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Looking back on the year 2021 - Lessons and Challenges

Approaching the end of the year we start to look back at what we have achieved and at what has happened in the last year. It has been a rocky year, with many struggles and changes. It has tested our beliefs and the way we understand each-other to the max. We have been pushed to ask many questions and the kind of questions that change …

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The shadow of credulity

In this article I am discussing about credulity which is not really naivety, although in some cases it may resemble. Naivety may also be associated with a child's innocence or with wishful thinking, but credulity paints the picture of blind or unfounded belief that can reach a point of pathological behavior. Credulity is associated with credibility as someone who blindly believes something to be true …

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Speaking with Gaia about Master-Slave dynamic

This is a sharing of a conversation that took place during a state of meditation and is a perspective from the infinite faces of the universe. For me, all perspectives are valuable and complete the vision of who we are, each in their own unique way. This conversation did not have many words, I then unpacked the details, and some explanations are added to provide …

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The shadow of lack of self-worth

Lack of self-worth is a painful shadow which maintains the economic methods and strategies and the use of money and goods. It can be difficult to understand how something as invisible as a belief can affect us in a profound way, but our spectrum of sight and experience is within our limits of belief. Devaluation is also expressed by devaluing the importance of our beliefs, …

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In this article I will discuss the concepts of immunity from different points of view. Some things may be harder to understand. Please take your time and if you feel annoyed or angry remember that you may have a different point of view from which you may make other assumptions than me. Immunity as a concept What does immunity mean? What do we mean and …

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Timeline fusion

A magical being asked me what the timelines mean, how they can be understood, and what happens when several of them meet. Although it is difficult to explain in words what a timeline means, these expressions are useful to have a starting point and to connect our minds to other possibilities of understanding and experience. This concept of timelines can be viewed from countless points …

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The Hierophant - the guiding energy of the year 2021

This year began with a great silence, a silence in front of an inner storm with dramatic changes. Every human has witnessed the strong shaking of the inner systems that began last year, and this year began with a feeling of a very thermally and mentally unstable energy. Each psyche will be moved from its place this year, put in awkward situations, in order to …

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