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How do we make decisions ? Is there really no choice ?

As we evolve it gets more and more useful to understand decision making and also how we entertain certain types of thinking about our decision making processes. Each of us has their own way of thinking and feeling about decisions, […]

When do we feel safe ? Remembering natural safety

Safety is something that we can analyze on multiple levels of understanding and in the video below I am referring to the natural level of our heart and when do we feel safe within. I recorded this a while ago

Recognizing our Innate Gifts

For many people, humans have been considered a blank slate, with no gifts whatsoever, coming here with no previous experience and having no actual conscience to begin with, but we are uncovering more and more that we do have something


As I am so inspired by current times and by all that I have learned the past two years, I have made this video about our intrinsic nature and what I consider to be invaluable about us. In this video

Respecting Our Own Time and Rhythm

Today's speed, the dizzying noise and pace we are subjected to always makes us hurry, run or torture ourselves with "come on !!" There are people who are built to do things out of a state of agitation and apparent


In this article I will discuss the concepts of immunity from different points of view. Some things may be harder to understand. Please take your time and if you feel annoyed or angry remember that you may have a different

Timeline fusion

A magical being asked me what the timelines mean, how they can be understood, and what happens when several of them meet. Although it is difficult to explain in words what a timeline means, these expressions are useful to have
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