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With every new year, we are going through a new phase of our life, a period that ends and another begins. Each year in our life is influenced by a primal creative energy that guides us and sustains us throughout the days. There is a major global theme for each year, but there are also annual personal themes.

To discover your annual Major Arcana card you do the following calculation.

Day of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Personal Year Theme

In order to do the calculation you add your day of birthdate to the month of your birthdate and to the current year. If you get a number below 23, then you stop. If you get a number above 22 then you add the numbers until you get your first number under 23 and that is you Major Arcana card of the year.

See this example below, where I have used the 3 January birthdate and added the current year of 2019.

03 + 01 + 2019 = 2023

2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7

As you can see we have obtained the number 8 and the Major Arcana with number 8 is THE CHARIOT. The energy of The Chariot would be the major process of growth that guides you throughout the year and challenges you in order to see who you are.

Now, even if you get the same year card as someone else, this process is unique for you.

The card above is my year card for 2019 and I have seen it so much in everything that I do this year. I have many traveling arrangements already planned and a lot of meetings with people. I have also started to express my voice in various areas, one being the start of this website. It speaks and guides me in everything that I do and is always there to tell me "Trust yourself ! Listen to yourself ! Listen to the voice of the unknown and let the reins of your life be free of control. Have the courage and discipline to keep your path straight and focused. Be brave and bold !"

To discover each person's annual theme, I created a reading called Personal Year Card Revelations. In this reading, I calculate what energy and theme influences you in the current year, and then we can see what this year has in store for you in all aspects of your life. In order to better understand how this manifests in your unique life, I will use as a context the Tarot cards that determine the lessons of your personal profile (Soul Lesson, Personality Lesson and Shadow Master) as well as the card representing the global energy of the current year. Beside these I will draw two cards to see what challenges you will face this year and what you need to learn from the last year of your life.

Tarot Card Credits : Shadowscapes Tarot Deck - Stephanie Pui-Mun Law/LLewellyn, Tarot of Dreams Deck - Ciro Marchetti/U.S Gamesystems, Inc., Vision Quest Deck - Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose/AGM Urania, Cosmic Tarot Deck -Norbert Losche/AGM Urania, Green Witch Tarot Deck - Ann Moura/LLewellyn

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