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When do we feel safe ? Remembering natural safety

Safety is something that we can analyze on multiple levels of understanding and in the video below I am referring to the natural level of our heart and when do we feel safe within. I recorded this a while ago […]

Privind înapoi la anul 2021 - Lecții și provocări

Apropiindu-ne de sfârșitul anului începem să privim înapoi la ceea ce am realizat și la ceea ce s-a întâmplat în ultimul an. A fost un an dificil, cu multe lupte și schimbări. Ne-a testat credințele și modul în care ne

Gift of the year 2021 - Pick a Card Tarot & Oracle Reading

When we are passing through the transition period between years, a review of the last year is always welcomed. In this new video I am offering a Pick-A-Card Tarot and Oracle Reading which will help you recognize and acknowledge the

Introduction about the Collective Consciousness

Before I start diving into readings I have made this short introduction about the Collective Consciousness. This intro helps you see a simplified view about our Collective Consciousness and how this is seen through the readings. I love doing Collective

Recognizing our Innate Gifts

For many people, humans have been considered a blank slate, with no gifts whatsoever, coming here with no previous experience and having no actual conscience to begin with, but we are uncovering more and more that we do have something


As I am so inspired by current times and by all that I have learned the past two years, I have made this video about our intrinsic nature and what I consider to be invaluable about us. In this video

The shadow of credulity

In this article I am discussing about credulity which is not really naivety, although in some cases it may resemble. Naivety may also be associated with a child's innocence or with wishful thinking, but credulity paints the picture of blind
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