Safe & Connected Grounding Meditation - Drum & Voice Guidance

Grounding helps us remember our connection to reality, to the safety of our physical body and to nature. This guided meditation uses drum sounds and voice to gently support the sense of safety and connection with your natural self.

Nature has cycles and so does our body. These cycles create a supporting structure that guides and also provides safety. When we are not in sync with the cycles of our physical body and nature's cycles we may feel very insecure, disconnected from self and from our own body, disconnected from reality.

Grounding is a simple method to stabilize our mental and emotional field so we can stay healthy and also prosper in abundance. By grounding I mean connecting with the Earth, with our physical body and with our physical reality. You can see this as a way to get in tune with the song and vibration of our earthly realm.

Another service that grounding brings is the ability to purify our mind and body from toxins and energetical interference. If your mind is full of noise and your emotional field is heavy with stagnating energies, then grounding can help you release all of these things and so come back to a state of balance.

The purpose of this grounding meditation is to simply help you develop a sense of inner safety and security while releasing stuck energies. The drum creates a steady beat that increases with time so it gives you a sense of accumulating energy in your body.

Safety Instructions

Safety measures so you make sure you will have a great experience.

  • Do not listen while driving, when using sharp objects, running or doing sports.
  • It is preferable that you totally focus on this without doing anything else, or you may get seriously distracted from what you're doing.
  • Find a spot where you are not disturbed and if necessary, notify others that you need some time for yourself.
  • Be sure you are seated, lying down or standing in a safe position as the meditation may make you relax and lose your stance or vertical position
  • You may feel in a different state of being after you finish the meditation, so make sure you give yourself some time to get back to the usual daily mental state before doing something else
  • If you get interrupted you may get confused, so take appropriate measures to stabilize your mental state before you go on with your daily chores

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