Enlightening Message From Your Divine Team ⚡️☀️ in-Depth Psychic Vision Tarot Reading

Our Divine Teams are always open for discussion when we also open up to listen. The messages coming from our Divine Teams(soul, spirit guides, star families, ancestors) are usually providing deep perspectives upon life. Their higher perspective soothes and supports our journey and enlightens our mind to new ideas and potentials.

The divine is closer than we think but also miles and miles away, depending on our beliefs and thought patterns. When we feel disconnected, we have lost the means to reach out and trust the messages coming from our divine team. In this case we may need to go through situations in which we feel more and more lost and suffering. But there is always hope, the option to come back in alignment is always available.

My Experience

My experience with this reading brought me some much needed insights into how to use my energies and what is important to do right now. I was surprised to see that what I thought to be important wasn't as much and I need to change a bit how I see things.

My current priority is the deep healing process I am going through and work needs to adjust so I can facilitate this process. Although work is important to me and it brings me satisfaction, right now is not as important as the healing process.

We all have our hopes and I actually hoped that this healing process would not take long, but I am now willing to admit that it will. If I do not contribute to the healing then it will take even longer, so I am pushed to assign more time and care to this, even if I do not like it.

I need to sleep more than usual and to make healing sessions that take hours, so I will probably not have the time to do all of the things envisioned for this website or channels. I will, but slowly, as the healing permits.

This was the message through which I better understood the previous ones and all of the cues provided so I actually submit to what's needed for this healing, completely and without arguing. The arguments have stopped and I can now implicate my whole attention in this.

The Reading

This reading brings forth messages from your divine team - soul, spirit guides, star families, ancestors and other beneficial spiritual entities in your vicinity. Besides the message I will take a look to see what is important right now on your spiritual path and what's not important.

If you would like a similar reading, specially tailored for you, then go ahead and choose the Detailed Vision Tarot Reading or the in-Depth Vision Tarot Reading.

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Mystic Seer, passionate and ardent for deep understanding of self and the world. My favorite tools are contemplation, listening to the divine, Tarot, visions, sound meditations and art. May we meet in the space between words, where love expands into experience.

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