appropriate for us. This will be a test of how much you love yourself and how connected you are with your divine self. Can you follow the voice of your divine self or the voice of false promises ?

A powerful challenge is accepting polarity and difference as real and useful, as part of life and stop telling nature to do only what you find comfortable. This may stimulate conflicts of interests and all sorts of conflicts of ideals and life views.

It will get more difficult to maintain relationships that are not based on real communication and the relationships that do not have a good foundation will be strongly challenged. We may also better understand what our interests are and we may choose to let go of many people with whom we do not share interests anymore. This is a natural way to steer towards the group with which you will best resonate with.

We will have all motives, reasons and temptations to deal with as tests of faith and trust in our divine voice. The choices we take now will influence our path as a collective and as individuals for a long time.

Through all of the challenges the substrate is our acceptance of being human and all that entails. Can we choose to be human, which is a divine expression of self awareness or choose to be something else ? Do we know what it means to be human ?


One of the biggest shadows is conformity, as I have mentioned above when talking about numbers. We usually conform because we desire to keep the peace, but it is not a real peace, it can always blow up when we least expect it and it can get us in a lot of pain and suffering. This by no means suggests to be rebellious, but to find the middle way, which is usually very difficult and it feels like you are passing through the eye of the needle.

Another aspect is the lower timeline or the lower path which is a beautiful temptation and it calls on you with pleasures and all sorts of frivolities in order to keep you busy and away from what you need to do to help yourself. This is like an addiction timeline, where you find yourself always wanting more of the same, not seeing it is never enough and it cannot ever give you what you really need.

The distractions can be very prominent and enticing creating attractive stories and narratives which to follow. It will be difficult to step away from them for those caught in there and also hard for those witnessing this. This is a major bifurcation of choice and it may get very obvious this year, so obvious that you may no longer offer assistance or help to those who are on other general timelines.

Instead of union some people will choose separation, and this will be recognized more and more this year, as this group will dedicate themselves in choosing separation more and more and get focused on their own timeline. Try not to get into their way, this group will choose to separate from you and whatever you will say or do.

Communication may start to be extremely painful or really useless in between very different timelines. You are invited to witness but not interfere in how each human makes their choice of living. Give help to those who will ask but do not stretch yourself thin to reach those who are very far away in direction from you.

Another shadow is extremism with its dramatic views on which people may get completely focused. This groups will get absorbed by their extreme views so much they can no longer see another solution or option and may stimulate serious conflicts. The conflicts are there because they need to harmonize as the extreme positions are damaging and painful, but they will need time to accept their own mistakes and responsibilities. Although strange some people from these groups have a very high possibility of jumping into harmony, since they are already rattled and suffering. Some people in these groups may be helped with compassion, love and common sense.

Another serious shadow is lack of self-love and self-care. We are asked to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first by opening to true love and divine love. This will start or deepen our healing process.Without proper love for ourselves we can get lost in a group, letting go of our unique individuality and trying to be something else to please our idea of others. Lack of self-love stimulates harmful relationships. We are also urged to let go of the desire to change another.

Other faces of shadows : addictions, lack of commitment, denial of polarity, dissonance, mind-heart separation, mania, profanity, ignorance of divine will, false choices, interference, selfishness, harming yourself or others, infatuation etc.

False choices are choices which are apparently giving something we desire but in reality they do not. The false choices get you to forget about yourself and who you are, about your real choices and real experiences. The choices we do this year as a collective will have great consequences.


The main focus in the year 2022 is love and self-care. Self-care will diminish our desire to tell others what to do with their own lives or what to choose. Taking care of ourselves will start to open the door of deep healing and then it will remind ourselves of the connection with our divine self.

If we are already on the path to healing then this year will be really beneficial for us as it will support us to tackle those hidden traumas, the imbalance in our psyche, the mental stress, the state of disconnection from self and life and the desire to come home and find harmony. Courses about self-care or healing journeys are advised and supported.

Communication is another focus, as to express our healing we will be tested through interaction with our human family and the way we react will tell us where we need more work. Communication is not just an exchange of information, it is a link between two different worlds as each one of us has its own internal language. The basis of deep understanding is getting to intimately know the other person’s language.


The practical focus is to simplify how we view our relationships and to choose those in which we can feel ourselves and in which we can express freely who we are. Instead of supporting conflictual relationships we choose to stop perpetuating unhealthy patterns and let go of the desire to either please someone or wear a certain mask.

We are invited to also simplify our relationship with ourselves and let go of too much analysis, too much fantasy future imagination, too much fear and projection and come here and now and rest. We are encouraged to go back to seeing ourselves with innocence and simplicity, stopping to burden ourselves with the weight of the world and start remembering our purpose.

Simplify and take care of yourself and your family as best you can. Watch out about your basic needs and satisfy them. If you are thinking of getting in shape, then this would be a good year to start doing this. Find ways to show love and compassion and reach for understanding instead of conflict. If you cannot get into accord then let it be, show acceptance for the other person’s view and let go.

Think about your image and what you emanate to others. Is it you, if not why are you hiding ? We do not need to be an open book, but revise your image and what you really desire to show others as you.

Collective Focus and Experience Reading

If you would like something more personal and a different overview, completing this one, then I invite to watch the Collective Focus and Experience in 2022 Tarot & Oracle Reading.

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