Safety Measure 2 for Collective Readings - Let the Message Live

This is the second safety measure to take when watching or using Pick-A-Card/Collective or General/Group Readings. Through this series I will be helping you better understand the function of General readings and how they can help or hinder, in the hope of supporting you develop your discernment.

This measure is called: Let go of making the messages fit your expectations - Let the Message Live.

Through the whole recording I am helping you deeply understand how our perception of the message may change due to subconscious programming influences. This safety measures helps you develop appropriate perception when using collective readings. The ideas can be very well used for other types of general information.

We have an innate desire to look for ourselves in the world and in the words of other people because this helps us explore and learn who we are. This deeply ingrained desire to know & validate ourselves may also lead us to take inappropriate shortcuts in our understanding. One of those shortcuts is this tendency to make the messages we receive fit our inner expectations and inner programming. The consequences of this behavior are extensive as our perception of the information gets modified and distorted.

Making the messages fit instead of actually listening to them as they are, leads to misunderstandings, inner conflicts and contradictions, prejudice and illusory judgements. By doing this we get disconnected from the real message and we lose access to the live expression of that information.

Through this video I am explaining how to balance this type of occurrence in order to better use the General Readings and cultivate an increased awareness over your subconscious. I will give examples for confirmation bias and subconscious programming comfort as ones of the most used types of modifications we can experience.

If you feel restricted or somehow in conflict about this, then please consider opening up to see things in another way. Ask that you be given and shown a helpful perspective. One is to consider how your home environment is supposed to protect and support you, and these safety measures can do the same for you.

I am not here to impose on who you are, but to propose new ideas and concepts to consider on your journey. Because of that I am inviting you to let the information sit with you, without being obliged to believe. Let your soul and your spirit guide you to the integration.

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