Safety Measures for Collective Readings - Best & Worst Uses

Many people disregard safety out of many reasons, but knowing how to keep ourselves safe and protected comes with the maturation of the human psyche through experience and also through discovery and exploration. Safety is very important if we are trying to build discernment and also if we are trying to find truth or connect with what's real. Nowadays there is a trend in spiritual development to do stuff without understanding how or to just think some things are completely safe. This trend is helping the collective consciousness learn through experience but there is also another kind of learning, when we learn by discovery and guidance.

This is the first video in a series that will present the basic Safety Measures to take when watching or using Pick-A-Card/Collective or General/Group Readings. Through this series I will be helping you better understand the function of General readings and how they can help or hinder, in the hope of supporting you develop your discernment.

Safety is not suppose to restrain or suffocate, but be a grounding position from which we can grow in a harmonious way. By presenting these safety measures my intention is not to restrict but to help provide that much needed secure cushion and create a sacred growth space in which to properly develop. This safe ground is something that we lack many times, and without having our feet on the ground we may feel very distracted and very disoriented, unloved.

If you feel restricted or somehow in conflict about this, then please consider opening up to see things in another way. Ask that you be given and shown a helpful perspective. One is to consider how your home environment is supposed to protect and support you, and these safety measures can do the same for you.

I am not here to impose on who you are, but to propose new ideas and concepts to consider on your journey. Because of that I am inviting you to let the information sit with you, without being obliged to believe. Let your soul and your spirit guide you to the integration.

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