in Depth Guiding Vision

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in Depth Visions about exploring a subject

This is a reading that may comprise a long vision or several visions that help you understand your current situation or subject to explore. This reading does not contain Tarot cards but it may Contain Oracle cards, as a way to end the reading with a small message. If the reading is offered in audio format, then this may be up to 25 min long.

The visions can be straight to the point, concise and simple or more detailed and with deep meanings that develop with time. Take the necessary time to understand and integrate.

Any vision is unique for that moment and subject and may hold information that is related to other subjects as well. I will do my best to explain in the moment, but more insights may arrive to you in time.

Visions come by connection with your soul energy and are symbolic at their foundation. Some visions may present current lifetime memories, past or future life events, past life memories, if they are relevant to the situation analyzed. I will explain all visions in a symbolic way and if also mention if some vision appears to be a past life memory or something else.

With this reading I am concentrating on the visions received and will present their message in detail. If I receive several visions they may succeed in a linear fashion or connect in a certain way that I will explain.

With this reading I can also ask very concise information that come from the Akashic Records, like if there are any contracts between souls or if there is a debt to be payed or some karmic entanglement. This will be to the point and not explained in details, but the correlation with the visions will make the information useful to the subject in question. You do not have to know this or ask for it, I will mention the information I believe will be useful in your situation. This info may also appear naturally through the visions.


After you purchase the reading you will receive an email with the needed initial data. I will usually need your Birth Date, Basic Personal Info like marital status, children and career domain. Besides this I will need the essential short version about the situation you would like guidance on and the questions you may have or need answers for .

Please keep an eye out for this email, because only if I have this data I can start working on your reading.


Check out the other readings in the shop, there are also personalized readings.  If you cannot find something to suit you or you cannot figure out what would be appropriate for your case, please write to me through the Contact Form. We will discuss what you need and I will guide you to choose the appropriate reading or I will create a personalized structure for you.


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