Transformational Journey Subscription

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Receive Psychic Guidance every month. Choose from 3 to 6 Month Plans with different reading types

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This subscription gives you access to a transformation journey offering monthly guidance. This creates a system of support and empowerment that can powerfully push you forward in life, providing loving clarity, motivation, support, understanding and direction.

You can use this subscription to create powerful transformational journeys which reconnect your body, mind, spirit and soul through deep insight into who you are and how you function.

This subscriptions handles only one topic/one domain per reading or general readings.


  • initial email discussion to understand your need from this subscription and to set up a goal, target or plan
  • 30-45-60 min. of guidance per month, depending on the choice of subscription
  • a Subscription Specific Workbook to help you integrate your monthly readings, create order and advance rapid understanding
  • 22 Audio Guidance files that will accompany your journey with the Workbook
  • 10 % discount for Subscription Assistance & Support or the Essential Assistance products, while you have the subscription
  • Motivation, Order, Direction & Guidance

Initial Discussion

I usually recommend we set an initial purpose or a target for the subscription. This will be an aspect/domain in your life in which you need guidance the most and then we create a reading structure that will provide support throughout the period of the subscription. We may use the same structure of the reading or a very similar one.

Having a plan and a target makes this subscription really useful and supportive. This will help us be able to see changes, evolution and differences from one month to the other.

At the end of this discussion we will have stabilized a plan to follow throughout the time of your subscription. This will include direction, topic to analyze or provide support for, the time to receive the reading, the type of communication you need or prefer throughout the subscription.

Monthly Guidance

Every month you will get a Vision Tarot Reading, according to the plan we set in the initial discussion. If you have things that are unclear I will clarify by email. If you have questions and are simple then I can also respond by email. If the questions are more complex, then you have the opportunity to use the Essential Assistance bundle.

Ideas for guidance :

  • Spiritual support by a monthly message from your divine team
  • Healing support through a monthly message about how/what to heal, shadow work or analysis of the past
  • Connection to Self support through monthly guidance on how to better connect with your body, mind, spirit & soul
  • Balance Support through monthly guidance about how to balance yin-yang energies
  • Emotional Stability support through monthly guidance about how to release emotional blockages or improve your emotional competence and understanding
  • Mental Stability support through monthly guidance about how to clarify and order things in your life and set priorities
  • Psychic Development & Gifts support through monthly guidance about accepting your gifts and developing them
  • Divine Path support through monthly guidance about how to remain true to your path and how to orientate, understand where you are and how to continue forward
  • Relationship Support through monthly guidance about how to better understand your relationships and how to improve communication and connection
  • Career & Direction support through monthly guidance about how to realize your career goals, how to understand what is going on with your direction and how to move forward and create positive change
  • Manifestation support through monthly guidance about how to manifest your goals, how to maintain determination and stability, how to move through obstacles

Workbook & Audio Guidance

This workbook is made to accompany your entire journey. It is not the same as the one you get with any reading, this is specific for Transformational Journeys. It is filled with journal prompts and aspects to contemplate, so you get to better integrate and extract useful information from the Monthly Readings. It is more then help for reading integration, it is a companion through your entire journey.

I always say that after the reading my work stops and yours begins. Most people will integrate a self-development reading in a few months and some will get to 6 months to a year. This greatly depends on the topic and domain of the reading. I am very keen on helping you with integration since this is how you best profit from the guidance you will get.

The Workbook starts before the first reading and ends after the last one, providing an accompanying guide through your whole journey. The Audio Guidance is a gift of joy and courage. I know how important it is to feel supported and encouraged through your spiritual journey, so this is why I recorded this guidance.

Each section in the workbook is connected to an Audio Guidance file. This way, you will have something to listen to before each section. All of them contain encouragement, support, better explanations on what to do and why, short meditations and relaxing exercises. You will have a kind and loving voice to accompany you on your way :).

Besides the Audio Recordings, which are connected to the Workbook, you will also have additional support for difficult times or for readings. For example you will have an audio guidance for the time you feel confused, another one for when you feel unmotivated and another one for when you are shocked.

To help get yourself into the right mood to listen to a reading, you will also receive a Before Reading Audio Guidance and an After Reading Audio Guidance.

Discount for Assistance Bundle

This discount is to facilitate your guidance and understanding throughout the subscription. If you are set on integrating and applying the messages, then this will help you put things into practice and create a powerful influx of energy and support for change and transformation.

Motivation, Order, Direction & Guidance

When we put our mind and intention towards something, and we get support and guidance, we can achieve things we desire much faster. Motivation will help you maintain your focus and keep your priorities in mind, while giving you empowerment to trust yourself and your decisions. Order provided by the readings, help you better understand what you are doing and how. Direction and Guidance, help you remain stable and feeling loved and supported throughout your month.


The advantages are many but I am going to point the obvious ones :

  • lower prices for readings, 7% off for 3 Months and 9% for 6 Months Subscriptions. You save from 15 to 78 EUR.
  • Supportive Guidance for your integration through the Workbook & Audio Guidance
  • Special Audio Guidance for difficult moments and Before & After Reading Guidance, that you can use for a long time in all kind of situations
  • We can make a plan and see progress from one reading to the next
  • Discounted Assistance, if you need further help
  • Developing and Enriching the connection with your soul & spirit and your divine path
  • Learning to know yourself and starting to develop a better relationship with who you really are

Pay Monthly

If you would like to pay monthly, please use the links below. By using the links, you will activate an automatic payment cycle, which will take the mentioned amount, every month, on the same day. The subscriptions add 1 euros to the amounts payed, to cover some of the paypal taxes. You can cancel anytime, meaning you will also stop this subscription.

3- Month Subscriptions

30min.  at 73EUR per month

45min. at 104EUR per month

60min. at 135EUR per month

6-Month Subscriptions

30min.  at 71EUR per month

45min. at 102EUR per month

60min. at 132EUR per month


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