What can you learn from this world crisis ? Experience, Meaning & Helping Focus Tarot Reading

This is a special reading because it is tailored to offer help for the current moment. The world crisis, we are all going through, is a major catalyst for growth of all kind. I did this reading for myself and it provided unexpected support and understanding, and because of this I thought to share this with you.

Through these difficult moments I find that I need all the support and guidance I can get, especially to help me maintain my stability, composure and focus. We all have different experiences and challenges but we also have things in common.

My Experience

My experience with this reading was so revealing and I am going to share a little from it right here. My main lesson had to do with Love and being more at home with my psychic gifts, developing and owning them. Love came twice in my reading and this was surprising for me, as I felt the difficulty I had to feel Love in these times. I was faced with having compassion for myself and forgiveness for what I could not do better or not at all.

Owning who I am and my gifts has not been easy at all, as I needed to face the constrictions and thinking patterns that held me back. I am still working on this and is getting clearer as I go. The card that came as my lesson was actually my persona, my expression in the world, as seen in the Self Profile, Your Gifts & Mission Reading. Seeing this it was clear to me that I need to express more in my natural way and learn how to do this better.

My revealed Focus was Courage + Lightening my Load and again I felt how this was sometimes difficult although I was engaging with this energy more and more. Courage to learn how to face heavy emotions and debilitating thoughts. This reminded me of all of the hard moments in the past two years and how I dealt with them.

What I will gain has to do with inner power to go through difficulties and learn to protect myself while gaining and owning my expression. Finding a way to express in these times, has been a challenge for me. I felt activated after a very difficult process of transformation and I also felt pushed to express more and be visible. There was a moment when I just knew I had to do this, whatever fears were still there, had to be resolved on the way.

This reading helped me realize what I learned and how beneficial this process has been for me, although very difficult and sometimes scary.

The Reading 

With this reading I am exploring the meaning of this world crisis for your energy group, the main lessons you are learning, your overall experience, your gains and losses, the necessary focus and a bunch of other aspects. This is a really deep reading, with many aspects that help get a grip on what is going on within and without.

If you would like a similar reading, tailored specially for you then you can choose the Personalized Intricate Vision Tarot Reading.

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