The Chariot - the guiding Archetype of year 2023

This year’s guiding force is The Mighty Chariot. This very powerful archetype may rock us out of our comforts this year, bringing most necessary actions to take. The numbers do not particularly inspire me this year and this tells me

The Lovers - the guiding Archetype of year 2022

We start to move our collective from the Hierophant Archetype to the Lovers Archetype. The Lovers matches extraordinary with the year numbers, as it is the only Archetype in the plural and the year 2022 has only the number 2

The Hanged Man - The energy trend of the year 2019

Discover what the year 2019 has in store for you. The Hanged Man is the example of authenticity, the acceptance of divinity within and the crazy courage to stand in your uniqueness and your own beauty.
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