The Hanged Man - The energy trend of the year 2019

Tarot art has connections with many other disciplines, and one of them is Numerology, the study of energy, information and form of numbers and their impact on our existence. With the help of numbers, we can find out what is the primordial energy of creation, represented by a Tarot archetype, which will influence our planet worldwide in 2019.

The numbers add up to 12, for the year 2019.

Number 12 has important significance in our world, such as the hours in a day and the months of one year. The regular Dodecahedron, one of the five platonic solids, is said to be the shape of the universe in which we live and the form of the field of energy that surrounds our body and surrounds everything that exists in this universe.

The Tarot archetype associated with the number 12 is called the Hanged Man, and it is a gentle and soft energy that overturns everything, changes directions and meaning and reverses our perception. It is a calling to awaken to our divine self, to our highest values and to embrace our originality.

The Hanged Man is to be experienced after we have bathed in the energy of the gorgeous blind lady of Divine Justice, the energy of 2018. As you have already seen and lived, the theme of human or mother nature's rights or any other entity has been very emphasized during last year, and we were all affected by protests, strikes, changing laws, and the revelations of some awkward truths. It may seem like the world or you did not change much, but that is untrue, everything has changed considerably. What matters most is the energy of every man, his/her vibration, intention, and these aspects have been well shaken and transformed by global events that have taken place.

This desire for balance continues in 2019, but in a different way. The events in 2018 were quite visible and obvious, but what will happen in 2019 are of a more finer, delicate, less visible nature. Changes will happen in our subtle fields, in our unconscious parts, within us, and from there they will burst out in creative forms.

The 2019 Year Lesson offered by The Hanged Man

The energy that turns the world upside down and pushes us towards a major perspective change has not been experienced since 1920. In that year, many diplomatic ties have been established after the end of the First World War and important rights have been granted, like the women's right to vote. In 2019, an attempt will be made to resolve what has happened in previous years, particularly through diplomatic movements and settlement arrangements, treaties, and other ways we can find consensus.

Worldwide, The Hanged Man urges us to see things from a different perspective, invites us to be original, to get out of the shell and express ourselves. This invitation to a new level of consciousness will be filtered through our collective energy, through the collective mind that contains all the programming and automated behaviors of our society.

Thus, those animated by fanaticism and obsession will feel awakened to express their hopes again, to be seen and to bring out the pain points in our collective energy field. This year, there is an increase in the possibility that certain offenses on minorities or people who are viewed differently will be amplified. Also, radical movements animated by Puritan or religious ideologies can be activated. The first reactions to events will be to look for the culprit, to look for someone we can hold accountable and sacrifice in everyone's sight. But by doing so we again reiterate, one of the most painful points in our existence, the sacrifice of the soul on the cross of materiality. The Hanged Man, the one who lets himself be sacrificed, always shows us the cruel reality of the game between the victim and the aggressor.

If you are the target of verbal or other type of attacks, because you are considered different from a certain point of view, you are challenged to renounce the game between the victim and aggressor and see what others do not see, accept yourself, love those differences in yourself and in others.

Those who want to fight for the well-being of the planet and people in general will feel called to set an example, for example humanitarian organizations will feel the urge to intensify their actions. Also, new organizations of this kind will be established.


The year 2019 continues the tendency of the year 2018, supporting the slight increase in global economics and suggesting a rise in prices and interests, credits and debts. The words to remember in terms of investments for 2019 is adaptability to unpredictable situations. It takes great attention and presence to change the direction or investment in different times throughout the year, as well as to take pauses of review and thinking before taking action. This year's actions in this regard need to wait, it is not advised to act in a hurry and you are invited to see beyond appearances.

Those who are not satisfied with the career path they are on right now will be instigated and driven by this global influence to search a career that will bring them greater satisfaction, especially in the emotional and spiritual aspects. That inner void will scream with tears to be filled with the love that rises from the expression of your own unique talent.


From the point of view of our body's health, the Hanged Man's energy disturbs and moves our internal waters, causing states of deep cleansing that can overload the spleen and organs on the left side of the body. To be able to accommodate this energy more easily, I suggest that you assign great importance on the intake of liquid food. Do not exaggerate, but rather listen to your body and offer a food that has an adequate content of liquids and minerals. Water and juice cleanses are welcome this year. To support the spleen in its internal work, it is good not to eat refined sugar or sugar substitutes, too sweet fruits, white flours and refined grains, or too sweet foods. In general, all sweets in the market and some sweet sauces and sweet foods fall into this category.

For those who are sensitive and who are actively working on their perception and opening up to the divine, energetic activations will become more and more powerful and will be felt in the body in surprising ways, coming in seemingly unacceptable, profoundly uncomfortable forms, because faith and your will power will be put to great trials.


Since the Hanged Man will put us in uncomfortable situations, it can be felt very strongly in close relationships with family and loved ones. You will feel the tendency not to consider so much the politeness and etiquette and instead you will feel the urge to express yourself freely, showing some of the hidden things you very little expressed. If you constrain this desire in you, the energy you want to express will accumulate and then burst in an unexpected and very powerful way, causing you to experience very awkward situations. This global energy combines with the energy of your personal 2019 Tarot Card to have unique influences for each individual. But generally, take into account this desire of your soul to speak, respect yourself and others by accepting the challenges and creating safe environments.

When you are in a quarrel, remember that each person needs to express their feelings and be understood.


For those who are not very interested in personal development and the understanding of the universe, the things that will happen will seem to have no meaning, no sense, as if you were seeing a bad movie or participated in a theater without a story. Seemingly stupid events will surprise us and will make us twist our minds to understand them. The collective energy trend will be to resist, find the guilty and ignore what we do not understand. Although our collective energy is changing, it still has these global trends.

"Let go of this and drop it. Do not worry about it. " This may be one of our favorite expressions in 2019 when we want to stay in our comfortable life box that we have created with effort and sweat. Even if we try to calm down and ignore what we feel within, this energy will move and shake us in a very uncomfortable way. These internal energy movements can create a general state of misunderstanding, confusion and apparent depression. We will have the impression that we no longer understand ourselves, that we can no longer rely on the sense of our orientation in space and time, that everything looks very different from what we expect it to be.

This year, time will seem to be suspended or no longer accepting to behave according to our well-known rules. There will be pauses, delays or extensions of events, waiting times that will put our nerves to the test. There are possibilities to have moments of deja-vu or moments when you can feel and see different time lines, different lines of possibilities. This energy can create confusion for those who see things with their inner eye because it can create unusual overlaps or different fields of transparency.

These waiting times are meant to test our patience and self-presence, and to make us aware of how we understand time and how we experience it. Also, these moments can unleash blocked emotions that can be unconsciously expressed in inappropriate ways, so that we may experience strange or even hilarious situations. If you listen to the voice of intuition then you will understand when to take breaks and not force events to happen, in order to diminish the frustrations that may arise. All this happens to push us out of our routine, and helps us accept change and naturalness.

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