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Email Assistance during a Subscription Plan or Overview and Support in your own journey

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This assistance is made to provide email support while you have a Monthly Guidance Subscription, but it can also be used without it.

This is for you if you desire to go deeply into understanding your experiences and the readings and signs your receive. If you want to better integrate and find practical applications faster for your readings then this will provide help.

It is also for you if you desire assistance & support with your own development & growth cycle. This type of assistance offers an overview, discipline, order and guidance and makes your process easier and more productive. You benefit from monthly simple exercises/journal prompts/messages to guide you in your inner exploration and help you develop your inner knowledge and innate abilities.


with Monthly Guidance Subscription:

  • Answers to the questions or to the aspects that are still unclear to you, after each monthly reading
  • The first practical step to take toward integrating the information received, after each monthly reading
  • Further help to fill your Workbook
  • Homework - A simple exercise, after each monthly reading
  • Motivation & Decision Support

on its own, not linked to any other subscription:

  • Simple messages or answers to questions you may have about your self exploration, each month
  • Homework - Journal Prompts to contemplate on or a simple exercise, each month
  • Motivation & Decision Support


After a reading you may still have some question that are new, inspired by the reading, or you may have some things that need clarification. The answers will be sent directly through email.

If this is not linked to a reading subscription, then you can ask questions to help you with your self exploration practice or your abilities. This product does not contain readings, although sometimes I may use cards to answer some questions.

The answers to questions are given within reason and in consideration and respect of my time and their complexity. If there are questions that I will not be able to answer simply and directly, I will tell you and give you indications about how that can be answered.

The First Steps

This is only provided if this subscription is linked to a Monthly Guidance Subscription.

Inspired by the monthly reading I will be providing guidance on your priorities and your first step.

I will point out the main direction, focus and your first step so you can start to integrate and easily apply the reading guidance. This will encourage you to start moving in the direction of positive change. If a second step is needed for clarification, I will mention that too.


After each Monthly Reading, you can choose to also receive a short exercise as homework. It may include one or two simple exercise like meditations, affirmations, physical or spiritual experiences, rituals or simple magickal actions.

This will be provided if you are the kind of person who desires this type of support and you desire more/different exercises than a reading can provide by working with it on your own. Sometimes, if we have difficult questions or states, this will not be provided, in order for you to concentrate on the current issue.

If you do not have a reading subscription, you can still opt to receive homework to support your inner exploration.

Motivation & Decision Support

Besides all of the above we all need motivation so I will be your cheerleader, helping you maintain focus and direction. This Subscription gives you access to my help as a mentor in your own personal process, bringing a kind touch and firm guidance in an orderly fashion.


If you happen not to need first steps, clarification on questions or homework, in a certain month or all, then we can do something else.

  • answer targeted simple questions to provide further detail on your monthly reading
  • answers on a certain topic or concept that is bothering you
  • get monthly short messages for motivation or guidance or to support you when you go through difficulties or to inspire you

Don't worry, we are going to find a way for you to profit from this type of support.

Pay Monthly

If you would like to pay monthly, please use the buttons below. By using the buttons, you will activate an automatic payment cycle, which will take the mentioned amount, every month, on the same day. You can cancel anytime, meaning you will also stop this subscription.

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