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I actually wanted to do another reading called "What you need to know about your path". Inside that reading I had also this aspect about Important Help, along with other aspects. This one caught my eye so I decided to do a reading just for this subject.

My Experience

When I chose the cards for me I almost cried since I felt so much love and support coming towards me. I saw my path under another type of light and I started to feel more trust. Sometimes messages come to me instantly, like an instant revelation and other times take more effort and dedication. Usually there is a bit of both.

Each of the readings in this Pick-A-Card gave me a present of deep understanding and compassion. It brought to the surface aspects of my past and also helped me better integrate ideas and messages I received earlier. The whole reading, which would be 5 readings done with this structure, gave me so much divine help and support that I felt held into the arms of divine light and glory.

I really have no words to say as to explain how much this reading helped me get out of a dark moment in my life, in which I felt no one helped me and no one was able to. Realizing that you are helped is so important, as it prevents us from falling into the realm of dark despair and sorrow.

These past two years I worked on my core trauma, realizing how long I have been carrying such a heavy burden with me. I had no idea about the intensity of the trauma my body passed through as a baby and my subconscious hid for protective reasons. I had a failed ascension in January 2020 and now I think I can start to speak about that. At that moment, after this failed ascension I fell into the darkness. This is normal and I realized that very soon, but the state I was in held little possibility for high awareness to properly work. I chose to dive deep so I could clean up my underworld but I did not realize it would be this difficult & painful.

Looking back now, I can see the incredible amount of strength I mustered to rise out of that hell-hole. I am still not out but I am very close to the edge in order to see the light. I am recognizing that this has brought me a tremendous and very rapid chance of spiritual growth. I've made so much progress even if I thought I did not. Right now I am starting to see the help and guidance I had, although I was screaming to the winds that no one is there for me.

The Reading

This reading offers a glimpse at what type of help you might be getting at this time, human and divine. This is a general group reading, if you desire a personal reading then please choose a Detailed Vision Tarot Reading.

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Mystic Seer, passionate and ardent for deep understanding of self and the world. My favorite tools are contemplation, listening to the divine, Tarot, visions, sound meditations and art. May we meet in the space between words, where love expands into experience.

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