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A 15 min Vision Tarot personalized reading focused on the simple main aspects.

This reading provides guidance focused on a SINGLE question / topic in ONE area of life. You can use this reading to answer questions in any area of ​​your life: relationships,career,spirituality, self-care etc.. The duration of this reading depends on the subject and the information coming through, but it will usually have around 15 minutes, more or less depending on subject analyzed. The aspects explored of the question/topic may be from 1 to 2.

Examples of questions:

  • What action is beneficial to take at this time in relation to my health and what is blocking me ?
  • What action is it beneficial to take at this time in connection with my career ?
  • What holds me back in my family & love life ?
  • What emotional block does not allow me to express myself in relation to others with confidence ?
  • How can I free myself from the fear of approaching others /speaking in public ?
  • What is my current shadow and advice to get over it ?
  • What is the current process I am going through ?
  • Simple advice about x and y, where x and y are two connected subjects or subjects we desire to compare


If you are interested only in a simple timing question, please use the Time Prediction ClairVision Reading.

14 reviews for Focus Personalized Vision Tarot Reading

  1. English

    Mihaela Nechifor (verified owner)

    The experience of a tarot reading with Celeste is different, was something new, different for me...I was at a point in my life, where everyone around me was urging me to make a decision, which I didn't want it... and I wondered where I am, who cares about what I feel and what I want... now I know that I must set my intentions clearly and concisely, and the universe will work with me to fulfill my wishes ...I trust myself that I will succeed... A special experience....Thank you

  2. English

    Corina Chelaru (verified owner)

    A highly accurate reading, with a close connection to the person's energy. The visions are presented in detail and clearly, being of great use in identifying blockages and problems to be solved. Also to be appreciated is the wonderful way of communication and the feedback to the messages. Thank you with gratitude and I warmly recommend!

  3. English

    Iuliana Dascălu (verified owner)

    I am grateful for the reading done by Celeste, with a lot of professionalism, gentleness and inspiration. I highly recommend. Thank you, dear Celeste, for the insights and the revealed aspects.

  4. English

    Stefania Ionescu (verified owner)

    Many thanks for the reading and the very explicit guidance that was offered to me. Many aspects of my current experience are now clearer to me and I am convinced that in time I will understand and assimilate all the information received. Celeste is a special being, whom the Universe chose to bring light and clarity to the lives of those who seek answers and guidance. I recommend it with all my love!

  5. English

    Claudiu O. (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the reading that was given to me. It helped me a lot to understand subtle, detailed aspects of the situation I'm going through and I received useful advice for the future. I feel calmer now and know what needs to be done to fulfill my desire. Thank you, Celeste! Thank you very much!

  6. English

    Anca Dulcinatu (verified owner)

    I wish you a lot of strength to be able to offer such gifts to other souls as you have offered to me. I thank you with all my love, dear magical being!

  7. English

    Diana M (verified owner)

    A reading full of sensitivity, clarity and depth. An invaluable gift that put me face to face showing me familiar aspects, but less taken into account. It helped me to mirror myself and realize who I really am in the depths of my soul and what is most important to me in life. Thanks, Celeste!

  8. English

    Cristina-Daniela Herghelegiu (verified owner)

    Hi, Celeste. Thank you for everything. When I received your message, I was very emotional. I listened to it three times in a row, right then, right away. I never got tired of listening to you describe the most hidden feelings that I carry with me as if forever. I was happy like a loved and recognized child. The next morning, I had a revelation. In fact, the whole day was a continuous revelation, a series of new understandings.  And then I remembered what you told me, the protection I put on myself. New agreements began to flow. Thank you. It's so comforting to have someone talk to you as if talking to a part of you that understands the whole of you!!!

  9. English

    Nicole B. (verified owner)

    Dear Celeste, first of all I was amazed by the clarity of your vision when you connected with my soul! What you saw is as true as can be ... I suspected that the source of my problem was exactly what you saw, now I had the confirmation. Then the cards you drew and then interpreted brought me clarification and helped me understand the connection with the problem you were reading for. I did not want to accept things were like this, but now the light has come and I manage to look at it and accept. Also, through you I was reminded that over time I received the "keys" needed to unlock my problems, but I had
    forgotten about. Now I have started to use them again and, moreover, my soul has brought me other keys, and their use in daily life changes me a little, with small but safe steps, for the better. I am happy to see improvements in my health problem, but also in my emotional and mental state. There is more peace, acceptance and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have not only a gift, but even a grace to connect to the Truth!

  10. English

    Alina I. (verified owner)

    I found this reading very helpful, thank you very much! Certain things known but which I hid from myself were confirmed and certain things not understood were revealed. It was like a wake-up call. I found it very helpful to get concrete advice on what I could do. Very important.

  11. English

    Claudia Mirică (verified owner)

    An exceptional, compassionate and empathetic being. The reading resonated with me 100%. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time allocated to me. Loving Hugs 💗

  12. English

    Anka C. (verified owner)

    Wow, I am speechless... It moved me deeply and thoroughly, while listening. Thank you Celeste!

  13. English

    Sabina P. (verified owner)

    Speechless! You have the gift of "shaking" the mind out of itself. Thank you very much!

  14. English

    Marilena B (verified owner)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I resonate with what you communicated, I found them to be part of my process and I thank you for the guidance you provided that strengthened aspects that I sensed. Now I can see with a lot more clarity and depth into my process. I feel like listening to the recording again and again and digesting it slowly. Thank you. Hugs

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My Style

My primary focus is on providing clarity, guidance and revelation. I love to help people deeply see themselves and create a connection between soul-spirit-mind-body through becoming honest and intimate with self. I support people in their endeavor to improve themselves and their lives in order to evolve and reach their potential.

I offer Tarot readings guided by visions, empathy and informed by the Akashic Records, along with clairvoyant readings and drawings. The visions received can be simple and to the point or complex and layered upon several depths of information and divine guidance that develop and reveal themselves over time.

A reading usually contains:

insights and visions
analysis of cards and their direct or indirect messages
exploration of feelings and energies
analysis of functionality and correlations

A reading may also contain, depending on the subject and case:

complex guiding visions
Akashic Records data
exercises and questions for contemplation
direct messages from soul or guides, only if they pop up naturally
symbolic or simplistic drawings representing information about the subject
What Exactly Do You Get?
Initial discussion to establish the topic, required data and structure of the reading
The Reading, audio recorded or text (in certain cases), detailing received messages
PDF document with intro, photos of Tarot and Oracle cards, integration explanations
Workbook to help you integrate your message
Clarifying answers via email if you need help with integration and some very simple questions
How Do We Set Up The Details ?

After you purchase the reading, you will receive an email with the needed initial data. Depending on the reading, different initial data will be required. For all readings, I will need the essential short version about the situation you would like guidance on and the questions you may have or need answers for. All other details will be settled by email.

Please keep an eye out for this email, because only if I have this data I can start working on your reading.

Don't Know What You Need ?

If you cannot find something to suit you or you cannot figure out what would be appropriate in your case, please write me through the Contact Form. We will discuss what you need and I will guide you to choose the appropriate reading or I will create a personalized structure for you.

Level Of Detail & Time

The personalized readings are organized using level of detail and maximum time spent. You will find readings that explore only ONE subject and its details, and readings that can include TWO-THREE connected subjects in different areas of life.

Area -» Love Life, Family Life, Friendships, Career, Manifestation, Spirituality... etc.

Topic/Subject -»  different topics to pursue in the same domain like 2 people or questions


General readings may be included in the ONE TOPIC readings, and they will include general visions and not visions received for each aspect or subject of that reading. When I say general readings you can think about monthly guidance that is focused on seeing the energies in different areas of life -» "My experience in the month of June, in my Career & Love Life". General readings make an overview and that overview is the actual topic.


These include readings on specific subjects and one area of life. If we are analyzing people then 1 person = 1 topic. If you desire to analyze multiple persons, even in a general way, you need to choose the intricate ones, as I will need to connect with each person.

  • Focus. This is the first level of detail and it will satisfy one simple question in one area of life that can be answered with a small amount of detail, a maximum of 2 aspects, the use of comparison or questions that can be answered within 15 minutes.
  • Detailed. This is the second level of detail and it will satisfy most usual questions that can be answered with some basic detail, the use of comparison and correlation, levels and dimensions. This will usually take around 30 minutes.
  • inDepth. This is the third level of detail and it will satisfy most requests for a clear answer to a situation. With this reading we are analyzing situations, self-care issues, challenges, problems, shadows by looking at different aspects. This can take approx. 45 minutes, if recorded in audio format.
  • Elaborate. This is the fourth level of detail and it will satisfy most situations with multiple perspectives and aspects or will offer the time to go really in depth with as specific topic. This can take approx. 60 minutes, if recorded in audio format.


Intricate. This is the last level of detail and will satisfy complex situations or correlated & connected situations.

This type of reading has added complexity behind the scenes, like for example different people to analyze or different subtopics of the same main topic. This will require more time from me to change focus or call upon visions, time that is invisible for you, not recorded as voice or text.

Discover and read more about Intricate Vision Tarot Personalized Readings.

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