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Vindecarea unui Blocaj Interior și Capcanele sale

Vindecarea blocajelor interioare este un proces în timp, ce afectează toate aspectele vieții. Acesta ne cere să ne confruntăm cu aspecte din noi care funcționează în detrimentul nostru și să le schimbăm dinăuntru. Deoarece este o muncă internă, mai mult […]

The shadow of credulity

In this article I am discussing about credulity which is not really naivety, although in some cases it may resemble. Naivety may also be associated with a child's innocence or with wishful thinking, but credulity paints the picture of blind

The power to say No from authenticity

How many times have you said yes when you actually felt no? How many times have you accepted something inside you that you didn't agree with? As an adult you can choose not to say the things you don't want,

Speaking with Gaia about Master-Slave dynamic

This is a sharing of a conversation that took place during a state of meditation and is a perspective from the infinite faces of the universe. For me, all perspectives are valuable and complete the vision of who we are,

The shadow of lack of self-worth

Lack of self-worth is a painful shadow which maintains the economic methods and strategies and the use of money and goods. It can be difficult to understand how something as invisible as a belief can affect us in a profound
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