The Hierophant - the guiding energy of the year 2021

This year began with a great silence, a silence in front of an inner storm with dramatic changes. Every human has witnessed the strong shaking of the inner systems that began last year, and this year began with a feeling of a very thermally and mentally unstable energy.

Each psyche will be moved from its place this year, put in awkward situations, in order to see through the prism of divine forces, through divine commanding powers. Depending on how we react to these divine powers, we will amplify our understanding of the divine or move away from it.

World Cycles

Because we are in a great cycle of transformation, all energies are expressed in this powerful decisive way. Last year, with the energy of the Archetype of the Emperor, we have felt the fire in our hearts and the growing anger of suffering souls. The voice of justice and natural law has risen from us and has become stronger and stronger over the sadness and madness of the restructuring of concepts, in full swing.

Our vision sharpened, being able to see more and more clearly the illusions and to find out other deep hidden layers that greatly shocked us, strong waves like those made by heavy stones thrown into a quiet mountain lake.

The warrior comes to the surface, and will come into the light stronger and stronger, because it is the part of us that has the courage to change things and bring divine relief and justice to those in suffering.

This year we are starting to hammer into the shaky foundations of faith, religion and blind programming structures. Blind faith perpetuates the programming of the subconscious in useless ways, creating myths and gods that we need to sustain and nurture from our own consciousness and soul power.

The more power we give to those things/people we see as gods, the more we give our divine power away. These movements in consciousness can bring great reactions of rejection and anger to the surface, because fanatical belief systems have triggered most wars and conflicts between people. This year offers another opportunity to confront these solidified beliefs and find new ways to melt or undo them. By learning from the past we will be able to move forward in ways of approaching bigotry and conflict related to seemingly spiritual dogmas and rules.

The High Priest was with us in 2012, 2003 and was a strong energy in the last millennium, bringing to experience everything related to beliefs and religion in a powerful way. It's easy to understand how the last millennium, but not only, is very much influenced by secret societies, fanaticism and cults, along with a great desire to reach divinity.

We see that the High Priest was the energy of 2012, an important year in our experience, in which the experiences of the last millennium were reviewed and a conclusion was reached regarding this energy of beliefs. A year in which we began to see the growth of new communities and the end of others. A year in which natural spirituality and connection with the divine were at the forefront, and a year with many sacred rituals and ceremonies.

In this year 2012, with willpower, brightness and faith, connection and openness we created a leap over the dogmas of the past, abolishing at invisible levels many of the fundamentals of beliefs that no longer serve us and learning deeper lessons of the light of our soul.

The main themes of the YEAR 2021

The archetype of the Hierophant invites us to look at all the dogmas, blind beliefs, conflicts in the community and the keys to knowledge that we have, so that we can clear our connection with our divine aspects and find the way to our authentic self, using contrast as a guide.


What does a blessing mean? To use words to bring harmony and connection to the divine miracle so that we can begin to embody it here on Earth. The word is the tool by which the divine voice can be expressed and thus through its vibration will influence everything that exists.

This year we are invited to pay close attention to the words we use to express our beliefs and understandings about divinity and our role in this life experience. Each of us has a role and we have no reason to be upset or accuse the others if they have a different role.

Words are more than just signs or symbols, they are vibration, tone and flavor, they are an expression of our thoughts and they come to complete and affect our physical body and everything around us.

Words are vessels for our intention and thoughts, just as our body is a vessel for the expression of soul and spirit, so their form does not necessarily matter but their content.

Blessing does not have to be a sweet, sweet word, but rather a truth soaked in love. This year we will be able to observe how by using words, any of them, we can create beneficial spells - blessings, or evil spells - manipulations.

Those who have gained eyesight will be able to amplify their ability to feel the vibration of all words and others will be able to amplify their understanding of what is really being spoken. In most cases, people do not understand the words they use, especially because that teaching has been hidden from them for a very long time, but also because they have moved away from feeling the vibration and believing in their own feeling.

When you hear a man talking, do you hear what he is saying or do you listen to your illusion?
Do you understand why he puts fear on certain words or love on others?
Do you ask yourself if what you hear is for you or if it is for this moment, or you just judge ?

There are many perceptions about how to speak well, but most are based on the form of the words used, the denigration of some words and the promotion of others, the denial of some words and the support of others, the misunderstanding of people and their own comfort - most of all based on censorship. Censorship of words leads to censorship of what can be expressed through them and their vibrations, being put in a corner and stigmatized as unwanted. Censorship occurs because someone thinks they know better how to express themselves and how someone else should listen, instead of taking the time to understand the other's expression and the need to use certain words that vibrate with the truth they are experiencing.

I've heard it many times - don't talk like that because you attack me, or bother me, or break a certain rule written by someone and it's not spiritual enough or comfortable enough, but I've rarely found anyone who would listen. I am not referring here to being silent, silence is not necessarily listening even though it is contained in it.

Physical violence occurs, in many cases, due to censorship of verbal expression, inability to express emotions or non-acceptance of the existence, ideas or expression of the other. As long as we are free to express our emotions and feelings as we can, without feeling suppressed, oppressed and mocked in what we express, that energy dissipates and transforms, supporting our maturation. As long as we refrain, censor and force ourselves to speak and behave in a certain way, that energy no longer dissipates or transforms, instead it remains trapped in the body and tries to get out through other parts - using the body physically and exploding in violence.

With the help of the energy of the High Priest Archetype we will go through this maturation of the understanding of expression by opening our ears and listening. This listening does not refer to the blind pursuit of order, but to the expression in the inner silence so that we can hear the other without our projections. This type of listening can be better expressed through the words - vibrational synchronization.

Dogma and cult

Dogma is a fundamental teaching that is imposed as indisputable truth and must be accepted without criticism, being mainly applied by force, and does not refer only to a religion but also to science, medicine, technology, politics or any other field.

This is where fanaticism appears, when someone desires to impose their views with no regards to the other. Exaggerated attachment, for a belief, an idea, etc., doubled by a total intolerance towards opponents or other perspectives; excessive zeal, extreme religious faith - is the definition of fanaticism. Many who adhere to this fixed dogma may strongly believe they are doing the right thing or that they are either saving people or the world.

Last year conflicts were generated by laws, rules, control or concepts coming from certain governing structures, but this year we will be dealing with conflicts based on dogmas and beliefs.

How do you relate to divinity, how do you connect to wholeness and all the parts of which you are composed? How do you see yourself in the eyes of others and how do you react to what others believe and say? A great avalanche of stagnant beliefs, very well embedded in the illusion of the veil, are now targeted, and many of those who participated in the previous change and awakening cycle will now begin to be active in other perspectives of consciousness clearing.

Conflicts of dogma bring to the surface stories that have been believed over a long period of time, and in this case many lies that have been perpetuated by force and blindness. A person who has integrated a dogma lives his life under the impression that that block of beliefs is part of himself, and when they are provoked by other ideas, they have the impression that they are personally attacked and especially that they will be killed without these beliefs.

The focus will be on these deep beliefs that bring people into division or discrimination. Some of them are very shocking and can cause great anger and especially extreme reaction to violence or destruction.

Also in these dogmas there is the veil of goodness, i.e. that veil full of popcorn placed over the eyes of people who strongly believe that everything is fine, even when they are deceived, raped and tortured. The idea of ​​understanding good and evil comes from the connection with your divine aspects and then the discovery of discernment and acceptance that we each have different experiences and different needs, and the beneficial choice of one may be to the detriment of the other, and so we can conclude that we can decide for no one but ourselves.

Dogmas are also the imposition of my choice over your choice, the deep misunderstanding of your divine nature and the propagation of the idea that I must necessarily be an intermediary between you and God/divinity.

This year we will have the opportunity to see old dogmas being exposed by world events and learn and evolve our consciousness out of them. There is a great potential for inner growth and learning in a powerful way. In this cycle we are faced with a choice of maturation or dependence.

One of the great lessons may be to learn how to have compassion while creating healthy boundaries and new ways of interaction. Another may be to leave behind the blind optimism and instead focus on the reality of the moment and be at peace and grateful with all that we love and have. The mechanisms of dogma and fanaticism will be better perceived and part of our work is be to look within and actively change those beliefs.

The intermediary or mercenary

The High Priest reminds us of the shadows that can be cast over divine knowledge, namely the appearance of the intermediary, of that being who assumes the right to be between you and your soul or spirit, that being who becomes like a god to you. It can be a man or just an idea, a belief system or a feeling to which you bow.

The mercenary negotiates your connection with the divine and tells you that only through it can you reach divinity and that it will make sure that you get close to the divine authority. This mercenary can also be hidden in the people around you, who tell you, in an absolute, manipulative or forced way, what to believe, how to behave or how to be.

All this view needs to change, because this superior positioning of one man over another leads to the creation of a hierarchy in which there are masters, privileged and slaves. This type of belief is a dense dogma, and can occur in all areas and exists on both sides. The idea persists that the chosen god is corrupt and wants power over others, but any man intoxicated with power thrown into his head has the potential to become a tyrant. I noticed spiritual guides, whom I felt clean, demonized by some of the people who followed them, because they did not want to have their own responsibility but asked the guide for everything. They demanded the guide to do everything for them, and if possible, give them wisdom on a tray, like candy. These people blamed the guide for their connection failures, not realizing that the guide's light was primarily for themselves, and the others are just partners on the road.

The fall of the concept of the intermediary can leave many people in a thick darkness because they will no longer know what to do, where to go and what light to look for. This fall is a great disillusionment and brings with it the thinning of the veil and the restoration of people's power of choice. This may not happen all at once, since the collective consciousness needs to pass through its proper process.

Because it is a painful and important topic we will notice revelations about priests, certain gurus or superficial scholars who will no longer have support or will begin to be shown as what they are. But at the same time, those who are not false, can suffer accusations, because there is a reflection on both sides. We also have intermediaries in other fields, such as politics, science and medicine, so we can see how their behavior becomes more obvious and clear. Reversals of position, criticism and character assassination are possible, for people in leadership or control roles.

Because of the supremacy of intermediaries, the majority of the population cannot distinguish spiritual guides who can really help them and are usually attracted to the bright and false light of those who try to be what the crowd wants to be, negotiating all appearances in order to have the greatest impact of attracting the power of souls to their secret or obvious ends.

An intermediary will demand conformity and obedience because if people realize that he doesn't really have any power, his story ends. An intermediary uses fear as a weapon and humiliation, the shame of disobedience. Loyalty is rewarded with privileges, and non-conformity is severely punished or "mercifully tolerated". They seek to enter into a contract with you, a contract by which you initially sell your strength and confidence and then they come to demand the harvest of almost everything you have - love, will, wisdom, abundance, resources.

From all of these experiences, the real connection with divinity will be amplified and also the false connection will be amplified in order to be seen.

Collaboration and community

In our society, many people suffer from the oppression of free speech and the denial of their existence, so they usually seek others to validate their own existence. We are asked to accept that they exist and have a different perspective and that we can collaborate instead of trying to dominate.

The desire to be absolutely right, to dominate everyone with a single ideology, creates a major reduction in the development possibilities of our collective consciousness. The more we fight which dogma is more perfect and which is the supreme, the ideas do not have the necessary space to mature and to create collaborative connections. There isn't just one supreme solution or one idea that works, but there are many, and if we manage to bring them together then we will be able to evolve quickly.

This year we will see how communities that have a common type of spirituality will become more and more visible through the contrast that will be made between them. At the same time, new communities will be created, with people who have a new vision and who will start working together more and more. Some of these new communities have already started to form, formed their basic structure last year and will now define their common goals and become more stable in number and consistency.

We can already see structures that will replace the old ones and whose bases were cast last year. This year, new spiritual communities will emerge, which will begin to work together to form new collectives with common ideas. Collaboration between collectives will be clearer from 2022 onwards, so this year they will be focused mostly on definition and organization.

Many old concepts of community will begin to be shaken and conflicts between these ideas will be noticed. So we will experience the oppression or desire to scare and blackmail those who want something else or have a different view of the world and other beliefs. Some hierarchical communities, such as corporations, will face internal or management problems that can lead to structural changes or dissolution.

The appearance of an unconscious group will be used to sow confidence in those who feel uncomfortable accepting greater freedom or self-responsibility. For these people, this type of group gives them identity, security and prosperity and this is the experience that helps them. Everyone understands the community in its own way and in the way it needs it to evolve.

How can we work with people who do not have the same ideas?
How can we live in the same place with people who have very different ideas?
How can we accept ourselves despite our differences?

It is time to focus on similarities and what connects us. If we change our approach like this, then we will be able to notice a surprise - the other, with a seemingly very different view, has a common ideal with us ... only he understands it differently.

Conflicts of ideas and beliefs will help people find each-other and unite, form new groups, and find new ways to collaborate.


Education will be another major point of discussion, and we are already seeing many new laws or proposals involving educational systems. Ideas that cause division are hot topics and they will become present more clearly, especially since we can see the negative effects that have taken place in certain groups that have been implementing them for some time. We can expect changes in this area and new rules or requests to appear.

In my view, in a harmoniously evolved society, education includes methods of supporting people so that they remember who they are (soul memory) and discover their own gifts and how to use them. It also includes the remembrance of community values ​​and the sharing of millennial wisdom or its remembrance. In such a community the being remembers their clan, where they come from and who they are by stimulating the integration of the divine aspects with the worldly ones, that is, of the spiritual parts of the soul and spirit with the mind and the physical body. Such integration is done by fully respecting the being and sustaining the connections between the divine and the physical, for a period of at least 21 years.

In our society this is not done, instead this process is diverted immediately after birth, where a kind of formatting of the mind and body begins, the induction of a personality in accordance with existing ideologies. In this way the divine aspects cannot integrate correctly with the mind and the physical body, and the being no longer remembers who they are and the generational history of the ancestors, instead an illusory person is created who fights with the soul for access to the physical body. Please take into account that is one aspect of many, which contributes to how we currently work.

When you come here for this life experience, you have gone through other experiences and other facets, and you have a certain native soul wisdom from previous experiences, you are a multidimensional being. When you get here, the newly created physical body and the newly created part of the mind need to correlate, to synchronize, with what you are, and this takes time, at least 3 cycles of 7 years, although I would put it 4 cycles.

In a harmoniously evolved society, the child will be helped and supported in this synchronization of bodies, so that the soul and spirit will exercise authority over the physical body and mind. This process presupposes that the people in society, the parents and everyone else treat this new being as a sovereign being, with full rights and not as someone who knows nothing, as someone completely empty. With this continuous support and love, the different aspects of the being are synchronized and divinity flows through the body and mind, the being remembering a part of their past lives and having direct access to universal wisdom.

Instead, a newly embodied being is usually treated as nothing, without previous understanding, without freedom and without wisdom, an empty vessel. Take this vessel considered empty and then format it, fill it with the dogmas of society and form a personality according to these rules, an illusory personality, a suit or a mask. Through this reset, the bodies do not synchronize correctly, the soul and the spirit are trying to do that but always encountering a fierce resistance from that illusory personality.

That illusory personality is the expression of the intermediary, within us. This program represents the program of resetting the divine power and authority that characterizes you. The divine parts cannot be banished without their will, but they have great difficulty in expressing themselves because the intermediary has control of the body and mind, so they remain as voices barely heard inside the personality's mind. These voices are always rejected, judged, threatened, kept in the basement and mocked, so as not to reach the surface, to dethrone the intermediary.

Healing and synchronizing our structures is very important, because this slowly dissolves the illusory personality, allowing the soul to make good use of its body and mind.

War and Conflict

Because there have been many religious wars, conquests, and destructions in our memory produced by a war of belief and dogma, many beliefs that contributed to the great wars will be brought back to review this year. We may experience conflicts of all types, rebellions and protests. Many will chant the desire for union and peace.

The issue is not the faith of one or the other but the imposition by force or obligation on others, the manipulation of adherence, indoctrination, programming and methods used to persuade the acceptance of an intermediary.

All of these beliefs are used to pit one group of people against another, one man against another, one idea against another, and to create unfounded suspicion and accusations, illusions, and circus. Some groups of people may suffer from persecution and others of abuse, while another will be privileged and applauded.

War is not between us, the more we understand this the more we can withdraw from the battle and see the intermediary in our minds and experiences. Have faith, is one of the guiding ideas of this year, but have faith by doing the necessary actions.

This may be the greatest challenge of this year, to find ways to step out of the blaming game and to innovate in how we show the need to be taken into consideration and the need of change and acceptance.

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