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Orientation and clarity on your life path. Focus your energies in important directions

This reading is an analysis of your current life path in order to have an overview of where you are going and what you are facing. In times of confusion we need to clarify our direction and to grasp what our challenges are and how to be aligned with our soul path. Getting our bearings, knowing where we are and where we are going can bring a huge relief and support our overall equilibrium.

This reading can help us overcome a difficult challenge by focusing our energies on what is useful and important. It can also help us receive spiritual guidance and verify our evolution in time.With the help of this reading we get the bird's eye view, which gathers together the elements of our current path and shows us where we are, our current position and direction, offering guidance forward and stability.

This is a very good reading to repeat regularly, for example once every 6 months. After a few readings we start to have more understanding of our path and more confidence to go forward, thus we manage to orient ourselves better and better, learning more about our abilities and developing them. Our own inner guidance system may also be stimulated and enhanced through this experience. By repeating this reading, we can see how quickly we are moving or evolving on our path.


This reading structure comprises 10 aspects as follows:

  1. The past. Where you are coming from
  2. Present. Where you are now
  3. Challenge. Current challenges needing to be faced
  4. Lesson. Lessons to be explored at this time
  5. Gift. Gifts and resources to use now
  6. Important. What is important and needs more energy ?
  7. Not Important. What is not important ?
  8. Focus. Focus or Direction on your path
  9. Action. Action needed right now towards your direction
  10. Guidance. How to use all the above to stabilize yourself on your path


This type of guidance can be of help in difficult situations but also as a part of our personal developments rituals and self-care rituals. A typical use would be once every 6 months and a more advanced use is once per year. At the beginning of the journey or in cases of feeling lost, life challenges, or wanting to find our orientation, this reading can be used 3 or 4 times per year.

With repeated use, Tarot cards may repeat and visions will start to continue themselves, which provide an amazing way to guide ourselves and see how our evolution processes connect and continue. It is a magical experience which helps us better see our path and increase awareness of our evolution.

With time and repeated use, your own orientation systems will start learning and increase their sensibility. You own ability to focus and stabilize on your path will increase.

2 reviews for Path Focus & Orientation ClairVision Tarot Reading

  1. English

    Sorin Andu (verified owner)

    I appreciate this reading and the clarity it brought into my life. Deep & Accurate. Ethical & Professional. Thank you so much for your guidance!

  2. English

    Mădălina G. (verified owner)

    I have used this reading a couple of times per year and has been so helpful. The vision guided me at least half a year and the guidance has proven to be what I needed in terms of practical actions. I like the fact that the guidance is empowering and deep, supporting real problem solving. Having the same reading multiple times showed my own growth so clearly. Thank you so much!

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My Style

My primary focus is on providing clarity, guidance and revelation. I help people guide themselves on their soul path, so that they fulfill their purpose as a divine being. I support people to deeply see & understand themselves so they can become free from inner struggles and blockages, in order to achieve a state of harmony, flux, ease of being and fulfillment.

I offer readings guided by clairvision, claircognisance & empathy, the Akashic Records and Tarot Consciousness Archive. I use the Tarot and Oracle cards in the specific way of a clairvoyant rather than a reader, as a doorway to the collective wisdom archive of this realm. The information flows through the connection I create with the soul of the one I see and read for.

A reading usually contains:

insights and visions (clairvision & claircognition)
new perspectives & revelations, self-understanding
clarification of feelings and energies
beneficial actions and guidance on your path

A reading may also contain, depending on the subject and case:

complex guiding visions
precise Akashic Records data
exercises and questions for contemplation
direct messages from soul or guides, only if they pop up naturally
symbolic or precision drawings representing information about the subject
What Exactly Do You Get?
Initial discussion to establish the topic, required data and structure of the reading
The Reading, audio recorded or text (in certain cases), detailing received messages
PDF document with intro, photos of Tarot and Oracle cards
The Integration Guide to help you understand your experience
Workbook to help you integrate your message
Clarifying answers via email if you need help with integration and some very simple questions
How Do We Set Up The Details ?

After you purchase the reading, you will receive an email with the needed initial data. Depending on the reading, different initial data will be required. For all readings, I will need the essential short version about the situation you would like guidance on and the basic questions you may have. All other details will be settled by email.

Please keep an eye out for this email, because only if I have this data I can start working on your reading.

Don't Know What You Need ?

If you cannot find something to suit you or you cannot figure out what would be appropriate in your case, please write me through the Contact Form. We will discuss what you need and I will guide you to choose the appropriate reading, as well as dispel any fears or doubts you may have.

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