Why Are We So Tired And Drained As A Collective ? 😌🥱 Psychic Tarot Reading

I though about doing this reading because I've heard the experiences of many people in the last period of time. They told me about this tiredness and exhaustion and the fact that they've heard others were going through this as well. By just connecting a bit with the collective I realized there is a group going through a certain process, causing this state of exhaustion.

I've seen people being in this state for months and others having had this state some time ago and getting over it. The actual feeling was a deep lack of energy to support proper daily function. Most of the people talking about this had something in common, which is they either worked with people as healers, counselor, teachers, guides, psychics or they were sensitive to another's needs and desires.

My Experience

My experience with this state, started after I gave in to it. I was hanging on because I am usually very stubborn and I drag on my energy and make the best of it until I cannot do it anymore. There was a day in which I felt a wave of sleep like none other. It came abruptly and kinda pacified me, I could not fight it anymore.

Since then, I do what I can but mostly I seep a lot and sit around in meditation or healing sessions. I gathered some energy and then I tried to go back to my usual schedule. It did not work at all, I got exhausted immediately. After a few attempts I had to accept there is something going on here and it is pulling me from my daily schedule or work.

This push is towards self-care and self-love, in a way I was not doing it before. I am now starting to make a self-care plan and new and more thorough routine. This enhances the state of listening to my body and also invites me to check and verify all inner and outer parameters.

I feel stopped from my current pace, moved out of my own rhythm and pushed to find a new one. As I am struggling to find a new one I am confronted with many memories and energies stored in my body. These things desire to be released, so I feel drained most of the time.

What I am deeply learning is simply being instead of doing. For me this is deeply conflictual as I am action oriented and I get bored easily. Sometimes I ask myself "How long is this going to take ??" and the annoying answer is "Until you accept to just be." The center of energy and the state from which I act is being changed and I feel like whatever I do from the old energy gets me completely drained and exhausted.

The Reading

This is a collective reading because we are going through this together, as a group. I will also make a pick-a card to exemplify other aspects that may be more personal.

This reading has brought a major revelation to me which removed a blocking belief that I had, restoring some energy into my body instantly. Through this reading I am exploring the why and the how concerning the exhaustion, accompanied by the lesson to learn and the first step to take.

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