Looking back on the year 2021 - Lessons and Challenges

Approaching the end of the year we start to look back at what we have achieved and at what has happened in the last year. It has been a rocky year, with many struggles and changes. It has tested our beliefs and the way we understand each-other to the max.

We have been pushed to ask many questions and the kind of questions that change the way we work as a society and we have started conflicts of opinion which are yet to unfold. This year has stimulated the weak points in our consciousness, the pain spots which are sore and hurting.

By the way this year has worked on us we have had a lot of opportunities for growth in how we perceive the world and other people. A very old conflict has been resurfaced, the one about respecting the boundaries of another person and their way of living, the one about our place in society as a whole and the one about what makes us human. This has brought the potential to refine the way we talk and express our point of view, in order to be inclusive and respectful of the other person.


The number 21 has been shown to me so many times in the last 3 years that it has become clear to me that this year would be a very important year for me personally. I have learned and grown so fast in this past two years… more then in my whole life, because I have been pushed hard to do this and the fertile soil was ready and prepared.

This number has a special meaning to me as it shows me The World, the Tarot Archetype with the number 21 and this means for me a lot of things but it is an alarm for completion and integration of the many aspects of self. This year would mean The World to me and it has, because I have become more in tune with myself and I worked on deep fears that used to paralyze my body and pull me out of being conscious.

It is funny, because these fears have started in 2017 and have been amplifying ever since, without a conscious understanding of why. They were lurking in the dark, waiting for a trigger to come out. The year 2020 was the maximum trigger and I almost went out of being conscious for a while, walking like a doomed zombie, always in pain and in hunger of something I never had. I felt like I lost myself for a while, in the darkness of these fears which dragged me to the bottom, wishing everything was just a dream.

These fears had their way with me for a while. I was there but not really in control, just sitting around watching the dramatic spectacle running through my head and my body, not even willing to search a way out. I am not joking about the depth of this, it was extremely hard and it probably is not what most of you are thinking about. The outside was just a trigger but my fears were not exactly motivated by the world, they were old. Their links ran deep into my body linking my whole life and going beyond the birth point.

These fears were ancestral and felt so familiar, like a mother’s touch. They held me for so long in their arms that I was just so accustomed with them being there and running certain structures. So the year 21 was the year when I could see what the last years have been about and offered me the possibility to let them go. It seems so strange, because they were a part of me, but now they slowly go away and a part of me feels abandoned, knowing we can no longer be as before.

Maybe you feel that this should be liberating … but liberation comes when you integrate this change, when you go over the grief and loss, and it may not feel as joy. At first it is a moment when you may feel you lose something you were, when you go through a time of death and lack of consciousness, in order to let go. It is painful and you feel grief and loss which will need time to heal. Liberation comes with the will to let go and let die, that part of you which no longer serves.

It is painful because you know that part of you, it is familiar and it has been with you for such a long time, faithfully there, supporting you through all of difficulties in your life. It is a right of passage, going from one you to the next and it contains this feeling of leaving yourself behind.

So the number 21 for me has such a deep meaning, it is also associated with the Gene Key 21 Control-Authority-Valor. Working on the way I try to control life, fate and other people has been a big part of my inner work, the past two years.

21 is composed of 2 (yin energy) and 1(yang energy), but the 2 is in front of the 1, leading the 1 and protecting the 1. This tells me about the need to put gentleness, compassion, love, humanity in front of any other type of action we may take. This has been the main message to guide us in 2021 and beyond. Gentleness instead of control, acceptance instead of domination, love instead of force.

In the article about the 2021 year energy, I talked about how this year is linked to 2012. 12/21 has haunted me everywhere these past years, written all over the place, including my cards and some other documents I regularly use. This connection also goes back through the cycles we experienced this millennia, linking our issues and unresolved trans-generational traumas about external authority.

20-21, Judgement and The World -> this whole century will be about Judgement and the consequences our actions have brought over the years, but the year 2021 is an important bridge to a new potential, a new potential which is growing in our consciousness. It is an opportunity to stop judging others and start accepting differences. It is a chance to start understanding where we have failed our fellow human, our neighbor and our friends. It is an invitation to refine and clean our relationship with the world and with ourselves.

This whole year has made me understand the preciousness of our human traits and that being humane is more important than anything else.

Looking back on the themes of year 2021

Let’s make a review of what I wrote at the beginning of the year and how it unfolded.


I have discussed about blessings and how important our words are. We have seen this year just how much words can influence opinion, voting and behavior of people and how much we can achieve by just using words.

But what happens when we are not heard or even invited to speak ? At that time it is a moment of despair and we may start throwing curses and blame at each-other. But what if we just sit and contemplate and in that state of peace look for what we are not hearing, what we are ignoring in ourselves ? When we do this we might realize that we may not have got the message either, that what we wanted to convey was not what our inner truth was saying and maybe we did not know how to express it so it will be received.

Please do not fall into the idea that we are to blame for everything, but instead just open to the idea that we may have a contribution and that by seeing it we may draw benefits in many areas.

We may have not learned how to properly bless with our words and how to speak in a way that we are received, so this past year has been a challenge on this topic.

My words:
“Blessing does not have to be a sweet, sweet word, but rather a truth soaked in love. This year we will be able to observe how by using words, any of them, we can create beneficial spells - blessings, or evil spells - manipulations.”

I have also talked about censorship and “cancel culture”, a behavior based on fear of words and what they might reveal or stimulate. The war with our words has been on for centuries, just like the war with our mind or the war between heart and mind. This past year has challenged us to learn how to use the words and their definitions, without fear, searching for a way to use them appropriately.

Sometimes words are not even seen, they live in our heads and vote for a certain idea or a certain behavior without our conscious influence. Invisible words become engrained beliefs which solidify over time and get a life of their own, functioning under the radar.

Listening is what can help us find a bridge to understanding. Proper listening is an act of opening up and really receiving the meaning of what the other wishes to convey, leading to seeing the truth and learning how to benedict each-other and offer grace.

My words:
“With the help of the energy of the High Priest Archetype we will go through this maturation of the understanding of expression by opening our ears and listening. ”

Look back at the year 2021 and see how have you been using your words and opinions ?
Did you find a way to offer benediction or grace ?

Dogma and Cult

A war of beliefs has been unfolding this past year, each side trying to impose or convince the other of their veracity, beliefs long held and embedded in our psyche, deep fears linked to our past and our future. Forming extreme sides is what causes separation and the middle point, where understanding lies, remains empty.

That middle space, where understanding is possible, can only be reached if all sides start to open up to the possibility of acceptance and compassion. We can live together even if we have differences and if the differences are irreconcilable then we can think of a way to live within our respective groups without any need to fight.

The fight is for the space of understanding, because each side desires for the other side to understand, without them actually being open to acceptance of differences. Dogmatic beliefs have a life of their own, they live the people rather than the people live them. These types of beliefs are very difficult to change as they are so solidified, engrained and resistant to change.

As long as we still think our specific side is the best and holds the truth, then we are not open to changing our beliefs and holding a space of acceptance of differences and inclusivity.

This past year has tested our capacity of change, adaptation and inclusivity.
Look back and see where you have been holding on to old belief systems, so hard that you felt justified to reject connection and understanding ?

The intermediary or mercenary

The mercenary is an intermediary to which you can fall prey and which usually asks you to make a contract with it, directly or indirectly. By giving up your choice or your power, this intermediary promises you help, protection or connection with the divine, depending on the case.

This intermediary uses whatever methods it can so you can depend on its services, because it cannot live or prosper without your attention and contribution. It may promise the moon and the stars and give you back just empty promises, making sure you have proof of possibility, Proof of possibility means the intermediary will show you things or offer you experiences through which to convince you the empty promises are fulfilled, but not fully… so you stay hanging on a thread, always hoping for the best to arrive.

This past year we have seen many people/groups/feelings/beliefs/structures, expressing this type of behavior, being exposed in the eyes of those who can see them. Some false idols have fallen already and this will continue to happen. This may have brought disappointments and frustration throughout the year but it has helped to strengthen our divine connection and our self - awareness.

The way our collective consciousness works has also been so interesting to observe, as seeing the movements and reactions, the subconscious/unconscious behavior in such a clear light leads to deep healing.

Collaboration and community

I have talked about community and how this will become so important in the year 2021. This past year many groups with common goals have strengthened their structures and others have formed. Some of us have changed much of our entourage because we have seen who can actually love and support us. Some family bonds have broken and others gained more stability as a result of dropping some masks of kindness.

This initial cleaning in our relationships is needed for us to be able to get to know each-other better and start to welcome sincerity into our human connections. Our concepts of community have changed this year and we can see how important it is to have a place you can feel accepted, welcomed and heard.

Through this whole chaos we start to be attracted to people who are in our resonance and our way of relating changes to match our values. Differences can be accepted but we need to see them first and know where we need to put in the work of refinement.

My words:
“It is time to focus on similarities and what connects us. If we change our approach like this, then we will be able to notice a surprise - the other, with a seemingly very different view, has a common ideal with us … only he understands it differently.”

Some of us will have realized just how important human connection is and how healing human touch and love is. This year we received this opportunity to connect back with our essence and to the people we can call family.


This past year we have seen groups of people start to get more involved in the education of their children. The issues were there all along, but this year have been brought to the surface and people have started to take action and speak up, stimulate change and improvement.

We have become more aware, as a community, about the importance of educating our children properly, in a safe and loving environment. This rising awareness will stimulate change to be done in the future. Remember, change is not easy, so this awareness is not a general thing although there is a general tendency. It has taken root in a certain group of people and is growing.

War and Conflict

As this year ends, we can see how much conflict it has brought, conflict of old solidified beliefs that have been put into the spotlight, needing to be changed. Is change going to happen now ? Durable change takes a long time to bring results, but this spark has put the basis of future change. How that will happen we have yet to live and see.

We dug up a grave from the past and resurfaced so many unresolved traumas and dramatic memories. I have been living painful past memories, this year, and probably some of you have been doing that too. These memories and the souls who have been affected by past injustice are calling for a resolution and we are here to work through these energies and move forward as best we can.

Sometimes conflict is a necessary way to bring about change and to stimulate us out of our comfort zone, seeing what needs to be left behind and what needs to be transformed. As the conflicts generated this year are strong, they will endure as the beliefs we are working upon are so solidified in our psyche.

We’ve just shaken the boat and mixed all the things into a chaos, but this will push us into a re-ordering and choosing what we need and what we no longer need. This process is yet to come, because the shaking has not yet stopped and it will continue for a while.

My words:
“War is not between us, the more we understand this the more we can withdraw from the battle and see the intermediary in our minds and experiences. Have faith, is one of the guiding ideas of this year, but have faith by doing the necessary actions.

This may be the greatest challenge of this year, to find ways to step out of the blaming game and to innovate in how we show the need to be taken into consideration and the need of change and acceptance.”

Have you found ways to step out of the blaming game and solve the inner conflicts ?
Do you still have faith ? Have you taken the necessary actions ?

Last Notes

This year we have hammered into the shaky foundations of faith, religion and dogmatic belief structures and we have found how deep the rabbit hole goes. After what we’ve seen there is a lot of work to be done, so we can get to a new state of relating to the world and ourselves.

I have spoken about the gods we make and how we willingly submit to a belief system in order to quench our thirst for something we think we lack. This past year has brought a great potential to heal our connection with our divine aspects and to accept the authority of our soul and spirit. This type of deep healing has opened the door to a stronger divine connection which is grounded in every action we take.

As this year leaves us, take a moment with yourself and reach deep inside and contemplate on these few question:

  • What has this year changed in you ?
  • How are you going to go forward ?
  • What do you really need ?
  • What is important ?
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