Safety Measure 4 for Collective Readings - Avoid Shadow Chasing

We all have hidden desires in our subconscious. They influence all our actions and can direct our lives without us knowing. Conscious desires do not have the power to satisfy that inner burning, fueled by hidden desires. Many times, we try to satisfy these desires in a way that is not beneficial and causes us to run after things or results that we can never achieve.

This chasing after nothing refers to this internal process where, totally subconsciously, we run after illusions or outcomes that are not possible or real to us. Hidden desires are real powerhouses of internal energy that push us to do everything we can to satisfy them. Some desires are useful, but others are useless or can work against us. Shadows in thinking and feeling can hide these primal desires very deep within us, causing us to have other surface desires that are more available or comfortable.

This is the fourth safety measure to take when watching or using Pick-A-Card/Collective or General/Group Readings. Through this series, I will be helping you better understand the function of General readings and how they can help or hinder, in the hope of supporting you develop your discernment.

This measure is called: Become aware of your hidden desires and Avoid chasing your shadows. This is the measure of creating appropriate curiosity. A state of appropriate curiosity is developed when we are open to change and new ideas about a subject, and we don't become rigid and stuck in shadow patterns.

Through the whole recording, I am helping you deeply understand the process of shadow chasing and discover your primal desire. Primal desires are those that secretly guide your actions and influence your choices. When you choose a pile in a Pick-A-Card Reading or when you choose to watch a Collective Reading, this primal desire is the one helping or hindering your choice. Usually, this primal desire is hidden in our subconscious.

Shadow chasing is a process through which we get stuck in a circular pattern, always chasing our tail. Illusions or delusions hide our primal desire and make us follow things or solutions that are either inappropriate or ineffective.

I hope that by sharing this video, I am helping you become aware of how you can be influenced by your hidden desires and by shadow chasing. At the end of the video, you will find a simple way to help yourself with this issue.

If you feel restricted or somehow in conflict about this, then please consider opening up to see things in another way. Ask that you be given and shown a helpful perspective. One is to consider how your home environment is supposed to protect and support you, and these safety measures can do the same for you.

I am not here to impose on who you are, but to propose new ideas and concepts to consider on your journey. Because of that I am inviting you to let the information sit with you, without being obliged to believe. Let your soul and your spirit guide you to the integration.

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