What the Hanged Man says for 2019, channeling the divine

I love to listen to the Tarot cards, to give them a voice and to share what they say. It is one of the things that defines what I do and that brings me so much joy and wisdom.

For the year 2019 we have seen the general trends in my previous article and now we are hearing inspiration directly from the Hanged Man, words to shake and move our internal waters, words to open the doors within.

The Hanged Man's energy is gentle and clean as water that moves smoothly into the inner ocean of our consciousness. It supports the total view of both sides of the coin. It envelops us tenderly and lovingly, a love so comprehensible that it is able to see the divine light of the soul in every being. When he touches you … you sense the thrill of inspiration. When he calls you … you hear the song of adoration of heaven and nature.

The wave of love, bursting out of the center of the galaxy, will influence many people this year and they will start to see the world with other eyes. More and more people will start to ask questions that they have been afraid of, they will feel an internal sensation of searching and looking in places they have ignored or considered a waste of time.

You can use these questions for your internal contemplation and meditation moments. There is a lot to find beneath the waves of our superficial every day attention.

The Hanged Man tells you:

May you see yourself as you see the heights of heaven and the depths of water.

May the divine light of consciousness show you the truth that is seated in the honor of your heart. Let the one who comes to lead you further be the one who brings you closer to yourself. May you, divine man, wake up to follow your unique path.

Close your eyes and reflect your breath on the screen of your mind. Look at you with your eyes closed. What do you see ? How do you see yourself ? Are you the same You who exists when you open your eyes ? Who is there when you open your eyes and who is there when you close them? Will you ever realize the mirror you are ?

You live every day as if you were punished by fate, guilty of cataclysm or scared to make the biggest mistake of your life. When will you get out of this dreamy dream? What seems to be of importance is usually just the habit of safety, the warm place where you spend your years.

You have a door that is very close to you. A door you ignore with all your might. A door that you are scared and afraid of. A door of the unknown, the original. This is the door to your soul.

Do you have the courage to open it? Or will you continue to think it is not real, it does not make sense, it cannot exist, it is an illusion?

Are you ready to sacrifice your fear on the altar of faith?
Are you ready to burn your desires in the divine fire of the soul?
Are you ready to clean your emotions in the ocean of all-encompassing love ?

I am the friend of time, the witness of all, the absolute presence. I'm not guiding you, I'm not showing you, I JUST AM. You will find me in the darkest places of your being, where accepting the true sacrifice cannot be thought of.

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Vizionar mistic, pasionat și înfocat pentru înțelegerea profundă a sinelui și a lumii. Instrumentele mele preferate sunt contemplația, ascultarea divinului, Tarotul, viziunile, meditațiile sonore și arta. Fie să ne întâlnim în spațiul dintre cuvinte, unde iubirea se extinde în experiență.

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