Cultivate wellbeing by learning how to integrate the experiences of year 2023

2023 is almost over and we are at the step of integrating its experiences and finishing up the last actions, closing up issues and getting to conclusions. Integration of past experiences is incredibly powerful and I would say a real need if we would like to keep being healthy, maintain and increase our wellbeing.

Unfinished business or not integrated experiences may grow consequences that become traumatic with time. It is like energy that gets stuck in the past, or gets repressed and influences us without our knowledge, until something wakes it up. When this happens, these consequences of lack of proper integration, disturb our lives in order to get us to take care of them and solve the stuck energy.

Nowadays, we start to realize, as a collective, that these types of unintegrated experiences may create trauma and increase chances of detrimental consequences to our health and wellbeing. I call the stuck energies that are left to integrate - residual energies. A few examples of residual energies are: not lived emotions, not acknowledged thoughts, denied patterns of thinking or behavior, wrong perceptions or lies.

To integrate past experiences means to fully live, embody and then process all of the stuck energy and so release it from our being, instead of carrying it with us, like a burden on our backs. Imagine anger from a past conflict, walking next to you like a red giant, wanting to get revenge or justice, and you having to put up with this all day, causing you great stress and consumption of your precious resources. Wouldn’t life be easier if we take care of that red giant, so we wouldn’t have to constantly deal with it?

And no, integration does not mean coping or management, it means healing.

With all of this in mind, I invite you to take a dive into 2023 main themes and to see how they’ve played a role in the collective but also in your own life.

If you would like to re-read the article I wrote at the beginning of the year, where you will find the 2023 main collective themes then please open 2023 Main Themes, guided by The Chariot Archetype.



The first theme I have analyzed has to do with how we feel in our current position in the hierarchy of our collective social system. This theme has played out in our homes, relationships and how we create connections with institutions, governments and other people in authority.

We may not like hierarchy and how it works, but it is the system that has proven to be the most reliable throughout our history and provide the means for growth and progress. Fighting people in charge is similar to fighting our parents as adolescents. We do it to grow and to develop a sense of individuality and freedom. It is a normal stage in our development as humans and so, this friction is a normal stage in our development as a collective.

If you have had conflicts with authority, with your parents, with other people and institutions that have a higher position in the hierarchy, or you’ve felt the inferior vs. superior struggle, then I invite you to take a few moments and think about this and the residual energies you may still hold as a result of these conflicts.

Write them down, say them out-loud, look for resolution and communication, share them with your friends or therapists, think about how is best for you to release these energies in the last weeks of this year.

In case you have experienced inner conflicts and you’ve felt controlled by certain patterns of behavior, addictions, emotions or states, then I invite you to take a few breaths and remember how this struggle has been for you. If you know how, love and take care of yourself. If you do not know how, then there are many ways to start learning.

One way I love to release old energies is to create a simple ritual, in which I write the residual energies down on paper and then I burn them with intention, asking to be helped in releasing them. This is of course not a full solution, as depending on the nature of the residual energies, many other things may be needed. This ritual signals to your whole being the intention to release, it also helps you remember the residual energies and feel them, as you write them down, signaling to the subconscious that these are over and need to be let go of.

My words:
“The Chariot is inviting you to see your position and be practical about it. Find your starting point and it will be easier to see your end point or the goals that will help you find satisfaction. ”

In this present moment, look back at the start of this year and see if your position changed in your workplace, your family or in society. How do you see yourself now in comparison with the start of this year ? Do you have regrets or unfulfilled wishes ?

What we did not do may create shame or blame, and our unfulfilled wishes may create disappointments and tensions. The year is ending, so the wishes we had for it and our actions need to conclude here. If appropriate, we may transform past wishes in new and better wishes for the future, and so process this energy from stuck to useful. The things we did not do, regrets, need to be accepted as our limitations and lessons. By learning from them, we transform the regrets into new energy for future actions.


This is an internal experience of how you see yourself in relation to someone else or something else. A proper assessment helps you realize, accept, and be happy with your current position in life, as well as making consistent progress toward new positions.

My Words:
“Finding purpose and meaning in life comes by honoring our core values. What are those core values for you ? “

Feeling valuable and valued comes through honoring yourself and perpetuating loyalty to your core values. When you break your core values, you may feel you have betrayed yourself, and as a consequence you devalue yourself. A similar thing happens when we try to follow someone else’s values, we put their values before our own, and we betray ourselves in the process, and again we start devaluing ourselves.

What are your core values now, comparing to the start of the year ? How do you understand your core values now ?

Evaluation, in the context of this year’s Archetype, is a process through which we recognize value within and also without and then we align ourselves with valuable things and people. Integrating emotions does not include only negative experiences but also positive ones. With this in mind, I invite you to look back to what you’ve found of value this year, within yourself, others or the world. Feel these experiences and celebrate them so you may find more value during the next year.


My Words:
“Celebration does not have to be complicated. Success is available every single day.”

Look back and recognize your own accomplishments and be simple about it. Every single thing that you do, has a result that can be considered a success.

I have been very surprised to look back at the goals I’ve set up in the beginning of the year and to realize I’ve accomplished almost every single one. Yes, of course there are some I have not fully accomplished, but I have made great progress.

Happiness and celebration may be a few of the repressed emotions you’ve locked in the past, so now I invite you to find those moments and create a space for you to live them. Not lived happiness and joy turn bitter.


After the energy of this year , you’ve probably faced the need for discipline and order in your work, home or within yourself. How was your experience ? Did you struggle with this or you managed to create a successful alliance ?

Depending on your personality structure and your cognitive processes, you have a certain relationship with order and discipline. Some people have a natural way of using it and others run away from it and try to avoid it.

The more chaotic you are, the more you need order, since the extreme creative way of being may pose lots of difficulties to get things done and so enjoy accomplishments.

The more ordered you are, the more you need to loosen up a little bit as discipline, in this particular case, becomes like a prison with no bars, locking you in without a key to joy and happiness.

Revise the last year and see how your relationship with discipline and order has changed or not, and what residual emotions and sensations need your attention. If you’ve been too harsh with yourself, then you may need some compassion. If you’ve been too loose then you may need some encouragement to make plans or some order.

Take a few breaths and realize what discipline and what method, skill or routine helped you the most and what did not. Give thanks to the people who were an inspiration and recognize how your own abilities have changed.


How did you get to know yourself this year ? What new things did you find out about who you are becoming ? What new aspects of self have been brought to the surface this year ? Take a few breaths and enumerate the new things you’ve discovered.

Right now you have more understanding of who you are and probably new ways to feel confident and whole. Look into your challenges and see what have they revealed to you about yourself. Take the useful results and the new found strengths with you toward the new year.

Recognize how in this moment you have more resources than before. Even if you’ve lost some, most probably you’ve also gained some and they are more aligned with who you are right now. Consider showing gratitude towards your current resources.


My Words:
“During this whole year we will be faced with finding real motivation and passion to follow our purpose, while struggling to define our core values. “

How was your motivation this year ? What about your focus ? Were you able to use discipline to sustain your motivation in a beneficial direction ?

Take a few breaths and feel your current motivation. Then look back at the start of the year and follow how your motivation has changed during this year. How do you feel about your whole experience ? What can you learn from this ?

Have you found that inner fire that propels you through the darkest times ? If not, do not worry, time is never lost to create this part of self or to discover it. Try to make a proposition or a promise to yourself, in regard to your motivation, for the next year. Settle the disputes, the accusations and the regrets, so your focus and drive be liberated from what happened.


My words:
“The focus shown by the year 2023 is finding the blessings in our life purpose. Being grateful for who we are, who we have become and what we’ve done to get in this particular position. Appreciating our current position brings stability and creates a state of empowerment. We feel the power running through our veins when we have our feet firmly set onto the ground beneath us, our heart open and liberated and our mind clear and striving for the sky.“

Read the focus of this year and feel how it sits with you now. What emotions or thoughts arise about your year ? Take a few breaths and receive this experience.


This has been a different type of article, thick with calls to experience and guidance on what or how to integrate. If this is new to you, take it easy. Feel free to re-read and work the exercises in you own time, but try to be simplistic and honest about it. It does not have to take long. If it feels it takes a lot and it is difficult, then maybe you can ask for help and find someone who can support your integration.

In my personal experience, this year has brought a lot of growth by confronting traumas and so many fears, becoming more autonomous as a being. My health has posed some challenges and I was guided to prioritize my healing and my wellbeing, even though this meant I had to put my work on pause.

My Personal 2023 Year Archetype was Strength. Whenever this Archetype appears, the respective year proves to be incredibly difficult and challenging. Coupled with The Chariot as the global energy, it has been a force that washed me on a new shore.

The struggles that I’ve had, pushed me to become more and more clear about who I am. The pains I went through, showed me I can rely on my strengths more and more. While I love what I have achieved this year, I am happy it is now ending and I can reap the benefits of my efforts.

May you be open to see the residual energies that need your attention
May you hold them and yourself with love and compassion
May you find your way forward, in a liberated form

How Can I Help You Integrate Easier?

With a Revelation & Guidance personalized reading we will be able to analyze what are the most important energies to integrate from the 2023 past experiences, how to best integrate them, what is there to be released and what can be carried through to the next year, as well as ways to take care of yourself while doing this process of integration.

This will help you have a good start with your integration as well as focus you on what is the most important to integrate in order to start your new year with the best support for your wellbeing.

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