Respecting Our Own Time and Rhythm

Today's speed, the dizzying noise and pace we are subjected to always makes us hurry, run or torture ourselves with "come on !!"

There are people who are built to do things out of a state of agitation and apparent nervousness that stimulates them, but we are not all like that. There are people who mainly have a brain that works receptively, in this category I find myself, and who need a different way of approaching the situations presented by life.

The pace at which things are going today is difficult also for those who are better in handling agitation, not just for others.

This speed leads to superficiality because not enough attention is paid to what is happening at the moment, with everything the moment brings and offers. This superficiality makes us feel ignored and rejected by our peers and ourselves, by the way we behave.

People who have a predominantly receptive brain, but not only, need to do things in a relaxed, pressure-free and calm state. But by behaving like this, we become the target of other people's jokes and "come on already" words. I am not talking about exaggerations, over-perfectionism and really slow movements which are another thing.

There is a collective belief that if a person does not stir, does not struggle, does not fight then they do not actually work or do anything. This belief makes us force ourselves to go at a pace that does not suit us and is not in alignment with the rhythm of our brain and body.

By perpetuating this belief we end up unbalancing ourselves, denying our own rhythm, our own time and forcing ourselves to enter into a rhythm accepted by the collective consciousness.

Listening to my body's rhythm

This behavior does not help anyone and I will give you a simple example. I needed to get to a meeting with a stair builder to make an estimate. I was hungry, but it wasn't long before I had to leave, and I thought I'd better eat when I got back, because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be late.

But my intuition and body were telling me that I needed to eat now and that if I was late then that was it. Something in me didn't want to be late, it seemed disrespectful to the other person, and that was unacceptable.

But at the same time, if I ignore my body's needs then it is a lack of respect for my body. With difficulty I chose to respect my emotions and my body and I let everything flow in my rhythm, calm and clear. At one point I started to hurry, but still lightly, not desperately.

I ate, got dressed and drove to the meeting. I got there about 10 minutes late and I see the other person didn't arrive yet. I walk around and enjoy nature. I get a call from that person that they will be about 15 minutes late and that they are having a hard time finding the meeting address.

Now if I listened to my rhythm to the end, I wouldn't have waited, but my lesson was to recognize my rhythm and accept it. I also realized that if I don't keep my rhythm, then I don't give the other person the opportunity for an experience that will help them understand their own pace.

When I try to go faster, I do not give the other person the experience of waiting, being delayed or synchronizing to understand what his own rhythm is.

Your own rhythm is related to your own time. If we hurry, we do not respect our own time. By doing this we come across various obstacles, which may not have been the case if we respected our own time, and we forcefully spend our energy.

When I don't align with my rhythm, I'm no longer connected to my time and my soul, where my energy is, that's why I end up exhausted, frustrated and all sorts of obstacles in my way to slow down.

One of the shadows that doesn't let us go at our own pace is control. The desire to have control over what is happening makes us hurry and follow certain rules that do not suit us, in order to have unreal safety. For example, a person close to me is always in the hustle and bustle of "come on, come on" and wants us to go to the airport and the train station or other places, a lot of hours before departure, to make sure we don't miss the train / plane, etc. They prefer to spend hours waiting in vain than to experience synchronicity. It is difficult for them to let go of control and let things go as they are. It also shows me that I do not allow myself to be at my own pace.

Your timeline

Your own timeline, the one which contains what is most in alignment with your soul, has a certain vibration, a certain rhythm. While we are out of rhythm we get misaligned with our best timeline and so we will feel a certain lack of time and lack of synchronicities.

When we are in alignment with our soul's timeline then we will experience more and more synchronicities, but for that to happen we need to first align with our own rhythm.

Your own rhythm means to listen to your body and its capacity to digest and process information and also to trust and satisfy your basic needs. Another point is to trust life and its unfoldment and do not rush to a decision/action or conclusion out of fear or trauma.

Walking in our on rhythm supposes we have patience and we wait for the opportunities that best suit us to appear, instead of falling into despair and turbulence.

The High Priestess's Message

The High Priestess answered to my question about how to better understand our own rhythm and timing.

Everything that moves is moving continuously and everything that is standing is continuously at a stop, only you make the transition and the connection between them. Close your eyes to see and stay calm to find your inner movement. In the inner silence you find that rhythm, that whisper that guides you.

The challenge of this moment is to become calm, calm and passive about what is happening. Find the courage to get out of the rhythm imposed by obligations and to step into the rhythm of one's own being.
Your time is yours, it does not leak, does not disappear and does not torture you, but it is the movement within you, your transformation and the synchronicities you have with life.

You are afraid to stop, to take a break, because they are associated with some kind of Death and yet only in this way you can meet with yourself, with your time.

Like your space, your time is eternal and you cannot control it simply because it is part of you.
Once you accept your rhythm, you will discover the connection with your time and this state of lack of time will disappear.

Lack of time comes when you do not accept your own rhythm and timing. Detach yourself dear soul from the desire to go at a different rhythms than yours.

Take a few deep breaths and feel your body. Listen to your beating heart and your inner sound. Be here with you now. The greatest gift you can give to others is to be you, to recognize your own space and time, your own rhythm.

Through all these messages we are reminded to slow down and feel that peace that exists within us. We are invited to let the background noise be blurred by the sound of our being and to accept to hear and see ourselves in synchronicity with all that we are.

I invite you to fill your own space and time with your energy and find that inner point of simplicity where everything just is. Slow down and allow your energy to focus on what is really useful to you.

All the processes of our body have their own rhythm and when we desynchronize, we use our energy in a way that is not useful to us, we invest it in actions that instead deplete the resources of our body, mind and divine connection. I invite you to listen to your body and its natural rhythms, allow yourself to follow them instead of resisting and you will discover how your energy becomes clear and sustains you on your way.

Questions to contemplate on

  • What do you keep ignoring to do for yourself?
  • What brings you back to your rhythm?
  • What are the actions you are forced to take?
  • What beliefs keep you from following your own rhythm?
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