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Emotional competence and emotional healing is one of my biggest focus in life. I remember when I was little and thinking - I want to feel freely, everything, and enjoy any experience. I have always felt an urge to deeply explore and understand feelings so this is one of the conclusions of a recent pursuit.

This reading uses a deck of cards specially made for emotions and helps us elevate our usual or habitual emotional state. This emotional state is a subconscious underlying state that has become a habit. This state is there, no matter what we feel during the day, coloring every experience we have. The other feelings we experience during the day are at the surface level, just like the waves of the ocean, and this state is a deeper layer of the ocean, beneath the passing waves.

Be careful in understanding that this reading is not personal, it will show group dynamics and patterns and not personal ones. Nonetheless, it can be very helpful.

My Experience

This type of reading just popped out of my mind as soon as I received this emotions deck. By the way, I have other emotion decks but this one clicked with me immediately and showed me how to work with it. My habitual state is Timidity. And the state I can elevate this into is Nostalgia.

Seeing this I got a bit shocked, since ok... Timidity I get it but Nostalgia ? I got into thinking and contemplation and I received the message that I need to stop and look back more often, at what I have done and achieved. Then I wondered why, since I work with my past quite often. The answer that came again was so surprising - To enjoy.

I realized I go too fast at times and then I forget to stop and enjoy what I have achieved. I strive to go forward and maybe I push myself too much at times, especially because of this timid habitual state. It is ok to go slower. I will share with you here one of the messages I got that sounded so loud inside of me.

"I have advanced too fast and I have no proper roots. Stabilize before you go forward."

The Reading

This reading explores the path from your habitual emotional state to another state that is more beneficial at this time. If you would like a similar personal reading then choose the Detailed Vision Tarot Reading.

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Vizionar mistic, pasionat și înfocat pentru înțelegerea profundă a sinelui și a lumii. Instrumentele mele preferate sunt contemplația, ascultarea divinului, Tarotul, viziunile, meditațiile sonore și arta. Fie să ne întâlnim în spațiul dintre cuvinte, unde iubirea se extinde în experiență.

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