The Chariot - the guiding Archetype of year 2023

This year’s guiding force is The Mighty Chariot. This very powerful archetype may rock us out of our comforts this year, bringing most necessary actions to take. The numbers do not particularly inspire me this year and this tells me […]

The Lovers - the guiding Archetype of year 2022

We start to move our collective from the Hierophant Archetype to the Lovers Archetype. The Lovers matches extraordinary with the year numbers, as it is the only Archetype in the plural and the year 2022 has only the number 2

The shadow of credulity

In this article I am discussing about credulity which is not really naivety, although in some cases it may resemble. Naivety may also be associated with a child's innocence or with wishful thinking, but credulity paints the picture of blind

Respecting Our Own Time and Rhythm

Today's speed, the dizzying noise and pace we are subjected to always makes us hurry, run or torture ourselves with "come on !!" There are people who are built to do things out of a state of agitation and apparent

The power to say No from authenticity

How many times have you said yes when you actually felt no? How many times have you accepted something inside you that you didn't agree with? As an adult you can choose not to say the things you don't want,

The shadow of lack of self-worth

Lack of self-worth is a painful shadow which maintains the economic methods and strategies and the use of money and goods. It can be difficult to understand how something as invisible as a belief can affect us in a profound


In this article I will discuss the concepts of immunity from different points of view. Some things may be harder to understand. Please take your time and if you feel annoyed or angry remember that you may have a different

Timeline fusion

A magical being asked me what the timelines mean, how they can be understood, and what happens when several of them meet. Although it is difficult to explain in words what a timeline means, these expressions are useful to have
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