Physical Body Insights And Messages Detailed Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

Our body has its own natural intelligence that reacts in different ways to our experiences. We may not be aware of many things our bodies sense or feel throughout our lives, so this reading is here to help the voiceless aspects of your physical body have a voice. I am not a medical doctor so this is not about medical advice. I have studied and I have diplomas in natural detoxification, natural juicing and nutrition & self-care advice.

Our physical body is there for us in all our experience, it is our only means to access experiences of all kind. We may only think of our body when we eat, sleep or drink, but it is there for all things. Our body is there for our relationships, it takes part in our contemplations and meditations, it is a part of our dreams and fantasies, it is a witness of our difficulties and lowest moments. Our body is existence, it is there for us at all times and it brings safety and substance.

Remember, that your body is the first to feel your anger, suffering and pain. It is the first to suffer the consequences of your actions and karmic choices. It is there always, not only when you dress nice or you present in the world.

My Experience

This reading showed me I was not thinking enough about how my body was reacting to my actions. Sometimes I was forcing it to behave in a certain way and sometimes I was even treating my body with anger. I was not paying attention to its needs as I am sometimes so focused on other people and their needs.

The wisdom of this reading reminded me of how my body is always there for me so I was guided to be there for it as well. I was not doing a good job concerning taking necessary actions. I was listening but I was not acting on what I was hearing.

Because of this reading I finally realized my harshness and I have started to be kinder and listen more often to what my body needs. As I changed my behavior I started to feel better in my body and feel ok about its limitations. As a result, I removed some of the problems I was seeing and experiencing, welcoming more peace and warmth.

The Reading

This reading explores a general message from the physical body and what it needs to thrive and be healthy. If you would like a similar personal reading then you can choose the Detailed Vision Tarot Reading.

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