These are just some of the words people have sent after receiving their readings. Most people prefer to write to me privately because an intimate connection is created while reading. Many of the messages received cannot be written publicly because they contain personal elements from the private lives of those involved.

Do I get feedback from people who have have some follow-up questions ? Yes, although rarely. In these cases I do my best to help the person better integrate or decrypt the messages.

Thank you Celeste! Until I received the message offered by the Universe through you, I still believed, in my great Naivety, that no one can read my thoughts / feelings. I am impressed to tears and shaken at the same time! Infinite gratitude!
Maricica N.
Thank you, with great gratitude! 🙏❤ It is truly amazing how you have simply materialized in words what I lived and felt, especially in the last year.
I am encouraged and helped a lot by the love and trust you share. I hug you dearly!
Corina C.
Celeste, since Friday night when I received it, I listen to my message whenever I have the opportunity. It really is the words of my heart and I could illustrate this in full pages … I just tell you that on Friday morning I wrote in my diary "I am grateful for this moment, when my heart opens" :)
In my ignorance, I imagined that the Tarot is a projection-based tool. On this occasion, the Universe took care to show me (in full!) That I was wrong and placed again, without knowing it, the little one in front of the big one.
Thank you for the lesson and thank you for your generosity in reading the cards for me! You are truly blessed with this gift!
Luiza P.
Your message is wow for me. It came as a great confirmation in what I feel has been going on in me for months. All you said is what I lived. Both emotionally and mentally I feel the pressure of inner transformation and physically it started with vibrations in the perineum area, burns on the legs, vibrations in the right side of the body starting from the crown to the bottom of the leg. Feelings of strong heat on the column with instant sweating …. pffff … now I understand and I am grateful for your message and your gift.
Sorina L.
Thank you Celeste!
I listened with emotion to the message offered by the Universe through you ……, there were moments when they brought me to tears because I had a confirmation of what is happening now with me and in me. Even this painful tension on which I have in the area between the shoulder blades (and which strangely has been accentuated in recent days) is starting to make sense 😁. I can say that it is a process that is not necessarily pleasant but rather intense and liberating at the same time
Boundless gratitude
Alina S.
Hello Celeste,
your message, your reading … they came to me in a miraculous and truly healing way.
At least that's how I feel now. It is difficult for me to find the words to convey the effects of the energy transmitted by you …. the support behind your words and transmission. It's pure magic.
I don't think I can detail here and now but I can say that I had the feeling that you see through me … that you talk to me as if you know every moment lived by me, from a young age until now.
Dorina Ulnea.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this reading. You've made the interpretation so clear and I am grateful.
Many aspects of my current experience are now clearer to me and I am convinced that in time I will understand and assimilate all the information received.
I wish you a lot of peace, inspiration and the power to help and guide as many people as possible through your wonderful gifts!
Stefania B.
What I received through this Tarot reading far exceeded my expectations and curiosity ….
I want to congratulate you and express my gratitude for what you give us!
It is truly magical, you are an example to me of Incarnate Gifts (so you can ☺️)!
Yes, I find myself in everything that has been offered to me as a message.
It brought back many memories and recognitions to my attention.
Mihaela M.
Thank you Celeste for the intuition and the gentleness with witch you touch my essence. All that you have created is and will be a perpetual treasure that I will continue, from time to time, to approach with humility and gratitude. I hug you dearly!
Anca G.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading named Relationship Mirror, it is very complex and detailed! I feel very at peace when I talk to you. It's something really special. I feel like I already know you. Thank you very much for the help you gave me in order to clarify my meaning in life. Hugs !
Ecaterina B.
I read and resonated maximally with what you wrote there. There have been alignments of bodies emotionally, mentally and so on. with the physical so that now when I write to you I actually feel that my energies are moving everywhere and entering new forms. I read it a few hours ago for the third time and only when I took it out to the printer did the click occur. Now I'm starting to clear up. As if reading, I could see the movements of your hands during the presentation of tarot cards …. 😀.
Don't be upset, but you were there and you were giving me a presentation in all the power of the word. Thanks for everything you are!
Cristina T.
Your reading is close to my deep feelings and intuition about the job and myself. I am stunned that you were so tuned in. My first response is that I want to cry. Tears of relief at being seen and understood. And tears of sadness for all the times I haven’t been. Thank you so much.
I’ve had readings from psychics that were not as on target as you were with this reading. You were so aligned with what the cards were telling you that it was stunning. Then translating the cards in such a way that I could hear what they had to say was just amazing.
Diane H.
Thank you Celeste for taking the time to give me a reading.
I can relate totally to everything you have said. It seems very accurate and current.
All of the issues you have raised are what is going on for me at the moment.
Thank you I really enjoyed my reading and can really relate to it.
Kindest regards
Hayley R.
I am just in awe with your reading and how detailed and amazing it is! You are a truly gifted reader and I am amazed and in love with the amount of detail you included in the reading. There really isn’t anything you missed!
Overall I left this reading feeling like I have more clarity on my situation with this job and that I need to push through this difficult time of change. You have given me tools to have more confidence and to be grateful for my life and what I currently have in it..
Kyra D.
Thank you so much for the fantastic reading! It was so much more than what I was expecting. The delivery style was really good and I totally resonated with the reading.
Rohini G.
Thank you for this wonderful reading, I did not get to read it fully but got half way through and it is impressive hitting the nail on the head in many areas.
Annelies H.
Dear Celeste,
Thank you very much for everything !!!!
Everything had an extraordinary emotional charge! It's like I saw myself there, in your visions. At least with the second vision I found myself 100%. I admit they brought tears to my eyes. I felt some "pain" in my stomach, but also a warmth, rather a desire. Not to mention the vibrations I feel in my body, especially my hands and head, in addition to my belly.Thank you again!
I love you, beautiful Soul !
Cora N.
As I received your message, I was very excited. I listened to it three times in a row, just then, immediately. I never got tired of listening to you describe to me the most hidden feelings I have always had within. I rejoiced as a loved and recognized child.
The next morning, I had a revelation. In fact, the whole day was a continuous revelation, a series of new insights.
Thank you. It's so comforting to have someone talk to you as if a part of you that understands your whole being !!!
Daniela H.
I was impressed with the reading I was given. It helped me to understand aspects of finesse, detail of the situation I am going through and I received useful advice for the future. I feel calmer now and I know what needs to be done to fulfill my wishes. Thanks, Celeste! Thank you very much!
Claudiu N.
I am grateful for the reading made by Celeste, with a lot of professionalism, gentleness and inspiration. I highly recommend. Thank you, dear Celeste, for the insights and all the revealed aspects.
Iuliana M.

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