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I love looking into family issues, relationships and human interactions because we can learn so much about ourselves. Every other person can be a helpful teacher, showing us another aspect of who we are. Slowly, through many interactions, we start to see more and more aspects that compose our being, creating a defined picture.

My Experience

When I asked for a dynamic representing me and my family, I got one that surprised me a lot. My mother was not in it and my father was the one in the middle. This tells me about my strained relationship with my mother and the fact that I feel miles away from her. She was not physically missing but she was emotionally unavailable.

My soulmate was there and my sister too. I see how I resonate more with my father's side of the family and how I felt more nourished by my father than my mother. My father was keeping the balance in this family, always trying to help and support the others.

My husband and soulmate is all that I wished for and he is a perfect match for me. He is a great teacher and also a great sustaining force which pushes me further into the future.

My sister is a dreamer and a very sensitive person. She wishes the best for everyone sometimes forgetting what she needs from life. Optimism and joy is something that characterizes her and she has an extraordinary drive to push her dreams into reality.

Who am I in this dynamic ? I am the strong independent soul with a higher calling. I have a big influence on the other people in this dynamic, an influence I am not always aware of. Because my mother was not really available, I have played her role in some cases for my sister and also for my father, as mother and companion. Now I understand that the many roles I played at once, helped me learn many things very fast as I grew up.

My dynamic lacks pleasure for life, feminine nourishment and physical touch. Because of this I became harsh and I took many responsibilities that weigh on me. This whole pattern needs more fun and lightness so I can let go of some burdens I took on my back. There's no immediate action needed and there is an advice to respect the limits and boundaries of the other people as well as mine.

The Reading

In this reading I am exploring patterns of interaction between family members or close friends. These are not fixed normal dynamics. I have let my soul guide me and tell me what type of dynamic I am seeing, instead of imposing one. This provided some very interesting cases.

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