The Chariot - the guiding Archetype of year 2023

This year’s guiding force is The Mighty Chariot. This very powerful archetype may rock us out of our comforts this year, bringing most necessary actions to take.

The numbers do not particularly inspire me this year and this tells me it’s not going to be a year where we can see very tight logic come into play, but mostly a year in which we try to regroup as a collective and have a common goal. The plans we make, the assessments, the numbers, might not show us what’s really going on and they may not be that practical or logical to follow.

We can look back and see the efforts we’ve made and where the actions we engaged with are taking us. Where exactly do we stand, what’s the conclusion ? There will be a lot of thinking to do in 2023, a lot of assessment and getting to conclusions. I feel a lot of sensitivity coming from this year, like all things may turn very easily into a dramatic confrontation. Shaky past thinking delivers strange and unpredictable results.

It’s this year that we’re going to feel in full force some of the consequences of our past years thinking. What has worked exactly ? What is it that’s not working ? How can we improve ? All of these questions are sitting there in our collective consciousness, waiting to be answered during this period of time.



Who is your boss ? Do you have one or any ? Who are those people to whom you look up to, whom you admire and whom you can follow ? Who is the inner aspect that commands you ? What addictions keep your energy into a degenerative cycle of consume and destroy ?

The year 2023 invites us to take an honest look at our position in the current hierarchy, whether that hierarchy is our community or our inner aspects. How do we position ourselves ? Are we able to take a stand and be truthful to who we are, or we bend our heads in false humility ? Do we assume correct responsibility or do we try to escape our own lives ?

Our current position in the hierarchy may frustrate us, but it does not mean it is not helping us as well. If we have this position is because this is where it currently feels the easiest to be. Take a moment to acknowledge your personal and public accomplishments and try to accept your own position. Instead of making yourself too big or too small, try to sit in your own shoes for just a second.

It is ok to see and acknowledge the people who are doing a better job than you at something specific, and the ones that are not. In case you feel some envy or jealousy, can you transform that into admiration so it can inspire you instead of making you feel like nothing ? In case you feel to belittle the ones who are doing worse than you, can you let that transform into compassion and instead of making you feel angry or superior to let that change into patience and recognition of potential ?

In life, we may try so hard to change our current position that we have no idea where we are and how we can enjoy the here and now. We may hate our bosses and we may belittle the ones who appear not to know as much as us, all because we may try to stand onto a shaky position, a fake statue of ourselves, a fixed and very dead pedestal.

Recognition of our current position comes with the release of pressure upon ourselves. Our burdens get left behind and we start to be in the flow with our life. If we let others stand in their position as well, without mounting and propping them up on other pedestals, then we might just have a chance at a real connection.

Seeing where we are gives us the opportunity to better place ourselves in the world, in our larger and smaller communities and it opens the way to real progress. If we try to evolve from a fake position then we have no clue as to our direction, we get confused and our journey becomes very complicated.

Right here and right now, be present and look around, position yourself in reality. How does it feel like ?

Our inner worlds and aspects may have the same hierarchy or a similar one. Who’s running your own mind ? What aspect is there in charge and what are they doing ? Are they useful or making a mess ? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate their accomplishments and do some lay-offs.

When we recognize where we are, our journey becomes easier. We also have a chance at finding very good guides and teachers on our path, simply because now we are present on our path and we start to commit to it.

The Chariot is inviting you to see your position and be practical about it. Find your starting point and it will be easier to see your end point or the goals that will help you find satisfaction.


Evaluation and Devaluation are key themes in this coming year of 2023. What is of value within you and how has that flourished in your life ? Are you able to be proud and celebrate your expression ? Here I am not talking singularly about your job, your career or your purpose, though they’re important, I’m referring to your whole being.

How have you been flourishing as a being ? Our space in the world remains empty unless we value ourselves enough to fill it up. How are we showing up in the world is a reflection of our courage to express our nature. Deep satisfaction comes by filling our own space and fulfilling our purpose.

When we cannot find our place, our position, then we feel as though there’s no space for our expression. This brings a lot of depression, sadness and shame. In this case we devalue who we are and we stop believing there is space for our own natural expression.

In this year, you are invited to make space for yourself, to see how you fit and where is your valuable expression. If you cannot see your value, then it may also be because you are not in the right space or you’re thinking you do not deserve to occupy a unique space for yourself.

Sometimes, we may need to assume our space. To take up power in our bones and to lay down the limits of who we are and of the space and place we occupy. This means to become a part of the grand puzzle of life, to realize there is a perfect space for our unique expression, if we just dare to take it.

Can you take up your own space ? Can you be your own conqueror and claim space and expression for yourself ? Can you value yourself properly ?

I invite you to contemplate on these questions because they will help you understand the experience of this whole year. By proper evaluation you can become more aware of your own value.

I know, we may have fear of not finding value, of finding out we’re nothing but everything has good value in the right place and setting. Your skills are surely wanted or needed somewhere, if you dare to take up space. Celebrate your achievements no matter how small they seem, without aggrandizement, and you will start to realize that you are on your journey, just like everybody else. Respect and acknowledge your journey and know you do not need to be one step further.


Finding purpose and meaning in life comes by honoring our core values. What are those core values for you ? These core values steer our path and help us maintain direction. Purpose and meaning are unveiled step by step as we follow our core values. They’re like a compass and we can use them to feel at peace with our journey. Instead of always looking into the future, we focus in the present on our core values. This keeps us working in the right direction.

To help you understand this I’ll give you examples from my own life. One of my core values is Honesty & Transparency. When I’m not honest I’m not myself, I feel off and I feel lost. Another one of my core values is Love & Care. Sharing deep feelings and taking care of myself and loved ones is a necessity for my own wellbeing. When I’m not loving to myself I feel sad, disconnected and disappointed. By the way, while you’re doing this, you might as well let go of what the collective subconscious says about your values or how they should express.

Learn about your values and you will find the natural way to express them. These values are part of your core body of consciousness, you essence. Connect with these values and you will feel like home.


What makes you successful ? What is that part in you that has the potential to bloom into an amazing work of art ? How do you imagine being successful ?

As we are unique we see the word differently and have personal ideas about how success looks like. The ideas in our heads about success may give us pain or may help us advance in a natural rhythm towards the accomplishments of our goals. Evaluate your idea of success and see how you relate to this concept. What appears in your mind when you think about this ? Is it a race car ? A beautiful family ? A loving partner ? What’s the face of your success ?

We have so many ideas about success but we may also go through our lives not being aware of how much we’ve already done. By getting to see where we started and where we are now, we can recalibrate our wishes. I had many unsuccessful ideas that seemed great at first. I had so many wishes that were not mine and did what I could to make them true. I failed to see, time and again, how much progress I was actually making, how much I was learning and how different I am now than a few years ago.

For a great deal of time I was running my life and not leading. This means I ran and ran all over the place but never stopped to realize what I was doing. It’s not easy to lead, as it means to take care of your own needs in a way that shows much love and compassion, while considering where you are in the world and how you affect others.

This is why celebration is so important. It stops the running, it holds you in place to help you see where you are now and who you’ve become. It’s not something superficial if you realize that you are celebrating your own life and your own accomplishments. You know … those things you do with your own strengths and by yourself.

I was so sad many times because I got to have such a life in which I was forced to do many things by myself, but now I can look back and acknowledge my incredible progress and have so much love overflow my body and mind. A few tears run down my face right now.. as I am writing this I see myself and I am in awe.

Now I am glad of the little things I get to do every day, the basic ones. I am able to do them and that’s more than other people get to experience. I am ok with having a day in which I telephone many people to fix things in my house, then I do some work on the computer and maybe contemplate on something and go to sleep. I am glad I get to have time and health to do all of this and that I can do all this even if sometimes I may fall into having moments of panic or anxiety.

Celebration does not have to be complicated.
Success is available every single day.


Do you feel limited by discipline and orders. Do you have an authority complex ? Humanity has a very deep trauma related to authority and discipline. These are not bad or evil concepts but they may trigger a lot of pain in our psyche. It might be difficult for some to hear but we need order and discipline. This is how we can achieve what we desire in our lives, by ordering things and striving forward using discipline.

Discipline also comes from the word disciple, a person who studies and follows a good leader/guide in order to reach success in their lives and have purpose. A good disciple is a devotee, a person who dedicates themselves to a path and walks it with courage and dedication.

Do you feel that sense of purpose in your life ? If you do not have a sense of purpose then discipline will fall heavy on your head, as there’s nothing for you to follow with dedication. In this case you may feel lost, forever meandering through life. Discipline does not imply for you to follow a leader with blind faith, but it encourages you to follow and dedicate to your own life purpose. While doing this you can still follow a leader or a guide, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Can you work within our societal structures without feeling oppressed or controlled ? Can you find a way for you to have space ? Can you hold your space in the hierarchy or find a way to connect with what is here and now ? Do you struggle ?

Sometimes we need to struggle & rebel to find order and other times we need to listen and abide. This year we will see the collective struggling with authority and with how to follow or rebel.

Order refers also to our inner order and mental & emotional stability. This will be put to the test this year as we try to figure out how to integrate all that we’ve done and to find a way for all to fit. Is there discipline inside your own mind or there’s an ongoing rebellion ? If there’s a riot, who are you rebelling against ?

Calming ourselves down, ordering our mind, brings inner stability and peace. If we have an undisciplined mind, as most people do, then we do not have inner authority. When we struggle having inner authority then we may interpret external authority in a very detrimental way. In this case we can end up devaluing ourselves and rejecting good counsel or loving guidance.

Consider putting effort to find purpose and follow your goals as this year’s energy support people who dedicate to self-realization.


We embody our divine self when we express integrity. This means our deed is an honest and direct expression of how we think & feel, of our core values and spiritual endeavors. We experience congruency and this leads to healing the rift between all our fragmented parts. We become One when we connect our body with our mind, spirit and soul. This is when One(our whole being) is Many(connected aspects) and Many are One.

Many times I am seen speaking in plural, using we instead of I. Sometimes, when I do this, I refer to my whole being. I use We because I am speaking about my connected inner aspects. I feel many times as a collective, having many aspects expressing at different times or having different opinions and issues amongst each-other. When there’s inner peace we become One, but we are still Many. Please do not think that whenever I say WE I’m referring to myself, many times I will identify with a larger collective and speak from that point of view.

This year’s guidance is stimulating us to find meaning, purpose in who we are and who we choose to become. This energy is sustaining the search and the discovery of a way to cultivate integrity, a higher order and level of connection within ourselves and within our society.

In order to become whole or to find integrity, we need to deeply know ourselves, our shadows and appearances, our surface expressions, our deep feelings and desires, our illusions and revelations and so on. Why is this needed ? Because we cannot solve a puzzle unless we know the big picture (purpose) the meaning (what’s in the picture), its parts and how they function together. By solving the puzzle we learn methods and means to integrate each part into each space and we create space to express our whole being.

This year supports the spiritual search, finding proper counsel and guidance, learning and exploring who we are, deeply connecting to others going on the same path. All of these come as a conclusion to us learning from the past and understanding how to piece together & order things in our lives to create a better overall picture.


All of what I’ve spoken above takes a lot of effort, focus and motivation. I can see how many are struggling to find that kind of motivation that moves mountains, that kind of power that helps you do impossible things. Let’s consider that there is real motivation and fake motivation.

The real motivation appears as an inner passion that fuels you from inside, with no apparent logical reason. The reason is usually faith, a spiritual purpose or something else that is hard to describe. It’s complicated because it’s not just one thing and it is not a motive but a state of being. This state of being implies liberation & clear discipline. When we are liberated from fake personalities, subconscious programming and harmful limits, then we can see our direction with a lot more clarity and it is usually not what we first thought. Discipline comes to keep our motivation engaged and working in the right direction.

Fake motivation happens when we tend to wrap ourselves in illusions, believe in pipe dreams and in things that gives us hope but never actually happen. This maintains us in a detrimental state of always waiting for something to happen, or always thinking that it will happen without us having to do anything with that.

Discerning fake motivation from real one is not that easy, as the real motivation does not come uniquely from your mind. You may find a motive to go on with enthusiasm, for a while, but quickly find yourself at the bottom of a pit of desperation because it does not last.

Real motivation is not a constant hype by the way, it’s not full of happiness dancing on the clouds every single moment. It is an inner strength that pushes you even if it’s difficult and even if you’re lost or depressed. It is there no matter what happens and you can rely on it. It is not hope, hope eventually dies out, but this still remains.

If you are trying to find motives to do something, try to explore the possibilities that you’re trying to persuade yourself or create justifications, while you do not actually have real drive towards that destination. This is like you’re trying to push your car up the hill, alone, but your car does not have any engine. Is this really your car ? This type of forceful push can be mistaken for real motivation, but real motivation does not need a hill to fake the effort and the drive to the destination.

During this whole year we will be faced with finding real motivation and passion to follow our purpose, while struggling to define our core values.


The shadow aspects of this year are very powerful, because there’s so much potential for realization available. The first one coming through my mind is control. Instead of finding motivation & purpose we try to control our destiny and constrict ourselves to live in a prison of never ending demands. Control is beneficial when we learn how to deal with danger in our lives but this can quickly transform into an obsession to overpower any danger, even the illusionary one.

If we try to control illusions we will not have any beneficial results and moreover we will create chaos into our lives. The chaos may plunge us deep into desperation, lack of motivation and lack of awareness, spiraling into the darkness. The chaos may make us think we need more control, instead of proper order and clarity.

I see this with some of my clients as well. They come to me with the desire to control something but all I can offer is clarity and order. Some of them get disappointed since it is not easy to understand the fact that order and clarity are the ones that truly offer empowerment in the situation.

The shadow of harmful control over others can bring anyone to their knees, since it is so disempowering and disheartening. What happens there is a loss of connection with reality followed by a loss of connection with love and proper understanding. The fear that sustains this type of expression is extremely potent as it continuously says: “If you do not control you will be doomed”. It is like walking with a doom’s day scenario in your head every single moment. It is crushing to the spirit and soul.

If you express this shadow towards yourself, it becomes a self-destructing mechanism, since you will see the danger in something that is within and because of that you will start to wage a war to destroy it. This soon becomes a self-effacing autonomous program that tries to erase and cancel who you are, in order to avoid danger.

If you get to a point in which you feel this during this year, remember that even a moment of doom will pass and new life will bloom. Nothing is ever that black and white, things change and heal over time.

Another shadow would be a lack of integrity, falsehood and egotism. Arrogance can get through the roofs this year as we see people trying to defend or uphold values they do not embody or express naturally. This is like a type of madness caused by inner chaos, since you try to defend something you do not really possess in an attempt to fake possession. An example of this would be people who get angry because others do not seem to value ecology when they themselves have no idea of what that is. This is a type of value/virtue signaling, trying to appear virtuous in public.

Superiority and Canceling others because they will not have the same achievements, goals or values, is another part of the shadow aspects of this year. This may start many strange discussions, conflicts of opinion and violent expressions. This type of righteousness seems to have a mind of its own, infecting people rapidly, especially if they’re in a group setting. Why ? It provokes the feeling of superiority, being right, having power and control over others, while offering fake meaning.

Because of all of the above, tyranny may be another shadow expression this year. This is the desire to apply control over an entire population with hidden personal psychotic scopes. We may see governments be very stubborn and try to keep control in many ways, as the control tries to slip because the people also get an infusion of inner power this year.

As the shadows may get really powerful this year, we may see violence spur in many ways like riots, explosions, violent confrontations, violent discussions, impositions of some sort and application of force.

During this year, take care of your words or how you speak as people may react strangely and surprise you. The fire may start from anything and things can rapidly become volatile. If you find yourself in conflict, try to appease or retreat.

Learn how to use the skills that you have so you help instead of hinder. This year we are called to heal shadows of authority or the relationship with our self-authority and inner leader. Authority can be beneficial if we have a beneficial perspective and a beneficial expression of it. As long as we have a struggle with our inner authority we will not have a beneficial relationship with the authority other people display. In this case, we may presume that people who display natural beneficial authority are somehow imposing when they’re actually not. They just stand in their power and they invite you to do the same.


The focus shown by the year 2023 is finding the blessings in our life purpose. Being grateful for who we are, who we have become and what we’ve done to get in this particular position. Appreciating our current position brings stability and creates a state of empowerment. We feel the power running through our veins when we have our feet firmly set onto the ground beneath us, our heart open and liberated and our mind clear and striving for the sky.

Finding purpose and meaning is usually more important than finding happiness. Happiness is easy if we just find a way to release pressures, release expectations and enjoy the current moment as is. Happiness gets to be more and more stable as we find purpose and meaning. This does not mean we are in a state of bliss every time, but it does mean that we stop the inner struggle with being unhappy.

If we find purpose and meaning, then we start to feel satisfaction. Happiness may be present or not. We may feel very tired and even in a bit in pain, but with feeling a sense of purpose and meaning, we can still be very satisfied.

When you’ll find purpose in life it can be very difficult to adjust to the new state of being, but in time, it will burn the shadows that try to keep it contained or controlled. We may find purpose in many things. Some people will assume a community purpose or will sustain and support someone else’s purpose. This is no shame, as not all of us have personal purposes or unique ones. Some may find meaning in having children, while others may find meaning in self-development or healing.

I repeat myself, this is not about a job. Your purpose is not a job, it is a state of being in which you have a powerful inner drive and you find deep meaning & satisfaction in what you do.

Some people will fulfill their purpose but still feel completely disempowered and devalued. In this case we are having detrimental thinking patterns run our mind, thinking that purpose needs to look in a certain way. Again, purpose is not something that you do, it is something that you become by natural expression.


As practical focus we have awareness & authenticity.

Awareness can be increased by practical exercises like mindfulness practices, natural observation & contemplation of states of being. This can be enhanced by healing modalities and counseling or proper guidance.

Authenticity comes to helps us be truthful to who we are, find our core values and follow them. To start doing this I invite you to take a moment to evaluate your actions and words before you express them. In that moment, come back to your values and use them to formulate an answer that respects them. As an example, if your value is Honor then the answer needs to honor who you are and the other people involved. This also implies that we are called to stay true to our word and to muster some courage to express what we truly desire.

Being authentic also includes knowing your own skills, developing your talents and using them for the benefit of the whole world. As a practical focus you are invited to develop your skills, to enhance the expression of your talents and to share with the world who you really are.


As I observe the information that came through, I see that this year’s themes have such a personal touch. I wanted to write practical expressions seen in the world for each theme, but trying to do this I realized this is not really needed this year.

The expressions of the world events will come from our inner perspectives and how we choose to deal with our own evolution and our own position in the world. This personal view will help us gain many insights over how the world works and how the subconscious collective works.

Over the years I’ve come to notice that when my year’s personal energy was The Chariot, I had an amazing year. This is a collective energy and I hope it will boost my personal energy in order to advance in an amazing way.

Important Notice : When I identify with a collective timeline, I will identify with the collective I most resonate with and this would be the European countries + USA + UK and nordic countries, as well as other groups who are in a similar resonance.

I wish you the best for this year
May your desires be aligned with your soul
May your expression find freedom and harmony
May you become abundant and flowing with health and balance

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