In this article I will discuss the concepts of immunity from different points of view. Some things may be harder to understand. Please take your time and if you feel annoyed or angry remember that you may have a different point of view from which you may make other assumptions than me.

Immunity as a concept

What does immunity mean? What do we mean and how do we understand this concept? We usually understand our body's natural system of protection, but not only that, we can add a state of being untouched by the consequences of an act such as diplomatic immunity.

This concept divides us into those with the right of immunity, and thus privileged in the eyes of others and protected from many situations that could destabilize them, and those who do not have a certain right of immunity and thus can be attacked at any time and anyway, with anything.

This concept introduces a way of thinking that influences how people think about immunity, giving them the idea that immunity needs to be given by someone else. This creates an inner conflict that can modify or destabilize the natural way the mind and body work.

We can call this much desired immunity by another name, namely - SAFETY.

Remember the locks on the doors? What were they good at? To keep the unwanted out of the house, that is, to give you immunity from their actions.

Feeling safe is paramount to having a peaceful life and is needed in order for human consciousness to grow and develop. When we get stuck in fear and insecurity it gets very difficult to think about anything else than how to establish security and safety. Our safety depends on the group of people we live with and feeling safe includes having a good environment and trusting the people around you.

Lack of proper knowledge can keep a group of people in fear for a long time since they get stuck in the trauma and cannot find a way out, which involves a clear mind and some innovation and initiative.

IMM-UNITY = I - M - UNITY, I am united or I am one being

When I am in harmony with myself and the environment in which I live, I have natural immunity, that is, I am connected and receive the necessary resources from all my aspects, body, mind, soul and spirit, and from the environment in which I am … And so I'm safe.

In this way, I can deal with any new element or situation that is offered to me, and I can make decisions from the heart that support my unique expression.

Physical Immunity

Immunity at the physical level is expressed by the harmonious functioning of all the inhabitants of our body. This includes bacteria, fungi, so-called viruses, indoor flora and fauna and all other elements.

It is also expressed through a connection with the environment, with all the elements of nature, with respect and reverence for each other.

When we are in this harmony, all the elements of the body are maintained in a state of communication and connection, and they do not become extremist, that is, they do not expand in a cancerous way and do not become trapped and obsessed with security.

This state of internal balance is maintained by accepting each component as it is, in its own nature, understanding that everyone does their job so that the whole can enjoy its experience. This supposes accepting the different shapes, roles and expressions of each element, as they all function together.

In this state, when a toxicity alert of any kind is received, it will be properly addressed and the body will continue to function. Even if it is momentarily unbalanced or overwhelmed, it will be able to quickly learn what it needs to do because it has access to the natural resources of body, mind, soul, and spirit.

For example, if something in the environment is currently toxic or a toxin has a high level, our body will be alerted to take action now and in the future. If you have a slightly altered food in front of you, or one that has something that is not beneficial for your body, through touch, smell and even gaze, you will be alerted to them. After this you will feel something repulsive towards that food, without any attached logic, without any clear idea about why you feel that.

Usually, people have been taught to completely ignore these messages, disconnecting from their natural system of communication with the environment. In this way, they do not listen to the instructions for maintaining internal harmony and end up doing harmful actions against themselves.

Mental Immunity

Immunity at the mental level is expressed through the state of confidence and release of expectations. Thus, with an open, clear and calm mind, you can find the necessary solutions to understand the situation and take the necessary actions.

The field of trust brings attention to the body and an undoubted consideration of the information that is received through it. The body is not ignored, the sensations are listened to and believed, and then the mind becomes clear waiting for the indications from the soul.

Something else usually happens, namely: the mind ignores the body, sensations become fantasies, messages are judged in every way and thus energy is consumed on ruminating the reality of the situation instead of leaving the way open to observe, feel and receive the information you need to deal with the situation.

If you have ever been in a totally unexpected situation, you may have experienced total clarity of mind. In that form, released from disturbing thoughts and energies, the mind clearly receives exactly what it has to do and takes action with extraordinary precision. If you've seen the movie Limitless, I mean something like that, but it works very well without pills!

The state of mental immunity is the state in which we are aware of our power, without being ignorant, arrogant and tyrannical. In this way, our mind becomes in the service of the whole and can facilitate the expression of the love of the soul.

Spiritual Immunity

Immunity at this level is simply awareness of the connection to the source. It is simple, clear and without a doubt. It has no judgment and does not ask to be recognized, it just is.

When you are in union with yourself then you have access to energy, love, healing resources, wisdom and so you understand that every experience is part of your adventure and story. The concept of being protected or not, falls, because here you choose to embody a form, a body-mind-personality, a face, as long as it is useful and when it is time to change it is done without drama.

At the level of spirit, this state can be associated with the state of flow, with the state of allowing and walking with the nature of your being.

Planetary Immunity

Our planet also has an immune system and it is composed of plants, animals and humans.

The systematic destruction of plants, trees, animals and the ignorance of their regeneration cycles, leads to a systematic destruction of the immunity of our body, which is part of and composed of other smaller beings of this planet.

The problem is not cutting a branch or a tree. All this can be done in accordance with the regeneration cycles of the planet and without exaggerating with unjustified consumption. Also, the trees dry out naturally, and fall on their own…

Water pollution leads to the pollution of the waters that make up our body, because in these waters we bathe and drink and we also consume these waters. The waters thus cleaned and sterilized, intoxicated with too high or too low levels of certain substances, no longer have a state of harmony and balance so they may lead to a state of sterilization of the body, and this means killing the internal flora and fauna of the digestive and immune system.

Pro-biotics and pre-biotics have been used lately to recover the intestinal flora. Although useful in certain situations and contexts, what we need is to touch the ground, to feel the grass, to be in touch with life and other people.

Pollution of the planet's air leads to pollution of the internal air and thus to a smaller amount of oxygen and energy available. The effort becomes very difficult and the physical strength decreases. Cells become eager for oxygen and are thus deprived of what they need, and moreover, they become intoxicated with what they do not need. In this situation the body needs more rest and lives less.

There are many exercises for breathing and cleaning the airways and lungs. Although useful, what we need is oxygen in the right proportions, trust to open our chest and to accept the air. We no longer breathe properly, the air no longer supports and nourishes us, but we want to ignore it by separating ourselves even more, in rooms with filtered air. The air filters are not the issue here, but the lack of action towards stopping pollution.

Pollution of the land by profit-based farming methods, excessive and misunderstood use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, genetic manipulation, use of resources in a consumerist way contributes to destroying fauna, flora and causing landslides, huge holes and other adverse consequences which lead to the inevitable pollution of the body at different levels, creating dysfunctions in the use of nutrients and other elements.

In this idea there is the remedy of detoxification, but it becomes very difficult and expensive the more we pollute, and at some point it becomes like another way to torment yourself.

All these remedies and solutions are useful, but let's remember what is the intention and direction we are going, and if necessary to change it.

In addition to all this we add mental pollution through self-destructive programming, suppression of will power and free speech, blame and shame, indoctrination in blind obedience and robotization, disconnection of body, mind and soul, noise and electro-magnetic pollution, emotional pollution by sustaining and inducing repeated and severe emotional crises.

In this way the body becomes susceptible to all sorts of imbalances which we call serious ailments and diseases.

We have been in a state of global immune crisis for some time. The planet is warming and cooling, as if it is going through a state of common cold, elimination or transformation of useless elements and finding another state of harmony.

I invite you to contribute to a new state of harmony and to the recovery of your own immunity and the planetary immunity. How do we do these? Through love and understanding that we are all here together as part of a greater organism, a community, even though we are each unique.

I invite you to give back to nature, to offer instead of being fixed in taking and consuming. How to offer? I leave you to contemplate these.

We are a community of humans like our body has a community of cells. Like our body's cells, we are different and we work together. Our health depends on the way we collaborate.

Immunity through Love

We come to find this state of harmony through love, by accepting the conflicting parties and by offering the opportunity to reconnect. Collaboration is the key to a healthy body and a healthy community.

If we continue to accuse those who are apparently aggressing us, blaming them and constantly just complaining, we will support this internal conflict. This doesn't invite you to sit idle and do nothing :)

By giving love, we give each person a chance to accept or reject. If they are still afraid, we will accept that this is their choice and with compassion we will allow them to follow their path, whatever that may be. Even the choice of self-destruction needs to be allowed to be, because then it will be free to do what it knows best to do, namely to disappear.

Fear of your neighbor is exacerbated in these moments, clearly shown by everything that happens. Isolation and separation from nature, from loved ones, from the sun, water and air, appears on the surface to be understood. Love is the energy that heals, sustains, gives freedom and accepts everything as is, supporting the recovery of the entire community.

Survival is highly valued and considered important. Why don't we get to live? Why do we need something above, something superior to life, something extra, sensational, supercalifragilistic?

Here comes the question. Do you choose love? What kind of life do you want?

When we just oppose what is happening, like certain rules for example, we do not allow ourselves time and calm to ask ourselves: What do we really want? What are our desires for the future? Can we express our needs and ask for them in a peaceful way ?

I invite you to be honest with yourself and find out what you value the most and what you want for yourself and your loved ones? And when you find out, ask yourself how you can put this into practice and how you can express yourself to embody those dreams. Take the first step towards that now with simple actions.


Imm-unity and com-unity are similar words, speaking about our personal unity - the inner unity of all our aspects, and the collective unity, the exterior unity of all people in a group.

As we can see the community, the immunity of the collective is based on the immunity of each of us, and the immunity of each of us is founded on inner and outer harmony. Harmony includes fear but does not exacerbates it, creating a state of acceptance of what is and creating space for everything to actually change in a loving way.

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