Alchemical Key - Fresh Air

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Magical Symbol Drawing, a profound tool for inner transformation and emotional, mental and spiritual support.

This alchemical key is a gift to help and support those who desire mental clarity, action in decision making and effective planning.

It is the Air element that inspires us to make decisions, to research, to soar and develop, to learn by experience and to discriminate by resonance. Air is our desire to break things and situations down into small dimensions so that we can deal with them easily. It is the Air element that pushes us to work efficiently and be precise. This element connects us to our mental body, our mind and our desire to discover and learn.

Like any Alchemical Key, it contains barely perceptible words, magical symbols, and works from the inside out, or from the depths to the surface. These symbols work within us with our consciousness and all the structures of our bodies, in agreement with the soul and in alignment with our whole being.

Our brain and eyes see everything, even the elements hidden or barely perceived by us. In each magic drawing there are words that you can see easier or harder, depending on how they are placed and blended with the background. There can also be magical seals, mixed in the background, sacred geometry and well-known symbols, in this case the Sword and the triangle.

This drawing has 11 different words. The words are: Truth, Clarity, Tranquility, Precision, Listen, Perseverance, Devotion, Purity, Openness, Ascension, Innocence.

This Alchemical Key contains 6 magical seals - Discrimination, Competence, World Weave, Divine Transport, Collaboration, Weaver.


This key supports introspection, discernment, growth in maturity and understanding, as well as freedom of thought and access to truth.

It is useful for those who:

  • want to amplify their mental clarity
  • want to have more courage in their decisions and inspiration
  • want to find a job that aligns with them
  • want to amplify the precision but also the openness of the mind
  • want to amplify the listening state of the heart
  • they are in a hurry and need to take a break for fresh air
  • are pressed by responsibilities and limits and want to feel lightness
  • want to amplify awareness of inner truth
  • want to focus effectively on their work



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How Do I Use It ?

Each drawing comes with a user manual that explains in detail how to use this tool. In short, it works even if we just look at it when we open the phone, but it is much more effective if we make a habit of sitting quietly and looking at it for 1 to 5 minutes a day, paying attention to how we feel in our body and what goes through our minds. By carefully observing the drawing, we also carefully observe ourselves and how we react.

Every time you take a look, the vibration of all the elements inspires your whole being, stimulating you to vibrate in a new way. Resonating with what you want to cultivate, such as safety for example, gradually begins to uncover ways to bring that goal into reality. Resonating 1 minute a day with what you want to cultivate, looking at and connecting with a specific resonant part of the drawing, creates a practice of gradually embodying what you want to manifest in you or in your life.

How Does It Work?

Each key is a resonator created through focused intention and divine connection. By looking at the drawing, you connect with the part of the resonance you need and then the whole body begins to learn to copy and emanate that new resonance. Over time, the resonance amplifies and becomes easier and easier to maintain. Slowly, gradually, the whole being begins to embody the desired resonance, facilitating changes and upgrades on all levels.

These magical drawings are tools for fine-tuning all our structures, tools for the alchemy of being, working long-term with us and the situations in our lives to facilitate a shift in resonance or energy.

Every detail is chosen to create an impression/resonance in your structures, consistent with the main intention of the design. Colors create our inner emotional states, familiar words bring us security and focus, and unfamiliar symbols connect us to the unknown. Try not to associate them with anything known or other types of symbols, as they arise from the infinite ocean of knowledge and creation. While it may seem easy to immediately come up with ideas, it limits our perception and experience of the unknown. Just feel and let it be.

These symbols do not lodge or stay in your aura, they do not work with you forcefully. These symbols do not filter your energy through anything, you do not give your power away, but are created to support your connection to your inner power through re-remembering, re-connecting, resonance, inspiration and emotional state, facilitating inner alchemy.

All things in this world are symbols, from the clothes you wear to the words you use. Symbols are a natural language. They are alive and what they transmit changes depending on what you need at the moment.


The image format is the format now used by most phones with a large screen, such as the Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS. It can also be used on smaller screens, but the image will be slightly cut off in height. I usually leave space at the top, and this can be trimmed when you fit the image on the screen.

When placing the image on the screen, take care to include as much of it as possible, because it may have hidden or very difficult to see elements that need to be seen by your subconscious mind, even if you do not clearly perceive them. Use finger movements on the new touch-sensitive screens to change the zoom and position the image correctly.

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