Guidance On Closure ☀️ How To Move On ? Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

We long for closure the same way we long for connection, since closure helps us to be open and ready for a new connection. Through this reading we are exploring how to let go of certain connections that hold us back. These relationships may need some healing and purification so the connection becomes a healthy one for both parties involved.

My Experience

All of the readings I've done here helped me to understand closure in another way and to realize how much we crave for it, even if we may say we do not want it. Closure does not separate but heals and removes the weight that is hanging over a connection. It does not reject love or shuts down an exchange of energy, but it cleans up that exchange so that is becomes beneficial.

Closure seems scary for many people, as there is a pain associated with it, but that pain is actually what we desire closure from. When closure happens, it may be associated with forgiveness for our own vulnerabilities and mistakes and it may feel like a blessing.

Forced closure, leads to more pain as we desire to rip off our connection into pieces and then heal the remains. While radical closure may be needed at times, usually we can do this in another way. The other way implies we get to look at this connection with honesty and realize what remains. After consciously doing this, we start to redirect our attention and energy away from it and into another direction.

Decisiveness is a key to a good closure, since if we are not decided to move on and let go, then we cannot do it. There are many people who will hold on to a connection out of the fear of tremendous pain and solitude, while negating the current suffering they are going through. The suffering has taken the place of the actual connection and it may be the only thing they still have from that person. In this case the suffering becomes the connection, and by severing it, the person feels they are breaking up all over again.

While closure is difficult, it is worth all the effort, since it brings liberation and self-forgiveness.

The Reading

This reading explores closure in different types of relationship dynamics, depending on the pile chosen. You may benefit in listening to all piles, just as I have. If you would like a similar reading then choose the Detailed Personalized Vision Tarot Reading from my shop.

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