Safety Measure 5 for Collective Readings - Release Addiction & Obsession

From the first measure to the fifth, we have gotten through a journey of inner exploration and shadow work. This series gradually creates a momentum for inner transformation, helping you become more aware about your inner workings and dynamics.

As we go deeper and deeper we are getting to very sensitive issues, like shadow chasing behavior, in the last video, and addiction, in this one. If you are not comfortable going so deep, then you may experience lots of resistance in listening to these videos. I would like you to know that this is normal and that it is ok to realize this about yourself. You do not need to force the listening but rather I would suggest you start from the beginning and become more familiar with the first videos in this series. Work with them until you can release some of the resistance you have now.

You do not have to be perfect or even close to advanced. What you do is enough as long as you are making even the smallest amount of progress. Release the pressure to advance fast or to immediately understand. Get curious about your resistance and what it is made of.

This is the fifth safety measure to take when watching or using Pick-A-Card/Collective or General/Group Readings. Through this series, I will be helping you better understand the function of General readings and how they can help or hinder, in the hope of supporting you develop your discernment.

This measure is called: Release Addictions & Obsessions. As the longer version of the title we have - Avoid chasing Readings, obsessing over answers & becoming addicted. This is the measure of creating appropriate boundaries. It may seem very strange but the first boundary to set is to open to help. Opening to help creates a boundary between you and your addiction or obsession.

Through the whole recording, I am helping you deeply understand how addiction and obsession work and how they look like. Recognizing addiction may be very difficult since it's like you are looking for water when you have your head submerged in it.

Addiction and obsession may come in many forms and expressions. It does not matter your level of knowledge about it, you may still fall into it as it is so deliciously tempting. If you feel ashamed please know that you are just human and you are bravely experiencing depths of the subconscious that are very hard to live in. Your experience is precious and helping all of humankind to develop more awareness of those depths. Shame is part of the addiction process and it prevents you from healing so I invite you to be kind instead, and open to proper help.

I am comfortable in recognizing my own incursions into addictions & obsessive behaviors. I am not privy to this, I am very much a knower because of direct experience. I can attest and confess to the depths of despair that you can reach and the incredible darkness these realms of the subconscious entail. It is not easy at all to come back from that and it takes all of your power and motivation. The advantage you get is that you will know your powers after this, since you will own them and be able to control your behavior. Another perk is that you will increase awareness so much, that you will be able to walk through darkness with a light in your hand, being able to see in those depths with a lot more clarity.

The story of Eve, which you will find mentioned in the recording, is such a great finding for me too as it has helped me become more aware of our journey in this world.

I hope that by sharing this video, I am helping you become aware of how addiction & obsession work, in order to grow much needed inner power.

If you feel restricted or somehow in conflict about this, then please consider opening up to see things in another way. Ask that you be given and shown a helpful perspective. One is to consider how your home environment is supposed to protect and support you, and these safety measures can do the same for you.

I am not here to impose on who you are, but to propose new ideas and concepts to consider on your journey. Because of that I am inviting you to let the information sit with you, without being obliged to believe. Let your soul and your spirit guide you to the integration.

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