August 2022 - Your Experience, Main Themes & Focus 🌟 Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

I'm starting to really enjoy these readings and I hope you are too. I have always been fascinated with the future and what it holds and I am starting to feel more at ease about looking into it. The fear of the future or what lies beyond is one I am daily engaging with through my readings, exercises and contemplations. It challenges me to let go of fears that are associated with and dare to look further and beyond my current limits.

My Experience

Last time I shared that in the month of July I was going to be confronted with a transformation process. Indeed I was and it was actually amazing as I had such a breakthrough followed by an important liberation. I feel I have reached a milestone I was looking for and I liberated something heavy off my chest.

I learnt a great deal about myself and my primary relationship, in the last month, and this month of August I am going to continue shedding old stuff. My main theme is connecting to the feminine power energy and grow out of scarcity mindset. It is time for me to embrace abundance in a new way and to increase my self-esteem.

I'm going to be testing myself and my values and virtues, learning how to invest in beneficial directions and how to take care of my physical body. In the past months I have been striving to increase my physical body love & care and I am starting to set in place new routines that will help create more ease and relaxation.

I'm big on self-care and self-responsibility as this is paramount to have a satisfactory life style and to draw near you the right kind of people and love connections.

The Reading

This reading explores your experience and focus, main themes and what is changing for you in the month of August 2022. If you would like a similar personal reading then choose the Detailed Vision Tarot Reading.

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Vizionar mistic, pasionat și înfocat pentru înțelegerea profundă a sinelui și a lumii. Instrumentele mele preferate sunt contemplația, ascultarea divinului, Tarotul, viziunile, meditațiile sonore și arta. Fie să ne întâlnim în spațiul dintre cuvinte, unde iubirea se extinde în experiență.

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