Alchemical Keys - Divine Elements

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A profound yin tool for inner transformation and emotional, mental and spiritual support.

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All keys in this series are connected to the 4 elements: fire, air, earth and water, some representing the purity of the element itself and some expressing combinations of them.

All Alchemical Key contain barely perceptible words, magical symbols, and works from the inside out, or from the depths to the surface. These symbols work within us with our consciousness and all the structures of our bodies, with the agreement of the soul and in alignment with our whole being.

Our brain and eyes see everything, even the elements hidden or barely perceived by us. In each magic drawing there are words that you can see easier or harder, depending on how they are placed and blended with the background. There can also be magical seals, mixed in the background, sacred geometry and well-known symbols.

All keys have a specific use. Choose each key in the drop down menu to see the key along with more specific details. The description below helps you figure out more use cases.

The Alchemical Key -» Fresh Air is useful to gain mental clarity, have more courage in decision and inspiration, find a job that aligns with you, amplify precision & mind openness, feel lightness, increase awareness of inner truth, focus effectively on your work.

The Alchemical Key -» Stable Earth is useful to cultivate mental stability, accept limitations and use them to your benefit, amplify communication with your physical body, increase sensitivity towards other people and their place in the world, amplify the acceptance of existence as it is, cultivate abundance, safety and comfort, open to self-care and sexual expression, cultivate simplicity, amplify rest, relaxation, regeneration and finding the right internal/external resources.

The Alchemical Key -» Divine Fire is useful to cultivate purposeful action, amplify joy and willpower, cultivate confidence and expansion, open to adventure and risk, improve verbal expression, activate passion and pleasure, dare to grow beyond your limitations, becoming stronger in saying yes to beneficial growth.

The Alchemical Key -» Deep Water is useful to get to know your own depths, stimulate liberation of illusion, cultivate love and connection, increase spiritual connections, gain dedication and devotion, discover intimacy, connect and heal your emotional body, amplify healing resources, increase trust & inner peace.

The Alchemical Key -» Clarity is useful to find emotional balance, cultivate peace and tranquility, let go of useless attachments, stimulate insight, cultivate contemplation and the state of transparency.

Alchemical Key

Key -» Stable Earth, Key -» Divine Fire, Key -» Deep Waters, Key -» Fresh Air, Key -» Clarity


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