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As every month progresses further, so do we. With every step we take a chance and we hold on to hope. Hope for the future drags us along and gives us motivation but also a sense of dreaminess. Fear can peak its ugly teeth as we move towards the future and we step into the unknown but we somehow manage to let that go.

I read in many books that death is the biggest fear but that does not seem to be true for everyone and I find other fears as I go deeply into myself and others, that seem more important. One fear that is so pervasive is the fear of the future. This is not a fear of the unknown, but a fear of possibility and knowing.

Along the way I've met people saying they do not want to know anything about the future as they fear it will either be useless or it will change something in a bad way. This fear sometimes came with a certain pride of letting go of things. What I've found out in myself is that the fear of the future is the fear of seeing truth about what you've done or the consequences of your actions, fear of not being able to change.

Death is linked to the fear of the future, because death is also not wanting to see into the future, beyond our own limits, beyond the world we know right now. When you see beyond death, you can see into the future.

My Experience

In the next month I will be continuing with the challenging transformation process I am going through. My focus is learning to flow with this process and the main themes contain surrender. I have a logical and practical personality so doing what I do comes also with fighting and molding this personality to accept more of the weird stuff.

How do I do that ? The only way this personality will accept is with logic and practicality, so this is what I do, I analyze and go deep into everything until I find the essence and then I learn how to use what I've found. The next month for me has in store more reflection and contemplation and going through difficult emotional states.

Maybe some of you are wondering why don't I speak more about happy things or things that are so called positive ? Those things are the base line for me and I am more interested on what happens behind all of the happiness. Why ? For soul growth !

At times, I may stay for months into a very difficult emotional state, because I desire to transmute it and also find out why it is here and how it works. I do not mind being in that state, but other people may think I'm negative or depressed or something else is happening. I don't have to be happy all the time and as I said, that is a baseline stable emotion behind whatever I am exploring.

I usually am inside out and this may be uncomfortable for many people. This means I get to the surface whatever is inside to work upon, instead of letting those things sink to the bottom of my consciousness.

So, the month of July for me is one of the months where I will go deep into reflection and release some things that will provoke some soul growth.

The Reading

This reading explores the Focus for the month of July 2022, the Main Theme, the Area of Change and the Experience in Career / Love Life / Spiritual Development. If you desire a similar reading then choose the Detailed Personalized Vision Tarot Reading.

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