What Keeps You Grounded & Stable For The Next 6 Months ? Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

When we are grounded we feel safe and we have a means to release our stagnant energies and our overwhelming emotions. Debilitating emotions may just sit and amplify if we do not have a way to release them, a way to bring ourselves back into balance.

Grounding is more than just a method to keep your physical body healthy, it is a way for you to bring stability and safety to your mental and emotional bodies. By knowing how to ground you learn how to stay sane through difficult moments.

Anchor points are aspects in your being or part of your environment which help you get into balance and back to a stable state in which you feel safe to be yourself. By knowing your anchor points you get to have the chance to immediately pull yourself out of the deep end of pessimism or depression.

My Experience

This reading reminded me how important my work is, because it is one of my anchor points. Doing readings is how I keep myself safe and sane, and this has been a go to anchor point for me, which has grown in value so much, the past two years of my life.

After a reading to see what is going on with me, I feel safe and I feel held like in the arms of a divine loving force. I realized that sometimes I forget how much peace I can find after getting clarity on something, and I tend to stay tangled in useless emotions. This reading made me realize that sometimes I have a hard time helping myself even if I know how and that subconscious patterns can take control and waste my time.

I also have an anchor point in my inner guidance & intuition, in my visions and dreams and I have also been disconsidering that. You may ask yourself why ? Is's funny, but things are not as bright as you may think, your gifts are also your hardest challenges. I'm sure you've seen in movies how someone rejects their gifts because of so many reasons, consciously and unconsciously, and that is a truthful experience. Even if you don't reject your gifts you still have to find a way to manage with them as sometimes they are scary or uncomfortable to other people or to yourself.

The Reading

Through the reading we will explore the master anchor point and three other main anchor points.

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Vizionar mistic, pasionat și înfocat pentru înțelegerea profundă a sinelui și a lumii. Instrumentele mele preferate sunt contemplația, ascultarea divinului, Tarotul, viziunile, meditațiile sonore și arta. Fie să ne întâlnim în spațiul dintre cuvinte, unde iubirea se extinde în experiență.

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