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Empower yourself to put the guidance you’ve already received into practice


This assistance is made to support you in better integrating any reading you have previously purchased. Some readings are complex and need more time and assistance than others. This bundle is here to provide that much needed assistance.

This is for you if you have questions arising after a reading, if you desire to have a practical plan to follow and if you are in need of support to put things into practice right away. I will focus on helping you get clear on what steps to take and how to start taking action.


  • Answers to the questions or to the aspects that are still unclear to you
  • The first practical steps to take toward integrating the information received
  • An e-mail follow-up 1 month later, to see what progress you have made and if you need further clarifications
  • A 7EUR discount for a Follow-Up 30 min. Vision Tarot Reading


After a reading you may still have some question that are new, inspired by the reading, or you may have some things that need clarification. With the help of this Assistance bundle you will receive answers to the questions you have and clarity for the aspects that need to be clarified.

The answers will be sent directly through email in the form of text or a recorded voice message, depending on what I feel the need is in the moment.

The First Steps

Inspired by the reading I will be providing guidance on your priorities and your first 1-2 steps. These will be very simple and to the point steps.

I will point out the main direction, focus and your first step so you can start to integrate and easily apply the reading guidance. This will encourage you to start moving in the direction of positive change. If a second step is needed for clarification, I will mention that too.

The steps may include if necessary, depending on the subject and also the reading, one simple exercise like meditations, affirmations, physical or spiritual experiences, rituals or simple magickal actions.

Follow-Up Email

After one month I will send you a follow-up email and check up on your progress and if you still have some questions. I will help you maintain your focus or clarify what you need to do to move further.

Follow-Up Reading

You will also receive a 7EUR discount for another 30min. Vision Tarot Reading. You can use this to receive more guidance on how to implement the steps given previously, to get clarity on the plan or to clarify obstacles that you may encounter on your way.

This reading can also be used to provide you with further guidance after the first reading, to help you maintain progress or to check up on your evolution. With this you will be able to have support in better applying the guidance in your life and create an impulse of change that can drive you forward.

You may use this discount to get the Follow-Up reading in the 3 Months following the purchase of this product.


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