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Get the general timing of a goal and what you can do to make it happen.

Manifestation is an important subject, as we continue to develop our skills to affect our environment in a beneficial way. This Tarot reading helps us understand the length of time it takes to manifest something into our lives, and shows us what we can control or not.

I see Time as flowing rivers. Because of this, multiple paths may be possible at one moment, but the number of those paths are usually limited and only one will end up being chosen. Some paths are more powerful and stable in their flow and others are more subtle, so it also depends on our previous choices and on the power of our will and determination, as well as destiny or hazard. If there is resistance and blocks, they will be analyzed and exposed. 

Knowing where you are now in your manifestation process and where you are going in its evolution, can be a real help in order to re-orientate and adapt you path towards your goals. This revelation helps you get closer to the path that is most suited for you and provides guidance forward. Knowing what you can control and what you cannot, helps you focus your energies in the most efficient direction.


This reading structure comprises 8 aspects as follows:

  1. Atmosphere. Current context of the situation and influences.
  2. General Timing. A sense of the process and its time flow
  3. Time Prediction. A probable time of manifestation
  4. Control. Where you can do something to make this happen
  5. Out of Control. Where you cannot do anything
  6. Prerequisites. What needs to happen before this ?
  7. Resources. How support is present
  8. Advice concerning this situation (Next steps, analysis of blocks etc.)


Whenever you have a desire to accomplish, a plan to put into motion, a project to manifest or confusion about projects and desires, this reading will help you orientate and stabilize on your path. Verification of what is going on in your process will increase awareness over what is currently happening and support beneficial actions.

If you are actively and consciously creating your life, this reading will help you keep on track, verify your progress and help you move through challenges. In this case, you can repeatedly use this reading to help you align with the flow of creation and bring your projects to life. As an example, you can use this reading every 3 or 6 months or faster, depending on the development of your projects & desires.

The projects or desires you can use this reading for are practically unlimited. You can use this for love or career, personal development goals, family goals or any type of goals. Although goals like "confidence", "self-love", "stability" are unusual, they can be used with this reading.

Using this reading repeatedly, to help you with a goal, will give you motivation to continue your path forward, to resolve challenges or accept changes that will increase overall equilibrium.

1 review for Manifestation Time Prediction ClairVision Tarot Reading

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    Bogdan M. (verified owner)

    I have tried several so called readers until finding Celeste. I am happy to have now access to helpful and accurate predictions. She is also so good at explaining how time works that I have learnt so much from her. Many thanks!

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My Style

My primary focus is on providing clarity, guidance and revelation. I help people guide themselves on their soul path, so that they fulfill their purpose as a divine being. I support people to deeply see & understand themselves so they can become free from inner struggles and blockages, in order to achieve a state of harmony, flux, ease of being and fulfillment.

I offer readings guided by clairvision, claircognisance & empathy, the Akashic Records and Tarot Consciousness Archive. I use the Tarot and Oracle cards in the specific way of a clairvoyant rather than a reader, as a doorway to the collective wisdom archive of this realm. The information flows through the connection I create with the soul of the one I see and read for.

A reading usually contains:

insights and visions (clairvision & claircognition)
new perspectives & revelations, self-understanding
clarification of feelings and energies
beneficial actions and guidance on your path

A reading may also contain, depending on the subject and case:

complex guiding visions
precise Akashic Records data
exercises and questions for contemplation
direct messages from soul or guides, only if they pop up naturally
symbolic or precision drawings representing information about the subject
What Exactly Do You Get?
Initial discussion to establish the topic, required data and structure of the reading
The Reading, audio recorded or text (in certain cases), detailing received messages
PDF document with intro, photos of Tarot and Oracle cards
The Integration Guide to help you understand your experience
Workbook to help you integrate your message
Clarifying answers via email if you need help with integration and some very simple questions
How Do We Set Up The Details ?

After you purchase the reading, you will receive an email with the needed initial data. Depending on the reading, different initial data will be required. For all readings, I will need the essential short version about the situation you would like guidance on and the basic questions you may have. All other details will be settled by email.

Please keep an eye out for this email, because only if I have this data I can start working on your reading.

Don't Know What You Need ?

If you cannot find something to suit you or you cannot figure out what would be appropriate in your case, please write me through the Contact Form. We will discuss what you need and I will guide you to choose the appropriate reading, as well as dispel any fears or doubts you may have.

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