The shadow of lack of self-worth

Lack of self-worth is a painful shadow which maintains the economic methods and strategies and the use of money and goods.

It can be difficult to understand how something as invisible as a belief can affect us in a profound way, but our spectrum of sight and experience is within our limits of belief. Devaluation is also expressed by devaluing the importance of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings, so that it is very difficult for us to understand how we create our lives.

If we were able to value ourselves and truly value others, we would be able to realize our creative power and we would no longer need the current economic and finance systems, but they would change into something completely different.

Not infrequently I noticed in myself how I disregarded another human's work. This is how some of us have become accustomed and learned, to believe that we do much more than others, that we work without appreciation and that we will always do a better job, more complex than anyone else. And then I was looking for flaws and all sorts of things through which I could criticize him / her bitterly. I was diminishing that being so that I could feel more valuable.

Even if we admire other people, we can secretly undermine their importance and then we can try in vain to dethrone them… and that's because we put them on a pedestal in the first place. In this way we can cause misunderstandings, conflicts and unconscious harm.

I've been put on a pedestal in some cases, and I'm telling you there's nothing up there !! then the desire to throw yourself off the cliff or the eternal and completely useless struggle to maintain the position.

When a man does his work out of passion and dedication, he puts his soul into it… as they say… its value is impossible to estimate, its value is immeasurable, that is, it cannot be measured in any material. This means that, just by being a human and a divine being, they deserve to receive everything they need, in all planes - material, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, etc., in order to be sustained to continue to do so, and they also deserve gratitude and love.

When we have no consideration for ourselves, or we have an exaggerated consideration created out of fear of failure or fear of being insignificant, we cannot value ourselves and our work, and this extends to the fact that we cannot appreciate the work of others and them as beings.

The shadow of worthlessness leads us to ignore ourselves as beings, to ignore the creative power within us and the importance of our thoughts and emotions, thus creating depression, constant discontent, and a deep lack, just like a bottomless pit.


As long as we criticize another value and destroy it, we are occupied with the other instead of discovering and increasing ours. Lack of value comes from our insistence on destroying our true identity and being what we are not, being what others call value. I've always wondered who those "others" we're all talking about ... are ? Those others always want us to be in a certain way. Those others are always to blame and those others can't always be defined or found somewhere.

We associate value with what we do, what we think, with the ideas we have, with innovation or intelligence, but it's not just that. Having value makes us useful to ourselves and the community we live in. When we properly develop our self-worth and build it onto a solid base, we can feel safe in our skin.

When we value ourselves, we understand that mistakes, imperfections, are part of our uniqueness and help us, being the muses of creativity from which we are always born anew, like a wave that rises and falls, smoothly and calmly back in the sea from where it rose.

Valuing ourselves does not imply putting a price tag or accumulating wealth, but it is about building a strong personality which can create abundance within as without.


I've seen many times that people want a lot of things to be free of charge, and they claim that certain services should always be free, even if they fail to see their true value. Often they give examples of people from long ago who gave for free certain things or teachings, information.

I want to remind these people that we don't live back then anymore and that they can't remember how things were in a clear way, so what they say is an idyllic story. This idyllic desire directs us to something that exists in us as potential, which is not expressed because we do not know how.

If we look more closely at times long ago, we can understand that those people who gave things for free, were supported by a certain close group of people, their community and by nature. Even if they didn't do this fundraising work directly, that doesn't mean there weren't other people to do it for them. There have always been those people behind the one who is put in front, the support team.

They may have not received money but they were given food, clothes, shelter and other things to be able to live. All of this was well received and appreciated, because those people really understood the value of the being in front of them and supported him / her with everything they could. Those people gave little, from our current point of view, but that little was very precious to them, it was all they could offer the best. What would it be like to give what is most precious to you now? Not from surplus or what you don't need, but from what you put aside and consider very precious.

To change the current financial system, the solution is not to ask for everything to be free but to recognize the inestimable value that each of us has. When each of us will value ourselves and others, at an honest level, we will discover that no material payment is enough because what we offer is not only material in nature. The price thus becoming invaluable, incalculable, it will disappear in a natural way, and honest and clear appreciation, love and mutual respect and support will remain.

Another perpetuated idea is to do what you love as a hobby. When you dedicate yourself to what you love, there are no more hobbies. The idea of ​​working on something else just to get money, and then to provide services for free and to feel evolved, leads us to the belief that we need to do something that is not in line with us to have permission to do something that is in alignment.

Giving for free can also used in a manipulative way by people who desire appreciation for a certain scope.

This idea of ​​giving for free, induces an internal indignation towards those who do not do this and then praises and glorifies those who do it. Not infrequently I have heard people who take certain courses say that they do not ask for a lot of money, and that they do things for others even if they are struggling financially… they are not like the others. These statements cry out for an award - “Look how good and altruistic I am, so please believe me and appreciate me! I'm struggling here for you, I'm suffering, I'm devaluing myself, so you need to reward me! ”

Now please do not think that it's something wrong to give something away for free, I do it too, out of the need to share, because it helps me grow and understand much better how this society and its components work. There are many nuances and ways of seeing the same subject, and even if they seem contradictory from one point of view, form another view they are not.

It is not necessary to give your skin to others to show that you are generous. Realize that you have value and abundance, and these have more aspects than the strictly material ones. If we look only at apparent actions, we do not see the essence.

Need and Value

Every person is unique, and in order to do their mission and experience here they need different things. Some need stones and tools to sculpt, others need brushes and canvas to paint, others need a garden full of herbs to make remedies, others need a natural environment, wide and full of peace to be able to contemplate, others need good material support to have a physical comfort that will allow them to support other expressions, others need a lot of money to create certain innovative products and to research, and others need simplicity and an apparent lack of material well-being to teach others certain basic states.

In most cases, people repeat the actions of those they admire, feeling that this is what they need to do, and they do not understand the subtleties that are shown to them. If you dress in a bag and sit in the woods, you will not reach enlightenment unless that is really your path. If it is not, you can stay there as long as you want, repeating the actions of others. It is not the actions that attract you, but the states that a person experiences.

What may be a fad for someone is a necessity for another to express himself. For a dedicated surgeon, having a brush for painting is completely useless. What will he do with a brush? He needs a scalpel and specific devices! But that doesn't mean totally disregarding the one who needs the brush and mocking them for their needs! In this example, the surgeon associates his impression of uselessness about the brush with all the work of the painter and with the human himself, thus projecting his judgment on another divine being.

Instead of attacking those who have more than us, or those who are different from us, we need to look at how we can attract what we need and how we keep our resources away by focusing on uselessness.

Through the beliefs we perpetuate we have learned to sell our worth for nothing. Every day we give energy and money to many things we don't need. We have many vices that we protect very carefully, and many entertaining distractions that we consider normal and even mandatory. Instead of giving energy, attention, value and resources to the things that really interest us, we throw them away, and then complain that we don't have the money and time to get involved in what our soul wants.

After a time of such experience, we begin to associate any work and any human with nothing or a sense of worthlessness, and so we feel entitled to ask for anything free… because it just has no value to us. Why give something when we feel like we're getting nothing back ?

If we appreciate things that are useless, that lack in essence and meaning and are just nice stuff, we perpetuate the lack and dissatisfaction. Hoarding useless things that you do not need makes you lose money and thus feel more lack.

Recognizing what we really need and what we do not is a big step towards self-worth. Understanding our needs helps us fulfill them easier and then we can have more appreciation for ourselves. Genuine appreciation builds self-worth. Focusing on what we can do to satisfy a need we will let go of perpetuating the feeling of lack and worthlessness.

When the real need is met with actual value then we feel fulfilled and we start to gain more trust in what we can do for ourselves.

Giving and Receiving

The current financial system allows us to experience the pleasure of giving and to learn that through the act of giving we fulfill ourselves. By giving something to the other, we change from the state of receiving to the state of giving and become the source, which offers everything in eternity. The one who offers the service, offers, and the one who receives, receives. But at the same time, the one who receives the service experiences the act to give and the one who gives the service experiences receiving. The lesson of this system will exist as long as we need it.

Life examples

I will give two relevant examples, observed from my own life experience, on the subject of value and needs.

Many years ago, when I was working for an IT company, a colleague asked me how I could afford to take organic food, very interesting courses on nutrition or emotional intelligence that cost much more than a monthly salary, and spend so much time getting to know myself. She had the same financial resources, but she felt deprived, unable to afford to do what interested her.

I talked for a long time and asked her to explain how she uses her money. Then I noticed how many of her resources went into maintaining an image in front of her group of friends - all this included many cosmetics, beauty treatments, parties, frequent meetings with various people, phones, subscriptions to all kinds of TV channels, investments without results, addictions that could be alcohol, sweets, cigarettes or 20 colored handbags.

We continued the discussion by discovering her immediate needs, which are masked by these behaviors, namely: the need for beauty and harmony, the need for acceptance and love, the need for permission to be herself.

When you don't value yourself at all, your resources go to non-value, to maintain a false image of who you are and so you value what doesn't help and support you but you think you need it for something.

Another example shows what a man can do when he has far too much money for himself.

A worker is given the opportunity to work temporarily on a fairly high salary, much higher than usual, and earns EUR 3500 in a month. Seeing himself with so much money at once, the man feels happy but not understanding the value, he does not know what to do with them. He takes a very large, curved TV, the latest generation, Versace clothes and then starts bragging about what he bought to his friends.

But that's not enough, this amount of money just drives him crazy, he can't hold or use them properly and he tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible. He really likes beer and drinking, so he calls the taxi and asks for a bottle of beer from another city, located 100 KM away, because the beer is better :)). Then he calls the taxi to bring him pizza, also from more than 100 KM, because it is tastier. And so, he consumes what he has left on the taxi, beer and pizza, getting rid of the weight of money very quickly. I wouldn't have thought that was possible, but life always surprises me.

When value does not match the human, it is far too difficult to accept and it is lost.

Change of focus

Instead of focusing our energy on receiving things for free, namely receiving 0, nothing, we need to change our focus to value and allow ourselves to receive all that is precious and thus receive divinity. In this way we begin to see the possibility of receiving everything that exists within us, of including and accepting and sustaining the inestimable value of who we are.

By agreeing to give value to others, we will at some point open our eyes to the fact that no material value can define our work or service, because we offer much more than that. Every product and service created has many dimensions and frequencies, it is not just something fixed and solid, material. By maintaining capitalization only in the material dimension, we diminish ourselves and everything we do, and thus limit our expression.

The current financial system can teach us gradually, to give with pleasure, understanding that no matter how much we offer, in material form, we cannot match what we receive, especially if it is hand-made or a service. Over time, and with an increasing awareness of value and a clear love and appreciation, it is possible to break away from this learning system.

With an honest look we will discover the immeasurable value of what we are and then we will understand that no material payment can cover it. Gradually, we will realize that the current system of finance and money is no longer necessary because it will no longer correspond to our way of thinking and can be left behind.

I invite you to rediscover your value as people, and here I do not mean excessive optimism or praise, the desire to be first or to have fame, but your value as beings, which is absolute and invaluable. Self-worth is not defined by earnings, successes, awards and medals or project achievements, but simply is discovered.

Your potential is immeasurable, you have the courage to discover yourself! It is your perception that changes the context in which you look at yourself.

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