Elaborate Personalized Vision Tarot Reading

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A 60 min Vision Tarot personalized reading to explore one topic in an elaborate way

This reading can bring an elaborate perspective on a single situation, seeing how things are connected in many ways. This reading explores only ONE main topic, in ONE area of life, from different perspectives. In audio/video format this reading may be approx. 60 Min. If you would like to analyze different domains of life like career/relationships please choose the Intricate Personalized Reading.

The number of main and secondary aspects, explored in the reading, will be chosen according to the complexity of the situation and the time required for each of them. The number of aspects may not matter sometimes as for some readings like self-care, self-understanding I will not need many aspects but the depth of analysis or details will be elaborate. Sometimes I will just leave the aspects to reveal themselves as I read, and just let the cards flow and express.

This reading can serve general readings on multiple areas of life:

  • Guidance for the month ahead in spiritual life, family life and career
  • Guidance on how to approach the changes in my family life, material safety and career
  • The direction to take in career correlated with my spiritual evolution

4 reviews for Elaborate Personalized Vision Tarot Reading

  1. English

    Cindy Y. (verified owner)

    I must say I had my doubts but I feel happy to have purchased this reading from her. She has a specific way of doing this and I find it interesting and also very insightful. I appreciated her choice of aspects to see in the reading, her visions, the way she gets straight to the point of something and her emotional support. She is a gifted and skilled professional. Best Regards!

  2. English

    Elena Roșca (verified owner)

    This reading has been very intense for me. Lots of memories have been stirred to the surface and I have a lot to reflect upon. I did not think it would be so deep and so revealing. I need to say it felt uncomfortable. I removed a star because I think I need more support or guidance with how to proceed than what was given in the reading.

    • English

      Celeste Godwin

      Hi Elena and thank you for your courage to express. It is normal for some readings to be so intense and if you need more support please feel free to contact me directly. Let's find a way to support you on your journey 🙂

  3. English

    Siena Dobre (verified owner)

    I have received so much through this reading that I am amazed. I do not know how she can see so many details about what is going on in a situation. I will need some time to process and integrate what I received but I am happy with the profound guidance that I have access through her. Love!

  4. English

    Nicu Dina (verified owner)

    I found her through a referral and I'm so glad, because having access to her services feels like a huge plus. Now I can accelerate my own growth and find ways to improve myself. I find her help invaluable, a real gift for a better connection with my reality. She is usually very accurate but there are some things that I can only understand over time. It's a process! I removed a star because I think that sometimes she is rigid or too serious. This is an encouragement to trust more and lighten up ! Best Wishes and I can't wait for the next reading, says impatient me 🙂

    • English

      Celeste Godwin

      Hi Nicu and thank you so much for your encouragement! I am carefully considering your suggestion in order to improve over time. It's a process :)) See you next time !

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My Style

My primary focus is on providing clarity, guidance and revelation. I love to help people deeply see themselves and create a connection between soul-spirit-mind-body through becoming honest and intimate with self. I support people in their endeavor to improve themselves and their lives in order to evolve and reach their potential.

I offer Tarot readings guided by visions, empathy and informed by the Akashic Records, along with clairvoyant readings and drawings. The visions received can be simple and to the point or complex and layered upon several depths of information and divine guidance that develop and reveal themselves over time.

A reading usually contains:

insights and visions
analysis of cards and their direct or indirect messages
exploration of feelings and energies
analysis of functionality and correlations

A reading may also contain, depending on the subject and case:

complex guiding visions
Akashic Records data
exercises and questions for contemplation
direct messages from soul or guides, only if they pop up naturally
symbolic or simplistic drawings representing information about the subject
What Exactly Do You Get?
Initial discussion to establish the topic, required data and structure of the reading
The Reading, audio recorded or text (in certain cases), detailing received messages
PDF document with intro, photos of Tarot and Oracle cards, integration explanations
Workbook to help you integrate your message
Clarifying answers via email if you need help with integration and some very simple questions
How Do We Set Up The Details ?

After you purchase the reading, you will receive an email with the needed initial data. Depending on the reading, different initial data will be required. For all readings, I will need the essential short version about the situation you would like guidance on and the questions you may have or need answers for. All other details will be settled by email.

Please keep an eye out for this email, because only if I have this data I can start working on your reading.

Don't Know What You Need ?

If you cannot find something to suit you or you cannot figure out what would be appropriate in your case, please write me through the Contact Form. We will discuss what you need and I will guide you to choose the appropriate reading or I will create a personalized structure for you.

Level Of Detail & Time

The personalized readings are organized using level of detail and maximum time spent. You will find readings that explore only ONE subject and its details, and readings that can include TWO-THREE connected subjects in different areas of life.

Area -» Love Life, Family Life, Friendships, Career, Manifestation, Spirituality... etc.

Topic/Subject -»  different topics to pursue in the same domain like 2 people or questions


General readings may be included in the ONE TOPIC readings, and they will include general visions and not visions received for each aspect or subject of that reading. When I say general readings you can think about monthly guidance that is focused on seeing the energies in different areas of life -» "My experience in the month of June, in my Career & Love Life". General readings make an overview and that overview is the actual topic.


These include readings on specific subjects and one area of life. If we are analyzing people then 1 person = 1 topic. If you desire to analyze multiple persons, even in a general way, you need to choose the intricate ones, as I will need to connect with each person.

  • Focus. This is the first level of detail and it will satisfy one simple question in one area of life that can be answered with a small amount of detail, a maximum of 2 aspects, the use of comparison or questions that can be answered within 15 minutes.
  • Detailed. This is the second level of detail and it will satisfy most usual questions that can be answered with some basic detail, the use of comparison and correlation, levels and dimensions. This will usually take around 30 minutes.
  • inDepth. This is the third level of detail and it will satisfy most requests for a clear answer to a situation. With this reading we are analyzing situations, self-care issues, challenges, problems, shadows by looking at different aspects. This can take approx. 45 minutes, if recorded in audio format.
  • Elaborate. This is the fourth level of detail and it will satisfy most situations with multiple perspectives and aspects or will offer the time to go really in depth with as specific topic. This can take approx. 60 minutes, if recorded in audio format.


Intricate. This is the last level of detail and will satisfy complex situations or correlated & connected situations.

This type of reading has added complexity behind the scenes, like for example different people to analyze or different subtopics of the same main topic. This will require more time from me to change focus or call upon visions, time that is invisible for you, not recorded as voice or text.

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