September 2022 - Experience & Focus 🌟 Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

As September comes we tend to become more active and also more engaged with self-growth. The hot air of the summer is starting to fade and our thoughts become easier to grasp. The hot air is usually affecting our deep thought and changes our focus to physical work and fast social engagement. As we transition into the new energy we start to calm down our bodies and feel more satisfied.

My Experience

Last month for me has been full of revelations that released some subconscious patterns connected to how my parents thought about things and how they reacted. I found another state of mind that I copied but without any actual reality attached to it and my experience. It was floating without roots but I still faithfully copied it, since I saw it so many times.

Some of the things we learnt as children, from our parents or society, we copied and pasted with no real reason other than to feel a connection to our family or to the community. We may do this for safety, empathy or just because we have seen it so many times that it seems normal to do it. Not all reasons for perpetuating a harmful behavior are deep or have to do with us.

In the next month I have a goal that I am planning to reach in my psychic skills and I saw I will be following a schedule filled with determination to have a breakthrough. I usually like to know things in their essence so I can use them properly and this will be a struggle to dive for the essence of something that's important for me.

The Reading

This reading explores your experience and focus, main themes and what is changing for you in the month of September 2022. If you would like a similar personal reading then choose the Detailed Vision Tarot Reading.

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Vizionar mistic, pasionat și înfocat pentru înțelegerea profundă a sinelui și a lumii. Instrumentele mele preferate sunt contemplația, ascultarea divinului, Tarotul, viziunile, meditațiile sonore și arta. Fie să ne întâlnim în spațiul dintre cuvinte, unde iubirea se extinde în experiență.

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