How the Inner Blockages, that prevent you from being YOU, Work & Look Like

I'm stuck in the dark. I feel locked in my own mind and my body reacts and takes control before my conscious action. Part of me really wants to continue in this place, which has become a prison. Why ? Why can't I get out of here? What's the matter with me?

I've often wondered what an inner blockage looks like. I don't like vague things that make me chase fantasies. Over time and after much work and study on my own and my clients' blockages, I have learned how to describe a blocking pattern.

What is an Inner Blockage?

The term inner blockage refers to a pattern of beliefs, emotions, thoughts and other issues that stops us from developing healthily or moving in a direction that is beneficial to us. It keeps us locked in a kind of box, where the same difficult experiences keep repeating themselves.

They may contain, among other things, how we have adapted to a particular difficult-to-process situation (coping mechanism), as well as traumatic memories.

Blockages can be expressed at the physical, emotional, mental, conscious level, along with karmic and traumatic blockages. Let's discover what inner blockages are and how they express themselves!

What does an Interior Blockage look like?

Take a look at the drawing below and you will discover how a blockage symbolically looks like. The dots and lines create a closed pattern that is almost impossible to break out of. The dots are the defining beliefs of the blockage and the lines designate the behavior generated by this template.

You can think of the blockage as a neural network, where the dots are the neurons and the lines are the neural connections created between them. The template is self-activated and works non-stop in our subconscious and unconscious. It is the way of thinking, feeling and acting that we learned at one time, and which was then reinforced through practice and repetition.

The associated thoughts and emotions flow as energy through the connecting lines and maintain the pattern. Sometimes certain thoughts and emotions, which have become habitual, begin to form an extended circle around a basic belief. See an example in the drawing with the light blue circle. The main belief will be obscured by this construction and thus even more difficult to discover.

Complex memories, perceptions and feelings can appear as a highly colored aura, located at another level of consciousness, around this neural network or concentrated in its center. In the drawing, you see them concentrated in the centre.

Pattern Example

Since it is rather difficult to exemplify an entire pattern, I will give the example of a fragment. It contains the following beliefs, which derive from each other: "I am poor and I am virtuous" -" "It is good to have nothing" -" "I don't need anything" -" "Material things make life hard for me" -" "I am content with little" -" "I feel closer to God" -" "Divinity will help me" ... and so on.

The connecting line between "I am poor and virtuous" and "It is good to have nothing" may contain the following behaviors: the person does not receive gifts and finds them offensive; the person gives others too many resources creating a state of poverty; the person avoids opportunities to make money or receive resources; the person denies children's needs for hygiene and adequate food; the person donates to the needy/churches instead of helping his/her family, etc.

The emotions that run through the template can be these: pride, virtuousness, masochism - "the pleasure of denying one's own needs and thus hurting oneself"; addiction to poverty; suffering from receiving and being healthy; overwhelmed by the sufferings of the world, etc.

The thoughts that go through the system can be these: I am liked by the Divine, I am special, I don't ask anything from others and so I am like a saint, how good it is not to be so dependent on money, life is easy like this, etc.

This kind of pattern can keep a person in abject poverty, with dire consequences for their health and that of their children.

Inner Blockages of Awareness

These can also be called limits in the path of self-development and define our life and destiny. They are blind spots where we need to bring the light of consciousness. We usually miss them and it is very difficult to understand them from the level of development and understanding we have.

Unlike the others, these we discover through our own very difficult life experiences, when we violently bump into something and are forced to wake up. Some people, even when the knife is to the bone, run away from this experience of awareness and thus deny the opportunity to grow.

In this case, many of the dots and lines describing the blocking template are hidden and unknown.

Think about when you want to explain something to another person and the message just doesn't get through. No matter what you try, there seems to be some kind of veil that you cannot remove with logic or emotion. There simply isn't that experience/concept in the person's awareness. So is this type of blockage, it is very hidden and even if we face it, we are very likely not to recognize it.

This type of blockage results in mental and emotional paralysis. Our minds simply cannot process it at all. As a result, we may completely forget the event or parts of the situation, or replace them with fantasies and beliefs that are more comfortable for us. Sometimes these blockages have physical repercussions, depending on the actions we take.

Unlike traumatic blockages, where we can have mental and emotional paralysis, here the cause is not pain or trauma, but simply a total lack of awareness and understanding.

We all have these kinds of blockages because we have limits. Their discovery is part of our natural evolution.

Traumatic Inner Blockages

Traumatic blockages start from a real event and from memories and perceptions related to that event. They contain well-defined triggers, such as a certain repetitive action, certain words, a certain sound, a certain color, image or type of clothing, etc. We can also have an emotion experienced in a specific context as a trigger.

A single trauma can create various blockages, related or different, that influence how we live our lives, how we act and what opportunities we attract.

If the blockage was created when we were a child, then it influences how we develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thus, we may have various shortcomings in our growth as people and difficulties in our success in life. It will tacitly influence us, all our lives, if we don't consciously choose to heal and go through the whole process of recovery and growth.

In these cases, we can be partially aware of the structure of the blockages. Some emotions and thoughts are part of our daily habits and we can be very aware of them. Some beliefs may be known and considered normal. The connections and how it works are quite difficult to understand, as well as the consequences.

These types of blockages result in PTSD and CPTSD, health problems, various impairments in thinking and acting, as well as inappropriate behaviors and even self-destructive actions. Mental and emotional paralysis, which can occur, can block memories or parts of them, make memories vague, blurred, and create misunderstandings of past events. The fantasies that are usually created in this case are different from the trauma itself, and help to maintain internal reassurance, but do not replace the memories themselves.

Karmic Inner Blockages

These blockages are created by karma, i.e. by the consequences of our actions, but also by inheriting the consequences of the actions of ancestors, children or life partners. They can come from this period of life or from our past lives or those of our family.

They are very present in our lives and we usually encounter these types of blockages frequently. Even if some are from past lives or ancestors, they will be reflected, through an updated pattern relevant to us, in our current lives.

In this case, many of the pattern lines or points can be experienced consciously, but without understanding their meaning. We feel that it is simply part of life and how we are. We can see that there is something there that is detrimental to us, maybe a behavior or a way of thinking, but we don't know what to do and how to dismantle it.

These blockages can be extremely messy. Some can have hundreds of source points and many lines, affecting a multitude of areas in our lives, such as our married life, relationships with children or friends, physical or financial health, career and development, emotional and mental state, etc.

By working with these karmic templates we can free ourselves from the past and thus make choices that are as uninfluenced as possible by limiting or simply harmful beliefs.

Emotional Inner Blockages

Emotional blockages are created by stagnation of complex emotions or feelings. They are not allowed to pass through all our structures and be processed. They remain unresolved, causing ongoing pain and eventually affecting the body's physical, mental and emotional health.

Emotional blocks pulse frantically, full of energy flowing through the lines and points. Emotional energy creates pain and does not release because it is trapped in this unresolved pattern. Unlike the others, emotional energy is overflowing in this case, being strongly felt regardless of whether we are aware of certain beliefs, thoughts or emotions that are part of the pattern.

The beliefs that make up the block are based on feeling, such as "I feel hopeless", "I feel worthless", "I feel incapable", etc.

Sometimes all we feel is a strange emotional state, hard to define, hard to understand where it comes from and why it occurs. In some cases, they accompany traumatic memories or are part of a karmic blockage.

Mental Inner Blockages

These are blockages to understanding, such as prejudices, interpretations, superstitions, imaginations, projections or expectations. If they are expressed largely on a mental level and are not related to emotional, karmic or other blockages, then they are the easiest to resolve.

Understanding is not only achieved on a mental level. To understand how a machine works, you might read a manual for nothing. We need practice on the physical level, the feeling level and the spiritual level. So understanding is a phenomenon that takes place at all levels of our being.

Mental blockages contain a fixed and repetitive thinking pattern, that supports itself and does not want to understand at all levels. In the case of a superstition, we have a limiting thought based on the interpretation of a real event. I saw a black cat and a crash and concluded that where I see black cat something bad is going to happen. As soon as we open ourselves to understand what happened, we will discover that it is not so, but was a senseless association.

Physical Level Blockages

What we observe on a physical level may be in the form of illness, emotional or mental imbalance, psychological problems or repetitive problems in our current life. These are usually linked to one or more of the blocking patterns discussed above. Beware, not all physical symptoms or ailments are reflections of blockages.

A common physical block is the suppression of symptoms and sensations in the body. In this way, we can suppress, or hide and deactivate, sensations that reflect blockages at other levels. We can do this with the help of substances, whether natural or chemical. Suppression can also be achieved through will, carelessness or ignorance.

In some cases, the symptoms are very present and noticeable, but we may think they are normal. This apparent normality can be created by a blockage of awareness or simply a habit.

Exaggeration of symptoms is also a blockage on a physical level. Because we exaggerate sensations in the body, they become incomprehensible and are no longer taken into account to be resolved. All we want is to suppress them.

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